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Pocket Knitter Tutorial (Video)

Loomyqa_3 Q: How do you use a pocket knitter?

The Pocket Knitter resembles a large plastic comb with extra thick/wide teeth that they call Fins. At first glance, you may think it is just a toy but once you give it a try, you will see that the knitting goes really fast and like a knitting loom it becomes addicting!


My favorite part about this gadget: the main stitch is the knit stitch, not the twisted knit stitch (TKS) like on a knitting loom. We can create the knit stitch on a loom but it takes a few extra steps (unless you do the flat stitch which at times can become very tight and difficult to knit) than the TKS but on this gadget the Knit Stitch is as simple as running the yarn from the back fins to the front fins and the back small fins keep the loops from getting too tight, producing a nice easy knit stitch. Definitely a plus in my book! The purl stitch though it is still as difficult as on a knitting loom.

Just like on a knitting loom, on your first knitting try on the PK you will have nice even stitches--no tension problems at all. A beautiful plus!

And here is a bigger plus: kids can do it too! The technique is actually a lot easier than using a knitting loom. It is summer time, if you have kids, run to the near craft store and pick one up and let them knit their own winter scarf.

For the tutorial, you will need the following items:

  • Pocket Knitter and the tool included or any loom knitting pick 
  • Yarn: Preferably a non-trendy yarn, a simply 4 ply yarn will be perfect for the job. I used Caron Simply Soft Quick

The tutorial is in video form below. It is about 10 minutes long and it shows the following:

  • Overview of the Pocket Knitter
  • Cast on
  • Knit Stitch
  • Purl Stitch
  • Bind off
Buy the Tutorial on DVD and view it on your DVD player or at computer. Video is exactly like the one you are viewing here. Price: $15.99 includes shipping within the US.


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thanks for showing how its done but why when I start the knit stitch the ends are always loose? and its starts to curl?

Judy Stewart

The video made it much easier for me to understand how to use the Pocket Knitter. For those of you who are not liking the purl stitch, wrap it a little bit lose and it will work much easier, I found I can use one hand with this stitch instead of both.

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THANK YOU SO MUCH - the instructions that came with the PK were a bit confusing!! You're awesome for making the video.


Isela, Your instructions are fantastic! I just bought the pocket knitter a few weeks ago online and got it two days ago. I love your video. It explains clearly on how to use the thing. The instructions that came with it are for the birds. Not even sure a bird could figure those instruction out.... Keep up the good work! Wish I could find some more patterns for it.


i have purchased your knifty knitter and thier were no instructions inside and know i've been trying to get some help on how to use this product micheals has not been any help on what to do, do you have a video on line that i can see or can you mail me the instructions please i would like to use this for christmas and i bought this in aug. please help me thank you yolanda


Thanks for the video. I still have not figured out how to do the ends correctly. I need a video for the very knitting impaired..


I love your videos they┬┤re extremely good and had cleared the doubts about how to use the pocket knitter I have started to loom knitt recently and bought your book and had knitted several hats and a sweater to my daughter but this pocket knitter I discovered it thanks to you and it is a very good alternative specially when I am on the move I already started knitting in it but the edges of the pieces seem to twist or roll in what can I do to advoid this?
Many greetings from Sweden


Thank you very much for this tutorial! My dh bought me a pocket knitter for Christmas and I was so confused with the instruction book that came with it- Isela- you are a true blessing!!! Thank you for making this so much easier- I just finished my first scarf :-)

Eileen Brown

Thank you for making a video so easy to follow and understand. The directions that come with the pocket knitter are nowhere near as clear to understand, at least for me.

God Bless!


I am looking for written instructions on how to use Pocket Knitter and some patterns -- have pocket knitter and tool but have misplaced instructions...want to use when go on vacation and have no computer available when I do please help.

Judy Hudson

The Pocketknitter video is GREAT! If possible, I would love to have a copy.

Thanks Isela, you're the best.

Judy Hudson

The Pocketknitter video is GREAT! If possible, I would love to have a copy.

Thanks Isela, you're the best.


I recieved my Pocket Knitter, and I'm ready to knit.

Thanks you, you make everything so easy.


I would be very interested in the DVD on the Pocket knitter. Let me know what to do.
Thank You

Michelle Ryan

Thank you very much for the pocket knitter tutorial. The PK is quite fun to use once you know how to use it. Learning how to use the PK is my first loom knitting experience, but after navigating this site I can see that it's very addictive. I plan to revisit often.


Hi Isela,

Great tutorial. I only knew the basic use of the PK, but seeing the purl stitch was so helpful. I may have taken a long time to figure out the directions for that stitch. Do you happen to know how to do the seed stitch for the PK? I am still trying to figure out of I can increase or decrease with the directions that came with the PK. Thanks.


Isela, you're just tooo...good to us. Thank you for the tutorial. I would like a dvd of it. I couldn't hear anything. I bought the pocket knitter, but didn't have a clue how it's suppose to work. LOL
Thanks to you, I'm on my way!!
PLEASE continue being you!!
Thanks again!!!

smiles and positive energy



That was a very helpful tutorial... what would I do without you, Isela???


How inspiring, makes me want to run out and pick up a PK right now. I could see making some soft warm comforting scarves to take the chill off winter.

I wonder if you could make cables on the scarves using the PK. After I go purchase one I'll have to try it.

Isela, once again you are an inspiration. I would definitely be interested in the video as I can see my nieces/nephews doing this too.


Well isn't THAT a clever device! So......can it knit socks? Teehee!


What an awesome tutorial! Both the kiddo and I have PK's and your video has inspired us both to dig them out and make something. Thank you Isela!

Jeannine Lawless

You are soooo smart. I figured out the loom instructions that came with my KKs, but the instructions that came with the Pocket Knitter just did not make sense to me. After watching your video, it was a piece of cake.

Yes, I would be more than willing to pay for a DVD so I could have it handy. Just let me know to go about it. Thanks so much. Jeannine


Thanks for the great video. You are like a loom knitting "crack" dealer - you gotta keep us all "hooked" on looming! ; )

I have a pocket knitter around here - I just have to find it. I bought it online when it first came out, but never had time to play with it. Of course, finding it may be harder than just going and getting another one now that Joann's carries them (and they are not very expensive).



Thank you for that tutorial, you make it so easy to understand. When I first saw the PK, it looked like a hair comb, which is probably the idea behind it. I have a feeling the PK is going to join my collection of looms.


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo! Not another thing that's easy to do! You... you... you evil fiber craft pusher. ;)

How's class going?

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