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Knitters Alert! A new chart maker :)

While browsing around, I came upon a new chart maker! Knitting Chart Maker by Jacquie. The best part, it is free! I haven't tried it extensively but so far what I see me likes. Go check it out.


I have a charting software in my computer but this one you can access from anywhere as long as you have internet access, perfect for those times when you go on a trip and can't take your desktop with you. Thank you Jacquie for providing this program for all of us. 


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Kristen Stuart

This is absolutely wonderful! Now I can start putting some of my designs down.


Isela the program will not open. I first tried it at my home PC,and when I tried it just now from work, it did the same thing. The top of the page is grey and the bottom have the instructions. The grey part has a little coffee cup in the top left corner, I know that stands for JAVA Script, but nothing happens.


How cool! Thanks for the link!


That looks so cool!


I played with the older version, didn't know there's a new one. Thanks for the link!

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