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Candy Corn Inspired Bag (pattern)


*Updated Patterns: See ** below.

Thursday afternoon while blog hopping I found the cutest little halloween bag: The Felted Candy Corn Bag. It was love at first sight. I ran downstairs and to my luck I had exactly the colors needed for the pattern. Then, I sat down and was ready to begin knitting when I read the instructions a little closer...it was crochet :(. My heart fell as my crocheting abilities are almost nonexistent.

Not being one to give up too easily, I grabbed by trusty quadrille notebook, pencil, calculator and sat down to do some little math. A swatch and a couple of hours later and I had it figured out.

I made one and my littlest munchkin is already running around the house screaming "trick or treat! Give me candy or smell my feet". One bag down and one more to go...first got to locate more of the yellow and orange yarn.

The pictures below show the bag pre-felted and then felted.  The bag was sturdy enough without being felted but it was a little too big for my little one so I threw it in the wash to felt.

The bag measures: 11"wide X 10" tall (felted): plenty of space to pack a bunch of candy.

The sample bag was done as flat panels; if you are knitting it with needles, you can knit it in the round and eliminate the seaming.

Pattern anyone? Below are three options: loom knitted, needle knit as flat panels, needle knit in the round.

**Pattern is knit completely in garter stitch.

Loom Knit Candy Corn Bag

Needle Knit *updated

If you knit the pattern, let me know, I would love to see the picture. 

Candy Corn Bag


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taryn reed

Do you sell this bag? my daughter is going to be a candy corn for halloween.


I saw this and knew I had to make one for my daughter and my niece this year!


This is to cute:)hugs Darcy

Kristi M.

So cute I am making one! Question... Maybe I missed it, but is this pattern done with 2 strands of yarn held together?

Thank you for converting this pattern to knit.


How did I miss this? I *love* it!


that is super cute


I made one! It's a cute pattern. Thanks for improving on the LB pattern. And you were right, it was a quick knit.


I love this. I hope it's okay that I linked it for inspiration on my purse blog


Thanks for the translations! I've knitted the version that's in the round with Cascade 128 (though I think your colors are prettier). I'll post a photo when it's felted.

I'm wondering if there's an error in that version of the pattern. Around the marker in the middle of the round, shouldn't it be "knit until 3 stitches before the marker, k2tog, k1, pass marker, k1, k2tog"? That way there's two knit stitches between the two decreases, which is the way that it is around the marker at the beginning/end of the round? This way it will be symmetrical. Let me know if this doesn't make sense, and I'll try to explain myself better.


Toooooo cute! The bag is adorable also! :O) Love the little princess outfit.



Cute bag. Even cuter T-or-T'er. Can I have her? No? Just thought I'd ask...


I, too, saw this and was bummed that it was crochet so THANK YOU for taking the time to create and share the knitted version!!

Sue H

THANK YOU!! My DD (23) will love this!


So cute!


Thanks for converting such a great pattern! I saw it the other day too, but thought "na" on the crochet. Your little one is so cute!!


HI Isela, That bag is too cute, I seen it before in my blog hopping and seen it wasnt for the loom so I was bummed, Thank you for converting it, I cant wait to try it...Your Daugther is Beautiful!!


what a cute idea! when I was a kid, we just used old pillowcases...


The candy corn bag is cute.... but your little fairy godmother is too cute for words. You must be so proud!

Christine Steendahl

How Cute! Thanks so much for converting it for us! I am off tomorrow to buy the yarn!


Just gorgeous Isela as usual! Your daughter is so pretty beautiful dress also.


Beautiful work Isela! Your daughter is absolutely beautiful in her dress with her new bag!


Oh that's SUPER cute!

Kansas A

Oh that is just too darn cute!


Hi Isela! That candy corn bag is adorable! And what a pretty trick or treater! I was looking at a similiar but much smaller crochet treat bag in either the Mary Maxim catalogue or the Annie's Attic one. Maybe both. They had a ghostie and a frankenstein too : ) By the way, I'll swap ya crochet lessons for knitting ones (wink, wink)...


That is too cute!



Trick or Treat
Smell my Feet
Give me something Good to eat
If you don't, I don't care
I'll pull down your underwear

If you gonna go T & T'ing you got to go with that bag!


Candy Corn is my favorite for this season...well, next to chocolate! How perfect this little bag is...All you need now is a Spencer the Spider to go with it! ;)


So completely cute, love it!


You bag looks better than the one one the Net. Could be because of your adorable model or the fact that you're a skilled Knittress. Could be both!


I don't think so Beth as that is whom I am making mine for and use as a purse over the holiday!


The bag and your daughter are both too cute! But, what's wrong with crochet? : )


That's adorable! Too bad I don't have any little trick-or-treaters here. Would it be too silly to knit it for myself? ;)


Lovely! Princess is so pretty, and you can tell that she she loves her bag.


Very cute! What a great idea for a Trick or Treat bag!

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