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First Day Glimpse

Our first day of school went without a hitch! Got up on time, took a shower, remembered to have breakfast, and took off just in time to get to school.

School is now in session! Momma better learn to wake up early every day...eek, where is my alarm clock?!?

First Day of School Mosaic

Totally random: I have been playing a little bit with Photoshop Elements and what it can do. Yesterday, I toyed a bit with layers, the picture below and yesterday's picture of N were the product of my playing. What do you think?

Greeting the day

Through their eyes




Princess feeding her little ants

While they play and go about their day, I go around trying to capture a little glimpse of their day. Today is my boy's first day of school. Apprehension and excitement fill my heart. I have to let go. I have to let him use his wings and see how far he can fly. When he was born, my life was filled with light and love. When he turned 6 months and his newborn clothes didn't fit him anymore, I cried for the moments that were passing by...I cried because I knew that one day, he would go to school and find other friends, friends more fun than me. I cried because I knew in my heart that one day he would feel too big to receive a kiss from his Mom. Today, that day is getting closer. But tonight as I write this, I cry not because of sadness but of happiness because his life is just beginning...the door to wonderful worlds is opening to him and I am thankful that I have life this day to see him go to his first day of school. Good luck little guy...your little sister and I will miss you while you are in school.

Weekend wrap-up:Half-marathon and socks!

HubbyfinishingAt an hour-and-thirty minutes after setting out on his course, hubby reaches the finish line of the Top of Utah half-marathon. Saturday, he joined a bunch of other enthusiastic runners in a course that will take him through 13.1 miles of Cache Valley roads. He placed 4th in his division and he was 37th overall! In my book--he rocks! His brother, whom ran the course with him, placed 4th in his division too (they are in different age divisions) and ended up in 27th place overall. Both of them have been training for the Top of Utah marathon and the half-marathon is a little-trainer to get them ready for their full marathon that is coming up on Sept. 15th. Hubby makes me so proud--he sets such a great example for our little boyo (I know it sounds sappy, but he truly rocks!). Boyo is already thinking of running marathons and races one day...maybe one day, I will be watching father and son run a marathon together, and maybe even our little Princess will decide to be a runner too. In the meantime, we'll watch Dad do all these wonderful races and we'll cheer him on from the sidelines--good luck Dad on the marathon next month! 

In my quest to shed some poundage (and keep up with hubby), I started running a bit more and I am now running 4 miles, three-toMinimonkeys-four times a week. It would be nice if next year, I could join hubby in the half-marathon, but I first need to build my leg muscles and my calf muscles--they are quite weak and I get tired very fast. Oh--but I must report, do you remember my issue with not sweating when exercising. Well, I have found the fix. I need to drink regularly while I exercise, so in my runs (even the really short ones) I take a little bottle of water with me and I drink frequently, it has helped greatly and my headaches (body heat induced) have completely gone away! Over the weekend, I ordered a belt to wear around my waist that holds two little bottles of water--it will help me greatly keep hydrated and most importantly to keep the heat down. Poundage wise: I haven't lost much, but my clothes fit wonderfully and today for the first time since I had my little Princess, I was able to fit into a single digit skirt size! It felt great! Now, I am waiting for the day when I can go from a DD back to a B....sigh.

Pictures: The lovely socks are another pair of Monkeys--they have the picot edging and five pattern reps on the leg area. I love this pattern! So easy to knit and remember...and surprisingly it goes super fast! The socks are ready to be shipped to their destination--I hope their recipient likes them as much as I do. Below are some bonus kiddo pictures.

Next on my needles: a pair of pink Mini-Monkey socks done in Koigu!


Sock blockers and family pics

Sockblockers2_2I have been wanting a pair of sock blockers that fit my sockies, something to make my socks bloom! Hubby came to the rescue and made me a pair of sock blockers with my exact foot measurements! To add that extra special touch--we put sparklies on them.

You probably notice that the socks on the blockers don't match and I am afraid my lazyness is showing through. I went through my UFOs and I found 4 socks without mates! I am so terrible! 2 of the socks have the mates half done, if I just sat down and finished them, I could have 2 pairs of socks finished in about a day.

Exciting School days coming up: Boyo had his open house yesterday and we met his teacher, and Sockblockers_2 took a tour of his future classroom. He is so excited about going to school. I hope school is everything that he has imagined and much more. He has his assessment on Monday...I think I am more nervous about it than he is. His first day of school is officially Thursday of next week...since I don't have my license yet, I will be walking him there.

Speaking of license, I have been practicing. I drive to the supermaket, or to the movie store, or whenever a short-ride is required. I make my hubby nervous but he is extremely supportive and he hasn't screamed (yet!), rather he is always praising me and telling me that I am doing well. My hope is to have my license before December but if I don't feel ready, I'll just renew my permit and keep practicing--there is no rush. We did go see some used cars today and tested a couple, found nothing, but it was fun looking. It is so exciting! One day, I will have my own car (squeeeal!).

AlliBelow is a slide of the pictures from our last weekend at Hogle Zoo. The albino alligator was in exhibit and the exhibit was open--lucky us! He was an interesting animal, passive, just kept blinking at us. According to the exhibition handler, there are only 10 albino alligators (recorded), all of them male. There were 16 in total (14 male, 2 female) but 6 of them died. All the remaining 10 alligators are in exhibitions around the nation. Due to their skin condition, they are unable to survive in the wild for different reasons:

1. they will be easily spotted by predetors

2. since they are cold blooded, they need the sun to be able to move around, but if they get sun, they get sunburned

3. since they can't move fast (see #2), they are unable to catch food and therefore they will die of starvation

I hope there are more of them than the ones they have recorded...hopefully there are some hidden in the jungle somewhere and they are making little allies.

Slide: Some of the animal pictures were taken through the glass, so they are not the best quality, but I hope you enjoy them. Our little weekend getaway was a lot of fun and the children enjoyed it to the fullest!

Wordless Wednesday--WTH?


Ok, I can't go without saying something about this...Have you seen this item at the local marketplace? I haven't seen it around here yet.

What is it? They are peanut butter slices--think American cheese slices, except peanut butter instead of cheese.

It is a bit interesting...will have to see if I can get a packet to try them out. Wonderboy loves to make us PB&J sandwiches for lunch (he likes to make me dinner ;) ), it would make his job a little easier and less cleaning afterwards (always a big plus around here). Only one problem though, we like our PB chunky/crunchy...wonder if they have the slices in chunky/crunchy style. Interesting new product for sure, I would have never thought about it--I mean, it is not rocket science spreading PB on a piece of bread but this makes the process a bit easier. But there is no spoon-licking satisfaction at the end. We'll have to see...can't rule it out, have to try it first ;).

Would you try PB slices?
Yeah, give them a shot
Nah, I like to spread my PB

On a trek!

Kidsatoldeph_2The last days of summer are here. School is starting. My first born is going into Kindergarten and although I should be sad, I am happy for him and for all the new discoveries that are ahead of him (not to mention, the 2 hours that I will have to get a few chores done). Since the end of summer is upon us, we have been trying to get as much fun into our days as possible.

One of our latest adventures involved going on a little expedition to see an old grave. The grave of Old Ephraim-the grizzly bear, it is one of the major attractions in Logan (Cache Valley). The bear was a giant--it stood about 10 feet tall and weighed about 1,100lbs. It loved to eat, especially sheep and cattle. It is said that it could break a cow's back with just one single blow of his paw! Definitely a terrifying adversary!

The picture to the left shows the monument that was erected in Old Ephraim's honor. The slab of stone stands 10 feet tall to demonstrate his height. It is important to note, that although it is called Old Ephraim's grave, his remains do not reside at this place, the whereabouts of his remains are unknown.

All the kiddos in the picture are our little neighbors--as you can see, there are plenty of little friends for our kiddos, all of them around the same age, give our take a few months.

Here is a picture of the Conquistadores! They believe they have conquered this patch of land--boyz!


Our trek had a little eye candy for me where are my shears!


Today we are taking our last expedition for the summer: a trip to the land of tigers and bears...and even an albino alligator will be spotted!

Rainbow2_2The fair came this weekend to town and like every year, I took my kids to it. We have a small fair tradition, every time it comes or we go to one, we have to have a funnel cake. Hubby doesn't really enjoy the fairs nor he enjoys the funnel cakes but every year he takes us out and endures a few hours of being dragged around. At the end of the day we close with a stop to the funnel cake booth and we get a funnel cake for all of us (although, I can foresee that next year, I'll have to get 2 funnel cakes for us).   

Little Benny is still too short to ride most of the rides and she gets the short-end of the stick when it comes to the rides. Wonderboy got to ride on a few more than her...and he is already dreaming on riding some of the most dangerous rides...I told him when he turns 20 and he doesn't live under my roof he can go on those. Kids! They definitely want to keep me on my toes and with my heart on my throat!

For now, I'll enjoy watching them ride the little ponies (clickety to see them bigger--can you see Little N sticking her tongue out?).

Bryant Nyahriding2

Picture above: we had a short rainstorm yesterday and in the middle of it, amidst the thunder and gray skies, we had the most beautiful rainbow arching from one mountain to the next, I tried to capture its beauty but I am afraid the picture doesn't do it justice. It was beautiful!

Socks all around!

HogwartssocksThe week of socks! Socks in the mail, socks on my needles, socks everywhere. And yep, I will take socks with green eggs and ham too.

First, we have my Hogwarts socks...they are beautiful. My pal made them stripey just for me and she gave me the coolest little stitch markers. Owls

They are little owls, 2 brown, 2 white ones--they remind me of Hedgewig...ooh, she is remembered here all the time as a good owl. Thank you Hoggy Pal!

Here is a close up of my little owls.  Aren't they just beautiful!?!

SockapaloozasocksNext up in my line-up of socks are my Sockapalooza Socks...they are made out of STR...prettty! My pal used a really neat lace pattern that goes down each side of the sock and at the top cuff, it has beautiful lace. Beautiful socks for me :).  Thank you Pal :)

Lastly, are the socks for my Hogwarts Sock pal. I knitted these in record time. I was running a bit behind and I knew that she was probably waiting for them eagerly...I did tell her the owl was a little late, just like old Errol.

A pair of Mini-Monkeys for my pal in some nice ShiBuiKnits yarnMonkey . Along with the package, a set of stitch markers. I went to my local (and lovely) bead store and I picked up some beads and they helped me make these 4 cute stitch markers. The Mini-Monkeys and stitch markers are on their way to their new home.


Lastly, I leave you with a photo I took with my new is one of my favorites so far. What do you think of it?


Look at the smoke!

Nyahpointing Oh, look there is smoke, someone must be having a bbq. Look up again about 2 seconds later...hmm, that is a lot of smoke for just a bbq. Move a little bit more to the side and we see that our majestic mountain range is on fire!

Fire here and fire there...flames tall enough to be seen from our house! The electricity had gone out a little bit before but we didn't connect it to anything of the kind. We figure that the electricity would be gone probably for a few happens often around here but after 30 minutes without electricity and the on-going fire and sirens all around we figure it was time to listen to the local news. Armed with a little battery operated radio we found out that the fire was caused by one of the apparently blew up.

We spent the afternoon outside looking at our pretty mountain being devoured by the red of the flames. Sirens all around, kids running around talking about the fire and how they could keep the house safe from it. Wonderboy was very scared and he kept saying that our houseFire2  will catch on fire..he is our little worry wart. Night time was a little trialsome as the kids wanted to have the lights on and watch tv, explaning to two little ones that everything runs on a "power" that you can't really see is a bit difficult. At the end, we took out our laptop and threw a movie on for them...a few minutes into it, one of them fell asleep and the other soon after.


The fires proceeded through out the night but by morning the fire department had stopped it and thankfully kept it under control. No houses were damaged and no lives were lost. I am hoping that the little animals that live up there were fast enough to move away from danger.

By morning, our electricity had returned and our kids were jumping for joy!

Jumping Nyahjumping


Pompomsocks_copyThe boxes were packed and sealed. The labels were done. The boxes shipped. Now, all I have to do is wait and see if they liked everything that I sent. What is it? It is a publication...nothing big, a 30+ page booklet that hopefully is to the liking of the publisher. More about that later, when I am given the green light.

Warning: HP Spoilers coming....

But that is not the only thing that I finished! Nope, nope, like many other HP fans, I read the latest and final installment in the HP saga. I cried, laughed and rejoiced with the characters in the book. It is a bit sad to come to the end of saga, sad knowing that there won't be another to fulfill my craving for "what next", but all good things must come to an end (so I have always heard). My take on the book: I enjoyed it. I didn't enjoy some of the deaths, I thought they were unnecessary and some of them even a waste.

The saddest point in the book for me: when little Dobby cried. He was so protective of Harry and such a wonderful little character, his comic relief brought great moments to the books, when the book was at its darkest there came Dobby lightening the mood. He will be remember at this house the free, sock-loving elf. Another sad point and one for which I am not very happy and even called the author a few names...Fred. Fred....words fail me to describe how I felt/feel about it. It was unnecessary to have his character gone (at least in my eyes), he is a half of a whole. Your mirth will be missed.

The most unrelated moment and one that brought a smile: the snogging with Ron and Hermione. I knew all along they were going to end up together ;). Sucker for happy endings.

Unpredictable character: I have to say it is our most beloved Snape. Gosh but he was a deep character.Pompomsocksonme_edited1  Twisted, dark, and a good spot in his heart. He loved and he died loving that same person. His character is worth studying more in depth (a second re-read of all the books is definitely in the future). 

The twist at the end of the book: fantastic! The treachery, the revealed purpose, made the whole series flash in my mind. Definitely a great move.

Epilogue: we could have done without it. It felt rushed and definitely left me saying: who are all these characters. My mind wanted to know more about them. I didn't mind the happy ending for Harry, Ginny, Hermione and Ron as they all deserved one for all their hard work, but the author could have put a little more information in there about their later life. Many unanswered questions in this section.

Overall: a great read! Did you read the book? What were your thoughts on it?

Pictures: Pom Pom socks I knitted for KnitPicks. The pattern comes from the book Easy Knitted Socks. The socks are very cute--love the pom pom on the back. They remind me of socks I wore in Mexico :). My childhood socks had blue and pink hems with corresponding color of pom poms. A cute project, fast too.

PS: now that my work is completed, blogging will return to its normal 3 posts per week :)