Sad day for Fantasy readers
Huge Destash Sale

Contest winner!

The week went by like a flash! Zooom! I have been a bit preoccupied with a project...okay, more like 30 projects. My house is drowning in yarn and papers are flying around and my hubby is picking up my slack and helping me cook and clean. Sorry for being so late in announcing the winner. We had a gazillion entries and I have already picked up two books that were suggested: Bear Snores On and the Diary of a Worm.

But who is the winner of this great contest.....ready...Jessica. Jessica suggested 14 books. We have put a few in our list...a must that we are going to get from her list: Princess Bride.

Jessica, drop me a note whenever you get a chance.

Thank you everyone for helping me build a better library for my children.


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Oooh, Isela has a new loom knitting book coming out??? I can't wait to see it!


Hehe, I love Bear Snores On. It would totally be like certain snoring members of my family to sleep through their own party.


Yup. I agree, the Princess Bride is a classic. The movie is really great too!

"Have fun storming the castle boys!"



hahaha, maybe we should move near each other like that they can take turns cooking ;)


Oooh The Princess Bride!!! That is a good one..
But for fun on a road trip you have to get How to Eat Fried Worms.on an audio book. it is fun for all!
30.. wasn't it 50 not too long ago?? hehhe

Sam... Brian says.. keep the faith.. he knows how you feel!

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