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Heart Attack in the Making

Lens This morning, I did a little favor to hubby. He had to drop off the Sequoia to get some wiring done to hook up the trailer to it and I had to go along with him to drive him back home.

Let me tell you, driving at 60mph at 9am in the morning is not my favorite cup of tea/coffee. I almost died from a heart attack! Note to new drivers: when you have to stop and you are driving this fast: be sure to push the brake really deep so you stop. It takes more leg power to stop when you are going 60 than when you are going 25.

And that my friends is the story of the day...maybe in a year or two, I'll be ready to drive down this fast lanes. But for now, I think I'll take an advil and pray all along the way.

The worst part of it all: I have to do it again this afternoon! Eeek, someone help me!

Picture: One of my presents, a toy for my camera: a macro lens! I can take close ups now of my knits


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Don't worry. It will come with practice. Maybe if you could find a less busy stetch of road to go fast on a few times to get the hang of it?



I's really nice. ;)


There are many weeks and months of driving with your heart in your throat, then someday you'll find yourself buzzing down a busy highway, checking your blind spot, and sliding smoothly into a just-big-enough gap to get over to your exit. :)


You survived though! Good for you for getting out there.


You will be fine. Staying in the right lane is a good idea for you until you build up your confidence. Just remember that other drivers may also merge onto the highway into that same lane, so be aware.

Isela has not failed at anything she has tried, so I know she will ace this driving 60mph thing. And if she is like me, she will want to go faster, faster (of course never over the speed limit). : )

Love the new toy.



Just take your time. I stay in the right hand lane most of the time and drive like grandma:)
Nice toy!

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