78 Miles!
Knitting e-zine...Tejemanejes

Summer issue is live!

I want to say a huge thank you to all of you who came to celebrate the momentous 78 mile occasion with me. Saturday was a wonderful day that I will remember forever. Thank you for being a part of this important day with me :).

The happy days continue with the release of the Summer issue of Loom Knitters Circle. Come check it out. It is packed-full of fun articles, patterns and a couple of tutorials (check out the new design that this section has--I am so tickled pink by the way it looks! Yep, I did it :) ).


I have a pattern in there and some other tutorial tidbits...and if you find a broken link, drop me a note and I'll fix it right away.

Now, off I go to ice my wrist which is suffering from some ulnar nerve damage (a side-effect from my bad posture on the bike), that is causing regular activities like typing, knitting, and even buttoning my pants a tremendous effort!   Oh well, the hand should be better soon....hopefully!


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You're so wonderful! It's so frustrating how little information is given when we buy Knifty Knitters! Your patterns and tutorials are fabulous. :o)

B. Lee

Hey I have seen that foot somewhere! What a beautiful sock!


Yay for the new issue and your pattern!

I hope your wrists feel better soon!


Great design! Hope you feel better soon. :)


Isela, You're the best!
LKC is looking great! I think that may very well be T H E place to go when searching the net for anything knitting loom related. You guys did a fabulous job! THANKS!


Yeah, give that wrist some rest!


I might just have to get that fine gauge loom and break out the knitting tool because I. LOVE. THOSE. TULIP. SOCKS!


LOVE the Tulip Socks! Another fabulous issue of Loom Knitters Circle.

So, I see you have spare legs. I guess you need them with all that cycling you are doing lately! ; )


Liz Anderson

Hey Look! Little Benny can have a piece of Mommy any time she wants to -- how sweet! LOL
You know, I've always suspected exercise was hazadous to your health, but when it interfers with knitting and typing (but *not* household chores), I say put a stop to it right away! Rest, and be well soon friend.


Running over to check it now! WHOO! Way to go!

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