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October 2007

Happy Halloween: Pumpkin Carving: A ball of string and sticks--an original artwork

Sticksstring_2 Pumpkin Carving: an artwork in itself. Our Halloween party brought together about 30 ripe, orange, gorgeous pumkins. I sat in front of my pumkin pondering what it will become, one thought remained constant: I am a knitter! I should shout it to the world and let the light shine. Off I went with my idea of the ball of yarn and needles sticking through. My skills in pumkin carving are small, almost non-existent but my passion for knitting is big and thus my ball of string and sticks came about. I present you, my ball and string--art on a pumpkin.

Pumpkin Sheep for You! May you get lots of treats and even some tricks :)


Pictures of our October fun

Hallows Eve Collage

  • Pumpkin Carving (guess which one is mine)
  • Halloween Party
  • Corn maze
  • Pumpkin Walk

My Driver's License is Finally Here! Proof I am allowed to drive.

Dl_2 The waiting is over! My official Driver's License came in the mail. Check it! I am all official now and with my new magnet from ScoutsSwag my Zoomer is stylin'!

Fo my first official "freedom" trip, I got a babysitter, dropped the kidsNewdo off and off I went to get a little hairdo change. The freedom I felt was undescribable. Usually, the kids and hubby come to the hair salon with me--while I get a haircut hubby sits and waits and waits. This time around though, it felt so good to be there just on my own, concentrating just on me and not on what the kids may be getting into/breaking.

I came home a new woman! Revived, happy, and with 9 inches off!  Bouncy, bouncy! The "do" has layers that allow my hair to "flip" at the bottom...I feel a little flirtatious with this do.

What else am I doing with the freedom that driving gives me? I am waking up at 5:30am and hitting the gym! I am taking some spinning classes and after spinning I swim for about 30 minutes. Since I started running, I have dropped 12 lbs! Slowly but surely the poundage is coming off!

In knitting...well, can't show much, there has been lots of knitting but everything is for some book that is taking most of my sleep away. But, I do have this cute little baggy to show you that I knitted for KnitPicks. It is adorable! I wanted to keep it and Little NyNy wanted to keep it too.


Button winnings!

Mobtownreview2 I entered a button over at Mobtown Review this last week and after two days of fierce competition, a winner has been chosen...and my humble little button has won!!! What has it won...some fibery goodness!

Hop on over to Mobtown Review and read all about the cool fibery reviews. Every week, a fiber artist is reviewed, pics of their wares are posted so we can all dream and drool and every week, you get the chance to win some loot by leaving a comment. Winning yarns is a great thing, but learning about new yarns is even better :).

Thank you for those who voted for my button ;).

Heart Attack in the Making

Lens This morning, I did a little favor to hubby. He had to drop off the Sequoia to get some wiring done to hook up the trailer to it and I had to go along with him to drive him back home.

Let me tell you, driving at 60mph at 9am in the morning is not my favorite cup of tea/coffee. I almost died from a heart attack! Note to new drivers: when you have to stop and you are driving this fast: be sure to push the brake really deep so you stop. It takes more leg power to stop when you are going 60 than when you are going 25.

And that my friends is the story of the day...maybe in a year or two, I'll be ready to drive down this fast lanes. But for now, I think I'll take an advil and pray all along the way.

The worst part of it all: I have to do it again this afternoon! Eeek, someone help me!

Picture: One of my presents, a toy for my camera: a macro lens! I can take close ups now of my knits

Meet my GAL, part 2

Friday afternoon brought hubby home and hubby came bearing gifts. The new prototype of the GAL is here. It is divine. It is adjustable all the around, can be used to make tiny tubes and larger tubes as well as adjust in gauge. In one word, it is WOW!Gal3

The designing part is almost completed and we are ready for the next step: the testing and that is where you come in. We received 87 entries to the first post of the GAL plus I got 8 extra entries via email for a total of 95 entries. Each entry was given a number and with the help of the random number generator, the following numbers came up: 3, 2, 36, 14 and 60. So whose names go with these numbers?

#3 belongs to Stacey
#2 belongs to Lenora
#36 belongs to Bethany
#14 belongs to Stephanie
#60 belongs to Pat Simkin

In addition, 3 other names were picked. Check your may be one of them.

The GAL has a similar construction to the WonderLoom, it works with the same principle that uses a middle piece that slides down/up to create smaller/larger tubes. A closer look at the loom will show that it is made up of 2 rails of pegs against each other. The prototype pictured has the tiny cream colored nylon pegs used on the FG and EFG looms; the loom that will be sold will have the front row (the pegs that get knitted) in cream color and the back ones (the ones that just hold the yarn) will be black. The loom (without counting the gauge changes) is like 2 looms in one. If you take the outside rails out and assembled them together you will have a knitting board and the other pieces make the Wonderloom.

The slide below will show different pictures of the GAL.

Happy 30th indeed!

Happy 30th!

A tale of a car, a DMV guy and a new driver: a road test memoir.

I got in the car, checked my mirrors, put my seat belt on and was about to turn the engine key when the DMV guy told me to hold on for a minute. He went through the list of things he was going to test me on and reminded me to check my blind spots and mirrors before doing any maneuvers. And that is where our story begins:

Getting out of the parking space alone is a test for me! Then, I had to make sure to stop before the sidewalk--just in case any pedestrian happen to be out at 9am for a morning stroll.

Him: please make a right hand turn.

We went up a hill and my little zoomer made it up just fine.

Him: "turn left at the next intersection".

Me (thoughts): "what in heck is an intersection--does it have to be a major road, or just any road?" back to reality "crap, there is a stop sign right there!" stopped just in the nick of time. Note to self: do not think while you are driving.

Him: "make a right at the next intersection"

Me (thoughts): gently stop and count to 3 before continuing on...drats, I am going 30 on a 25 let off the gas so the car slows down. School section coming up, better be extra careful. Oh wait...I know this area, we are driving to my heart starts slowing down and I start feeling more at ease.

Him: "do you see that green mini-van up there, parallel park behind it"

Me (thoughts): why in heck would I want to do that when there is no cars behind it, I can just pull in...but must do what he says, no arguing with those in more power. I pull up about a foot from the mini-van, my bumper almost at the same level as the mini-van, put the car in reverse, crank the wheel to the right and then gently to the left, turn wheel a bit to the right...oh crap, hit the sidewalk! I am failing!

Him: "please back up straight"

Me (thoughts): oh crap, I can't back up straight! I am going to fail, I know it! Turn the car right, oh man, I hit the sidewalk again, turn it the other way...alright much better.

Him: "please pull out of the parking space when it is safe"

Me (thoughts): No problem there! Got out with flying colors.

Him: "please do a 2 point turn on the next driveway".

Me (thoughts). Which driveway, just pick any or did he mean the very first one. Crap I missed that driveway, shoot for the next one--wait this is my neighbors driveway, I better not run over her flowerbeds, she will kill me! (more confidently) I can do the 2 point turn, I do it all the time when I get out of my driveway. Yippee! Almost home free!

Him: "please do a U-turn"

Me (thoughts): cool--he wants me to take him for a spin :).

Him: "please do a downhill park".

Me: I pull in, park, let my front wheels touch the curb, put the car in park. He waits and I wait...a few seconds pass and then I put the car on drive and we continue.

Do a series of right hand turns, speed starts to change and we start moving away from my neighborhood, my heart starts pumping faster as the unknown approaches.

Him: "please, make a left-lane change"

Me (thoughts): here, going 40mph you want me to make a lane change, are you nuts! We don't need to make a lane change, there is nothing on that side, why would anyone want to make a lane change now?

Sigh deeply: I can do it, I can do it, I must do it! Blinker, check mirrors, blind spot check, do not let go off the gas, sigh deeply and change lanes. Whooa! What a rush.

Him: "very good, nicely done"

Me (thoughts): ooh, compliment. Definitely boosts up my confidence.

Him: "please, make a right-lane change"

Me (thoughts): what! You just made me change lanes, you crazy nut! Make up your mind. Did he say right? or left? Wait, I can't go left, I am already on the left. Must stop thinking! Blinker, check mirrors, blind spot check, do not let go off the gas, sigh and change lanes. Good we are still alive! Almost back to the DMV place. Traffic going faster, must keep up with traffic.

Him: "Please enter the parking lot and park safely".

Me (thoughts): oh man, I have to 90 degree park. Concentrate, I can do it, I have practiced this. Gently pull away from the parking space, closer to the opposite side, let the front of your car cover one of the lines, gently turn the wheel. Must park between the two lines. Put the car on park, turn the ignition off. And wait for judgement day.

Him: Well, so far you have been my best test today.

Me: Really, well, you know the day just started. Am I the first one to test today?

Him: No, I have tested two others. And you did very well. You have to practice all these things though:

  • Count to 3 after you have fully stopped when you reach a stop sign.
  • Backing up in a straight line, remember to turn your wheel the way you want your back end to turn
  • Lastly, remember to put the emergency brake when you park down or up hill.

Me: So did I fail then? How long do I have to wait to re-test?

Him: Nope, nope, you didn't fail. You passed!

Me: WHAT? Really, I thought I had to do all those things you just said. Really?

Him: Every new driver needs to practice certain things. Even drivers that have been driving for a long time have to keep on practicing certain things. You did pass and fairly well too.

Me: Thank you! Thank you! Did you know that today was my birthday and I thought I was going to remember it forever...not only because I turn 30 but because I was going to fail my test.

Him: Well--happy birthday to you. Let's go inside and get you your license.

Hubby and little Benny where inside waiting for me. Hubby met my eyes and I didn't smile...wanting to trick him, but then the excitement was too much and I smiled and he knew. My little Benny then says...Happy Birthday Mom. My day was shaping up greatly!

Overall, my day was a complete and happy day: my little boy gave me some beautiful roses, I was gifted a bit, I was taken out to eat to my favorite restaurant and had my favorite food and my family was there with me...even if they were jumping off the seat with excitement. Then came home and when I thought that the day was over, my hubby told me to go next door to my neighbor's house. At Nish's house, I was happily surprised by my road biking group of grls! Nish baked my favorite cake and we sat and chatted for a couple of hours. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday present from all my friends: a couple of hours of just "us" time to talk and bond. It was a happy birthday...if the day represents what my life will be in years to come: I am going to be a happy person, surrounded by family and friends who love me and remember me.

Thank you all for wishing me a happy birthday and for wishing me luck on my test! Thank you!

Picture: Top collage: little Benny, Wonderboy and I at the restaurant. Hubby was sitted opposite us and he has a bit of a cold and prefers not to have pictures taken when he has a cold, something to do with a rudolph nose. I just wanted some pictures of me...something to look at in 30 years from now.

Meet my GAL

I have a Gal and I love her dearly. She is almost perfect in every sense. She still has a few quirks that we need to fix on her but overall she performs her duties quite as expected. One loom to do it all....almost. The project still in process. Many ideas are going left and right and the grinding has been arduous. Hubby's background in the field can shoot ideas faster than a machine and he is able to tell right away if an idea will work or not. Many of my ideas are not as good as I have no idea how to build them....but I can most definitely use them and tell him exactly what I want the item to do.


So far, we have played with one setting on the GAL, results: same loom, one setting change and jumped up a whole stitch per inch. It went from making a baby size hat with worsted weight yarn to making an adult size hat with bulky weight yarn.

Babysizehat Hat

The GAL is still in prototype stages. Research and development caps are on right now and we have a few things that we would like to change to it. We want something fully, fully adjustable in the round, we are talking 1 loom to make items from baby booties up to hat, or even an afghan: something along the lines of the Wonderloom but adjustable in gauge too, not only size.

Many ideas have come about how to make it adjustable in size: adding pieces and bolting it together but that is extra hardware and hardware=extra weight, not to mention not very aesthetical. Products are very much like food, if they don't look pleasing to the eye, they are not going to work the magic as we first consume a product with our eyes. Hubby is trying to convince him he needs a lathe to make it seamless....anything to get a new toy for the shop. He still convincing me....


So far, points that are good about the prototype:  can produce a few different gauges by changing setting and thickness of yarn. Produces items that are circular by working around the loom and single sided by working back and forth.

Where you come in: if you are a loom knitter and you would like to test this particular prototype or the next prototype, DA is looking for five willing loomers to take it for a little test ride and report their findings/thoughts.

It is my GAL and I already love it...but she needs a little help in becoming the perfect loom...would you help? Please leave a comment and DA will choose 5 random people with the help of the Random Number generator.

How is it used:

It is used just like the Pocket Knitter (view the video I made on using the pocket knitter) follow the same video for knitting a flat panel. If knitting in the round, simply continue around the loom until item reaches the desired length.

What is the difference between this one and the other rounds out there? The other rounds produce only 1 gauge, or 2 if you work 1 item with the Knit Stitch and the other with the Twisted Knit Stitch (Twisted Knit Stitch produces a larger stitch). The GAL you can change settings and produce a different gauge (more/less stitches per inch) using the same stitch. In the case of the above prototype, I was able to use the same loom and get one whole extra stitch per inch by changing just one setting thus producing a larger hat. Also, since it is used just like the Pocket Knitter, creating the Knit Stitch is a bit easier and faster than when using a regular loom.

Thinking caps are on...more on my GAL to come.

Happy 30th to me!

For the past few months, I have been dreading this month. It is the big 3-0. A few of my close friends/neighbors turn 30 this year too and thus it is a constant topic among all of us. 

At one point, I was telling them that turning 30 wasn't that much exciting as I felt that I was half way dead. I mean, if I am lucky to live to the age of 60, it means that I am half way done with my life. And then, I started thinking of all the things that I still want to accomplish in life and my heart sank to the floor thinking of how little I have done. How my fear of trying things have kept me back from being adventurous. Although I may seem as an outgoing gal, I am more on the shy side and I tend to go for the "safe" side of things.

But I realized that I was looking at the glass as being half-empty. Then it hit me-- all the things that I have accomplished so far. Just the past two years has been full of new adventures, such as learning to knit with needles, learning to ride a bike, and now learning to drive! Most adults my age have been driving for at least 14 years and here I am just barely learning...shy to push the gas, overly anxious and being brake-happy, and overly cautious of going over the speed limit.

So today instead of celebrating how old I am geting, I am going to celebrate the accomplishments of my life so far and of future things to come!

Happy 30th to me!


Later today, I am going to take a test that will probably ruin the rest of my day: yep, you guessed it, I am taking my driving test on my birthday. It was the only opening they had available. Wish me luck. If anything, I just hope I don't crash.

Podcasts anyone?

I am one of the last ones to get in this wave but slowly I am catching the Podcast fever. It is something that I can listen on my MP3 player while I knit and my kids run around the house squealing and screaming. And now, I have a chance to start listening to a brand new podcast...all from the beginning! Vickie Howell is starting her own knittyliscious Podcast. It will start November 1st, so get your MP3 ready and let's Craft, Rock & Listen ;).


Candy Corn Inspired Bag (pattern)


*Updated Patterns: See ** below.

Thursday afternoon while blog hopping I found the cutest little halloween bag: The Felted Candy Corn Bag. It was love at first sight. I ran downstairs and to my luck I had exactly the colors needed for the pattern. Then, I sat down and was ready to begin knitting when I read the instructions a little was crochet :(. My heart fell as my crocheting abilities are almost nonexistent.

Not being one to give up too easily, I grabbed by trusty quadrille notebook, pencil, calculator and sat down to do some little math. A swatch and a couple of hours later and I had it figured out.

I made one and my littlest munchkin is already running around the house screaming "trick or treat! Give me candy or smell my feet". One bag down and one more to go...first got to locate more of the yellow and orange yarn.

The pictures below show the bag pre-felted and then felted.  The bag was sturdy enough without being felted but it was a little too big for my little one so I threw it in the wash to felt.

The bag measures: 11"wide X 10" tall (felted): plenty of space to pack a bunch of candy.

The sample bag was done as flat panels; if you are knitting it with needles, you can knit it in the round and eliminate the seaming.

Pattern anyone? Below are three options: loom knitted, needle knit as flat panels, needle knit in the round.

**Pattern is knit completely in garter stitch.

Loom Knit Candy Corn Bag

Needle Knit *updated

If you knit the pattern, let me know, I would love to see the picture. 

Candy Corn Bag

Zoom, zoom, zoom!

I present very own ZOOMER! I am so excited I want to squeal!


It is the perfect little car. It is a little Ford Focus, with five doors (hatchback in the back). It sits 5, so it is perfect for our little family. And it gives great gas mileage--woohoo!

The children are very excited about Mom's new carrito. We still need to get all the paperwork done and then we will be able to take it out for a few spins around town. More pictures of the carrito later on.

Thank you everyone who helped me destash my yarn. I was able to raise about 10% of the cost of my carrito and that made me feel quite well.

Now all I need is a few days behind the wheel of my carrito and then I can take my driving test! EEEEEK! I am thinking, I am going to try to get my license by my birthday...that gives me about 15 days to practice. A license by my 30th birthday...that would be so neat!

A Pixie Bell Hat & Scarflet

LittlebellMy friend's baby is scheduled to arrive today...we are all so excited for her and her family! The little hats were finished just in the nick of time. I was able to create three of them for her little one and hopefully they will keep her little head warm in the upcoming months.

The second little hat was inspired by a book that I got my kids, Beck Beyond the Sea, it is a book with faeries and little creatures from another world. I wanted a little hat that was cute and looked a little bit like a flower bell. The hat follows the same pattern as the previous little hat pattern,except I made the top I-cord shorter and omitted the ribbing at the hem and added a small ruffled edge and a ribbon.

The pattern is in PDF format and it is right here if you are interested in it. I winged most of the instructions, but I think they worked pretty well for the Pixie Bell Hat.Scarflet_2

The weekend also turned out a mini-scarflet pattern that I worked up  for my little Wonderboy. Cold weather is here and he is going to need a little scarf to keep his neck warm on our walks to school. It is fairly simple and it takes very little yarn and uses a Knifty Knitter loom. 

There is not much of a pattern for it as it is just the basic instructions for working on a knitting board, but if you need a little guidance, follow this instructions.

My destash is still going, come check it out, I will be adding more stuff today.

*Updated: mini-scarflet instructions

Close-up pictures of the mini-scarflet.

Pidgecloseup3 Pidgecloseup