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Button winnings!

Mobtownreview2 I entered a button over at Mobtown Review this last week and after two days of fierce competition, a winner has been chosen...and my humble little button has won!!! What has it won...some fibery goodness!

Hop on over to Mobtown Review and read all about the cool fibery reviews. Every week, a fiber artist is reviewed, pics of their wares are posted so we can all dream and drool and every week, you get the chance to win some loot by leaving a comment. Winning yarns is a great thing, but learning about new yarns is even better :).

Thank you for those who voted for my button ;).


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What a cute button, you clever lady, you! Congratulations!




Congrats! Your button was the best.



Congratulations! It's a wonderful button! I'll be putting it up soon! (saving it to my own server of course)


Hey I voted for it and didn't even know it was yours!


your button stood out for me too - and yes, i did vote for your's! congrats:o)


Congrats!! I voted for yours. :)

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