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Happy Halloween: Pumpkin Carving: A ball of string and sticks--an original artwork

Sticksstring_2 Pumpkin Carving: an artwork in itself. Our Halloween party brought together about 30 ripe, orange, gorgeous pumkins. I sat in front of my pumkin pondering what it will become, one thought remained constant: I am a knitter! I should shout it to the world and let the light shine. Off I went with my idea of the ball of yarn and needles sticking through. My skills in pumkin carving are small, almost non-existent but my passion for knitting is big and thus my ball of string and sticks came about. I present you, my ball and string--art on a pumpkin.

Pumpkin Sheep for You! May you get lots of treats and even some tricks :)


Pictures of our October fun

Hallows Eve Collage

  • Pumpkin Carving (guess which one is mine)
  • Halloween Party
  • Corn maze
  • Pumpkin Walk


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I love the knitting pumpkin!

Maria Tovar

It seems like a fun Halloween. No wonder you were so busy that day. You all look beautiful. Congratulations. Yes you are a great Mom.


karen mentzer "keggy"

I love your sheep they are so cute!


Have a Happy Halloween!


Wow, those are great pumpkins, especially the yarn one! I have no pumpkin carving skills. : (


I LOVE your pumpkin! I'm going to remember that for next year :o)

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