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Dream Dinners to the Rescue...

Menu_item_garlic_balsmc_sirloin_2 What is the hardest part about cooking? For me, it is coming up with the idea of what to cook and then finding all the ingredients. Cooking in itself is not difficult, nor agonazing (despite what I tell hubby). This week, I was invited to a little "party" to go try out a new place in town called DreamDinners.

The place is heaven sent for crazy people like me. They have an entire meal (uncooked) ready for you. You go in and you put together all the ingredients (so if you don't like something, you can keep it out) then you go home and cook it whenever you want. You keep them in the freezer until you are ready to use it. Genious idea!

With my upcoming schedule of work, I was the perfect candidate for this venture! I signed up for a few mealMenu_item_madras_chicken_2  plans and now I am set for a few days and my kiddos won't be having hot dogs for lunch and dinner.

The entire idea is genious! I wish I had known of something of the kind sooner...especially when I lived in NY and worked all the time. For us right now, it is a perfect way to still provide my kiddos with a healthy meal while I run around with my head cut-off.

Dinnertime in a breeze :)!


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I go to one of those too. The one I go to is called "Cooking Cupboard." I like many of their entrees, but some just aren't for me. But, they have a lot to choose from, so I always find something I like. You can assemble a meal for 6-8, or a meal for 2, which is ideal for me, being single. I'm so glad they have a place like this near you. It's fun, easy, and I am eating much healthier!

Jeannette Pirkle

They had that here too but closed down. I don't know why, it seemed to be busy all the time. I like crock pots when we get busy. It does all the work and tastes great. Just dump stuff in and leave it do its thing.I can get cheaper cuts of meat and cook it in the crock pot and it gets so tender.I have a great 7 can wonder recipe for the crock pot and all you need is to brown 1 pound sausage(any kind,just remove the skin or get ground pork sausage-[italian style is best], put in 1 bag frozen ravioli or tortellini and the cans of 'stuff'. It comes out great every time. I use 1 can zucchini with tomatoes,1 can carrots,2 cans diced tomatoes(this can be regular,or rotel for spicy or with garlic and oregeno),1 can mushrooms, and 2(14.5 oz)cans beef broth.You can try other combinations of canned goods or delete mushrooms if kiddos don't like them. Make it mild or spicy depending on which meat and which tomato used. Down here in Texas everyone likes it hot so jalepeno's can even be added. This makes up a large crock pot or a large pot on top of the stove. Cook on low in crock pot for 6 or 7 hours or on high for 2 to 3 hours or cook on the stove for 1 hour. Real fast and hot on a cold day.


What a great idea! I wish they had something like that here....


This sounds pretty good and reasonably prices too! How was the dinner? Was it good?


Great idea! No shopping, etc.. They have them in my state (well, similar place) but none near me!! I'd love it!


I've heard of that! I have some friends that have done it, and have been really happy with what they've got.


Oh my gosh! I was just thinking of doing the same thing! I have been seeing the commercials, and thought it is just what I need considering my hectic schedule.

I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed it. I am going to give it a try. I just found out there is a location only a few blocks from me.

Yummy. : )


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