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My Driver's License is Finally Here! Proof I am allowed to drive.

Dl_2 The waiting is over! My official Driver's License came in the mail. Check it! I am all official now and with my new magnet from ScoutsSwag my Zoomer is stylin'!

Fo my first official "freedom" trip, I got a babysitter, dropped the kidsNewdo off and off I went to get a little hairdo change. The freedom I felt was undescribable. Usually, the kids and hubby come to the hair salon with me--while I get a haircut hubby sits and waits and waits. This time around though, it felt so good to be there just on my own, concentrating just on me and not on what the kids may be getting into/breaking.

I came home a new woman! Revived, happy, and with 9 inches off!  Bouncy, bouncy! The "do" has layers that allow my hair to "flip" at the bottom...I feel a little flirtatious with this do.

What else am I doing with the freedom that driving gives me? I am waking up at 5:30am and hitting the gym! I am taking some spinning classes and after spinning I swim for about 30 minutes. Since I started running, I have dropped 12 lbs! Slowly but surely the poundage is coming off!

In knitting...well, can't show much, there has been lots of knitting but everything is for some book that is taking most of my sleep away. But, I do have this cute little baggy to show you that I knitted for KnitPicks. It is adorable! I wanted to keep it and Little NyNy wanted to keep it too.



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A little off-topic, but (if you haven't already seen them...) the USPS has a new line of "Holiday Knits" stamps. I thought about you (Isela) when I saw them! http://shop.usps.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10152&storeId=10001&productId=32807&langId=-1


It looks fantastic!!! And HOORAY for freedom!


You look stunning! I love it!
Congrats on getting your license.I bet it feels all real to you now.

Cute little purse you made for KnitPicks.I bet you end up making one for your little one too:)


Congrats! It took me awhile to get my license-it wasn't until the buses went on strike and I had to get to my last semester of college courses that I finally learned how to drive and got my license. I remember that sense of freedom that came when got in the car and took my first trip by myself. THat's awesome!


And the weight loss makes you look healthier and gorgeous. You did a great job.




You look beautiful. Great hairdo!!! You look fabulous!!! It is a great feeling of independence accompanied.

The little purse is very delicious. No wonder NyNy wanted to keep it. She has a great taste. I know.(smile)



oooh your Zoomer and my van nearly match.. I have that little ball of yarn up on my antenna!! WOO HOO! makes it easy to find it in the parking lot!


Very empowering isn't it? Yay!


Congrats Isela! I'm so happy for you! You look awesome by the way and the new do looks great:)


You look mahvelous dahling, just mahvelous!

Congrats on the DL. I knew you could do it. Just think of all the yarn & goodies you can go and buy, then haul home in you cute new car. : )


Liz Anderson

Look how beautifully that haircut compliments your face! Isela, you're gorgeous. What a happy Year 30 for you so far.


Congratulations! Glad you can have some independent time driving yourself places now! And, great job on the weight loss. How far do you run and how often???

Laura O'Neal

What a great haircut, driver's license photo and bag! : ) You're fortunate to not have ended up with one of those typical horrible license photos! : ) I'm surprised you had to wait for it to come in the mail though - here in Ohio, when you get a state ID or license, they print it while you wait, and it just takes a few minutes. I understand about the haircut, seeing as how I have two kids too, and don't drive. But luckily my hairdresser is at a salon downtown, not too far from my office, so I can just go get my hair cut at lunch time, and not have to drag my husband and kids along.

Congrats on all the exciting new stuff!


Congratulations! Great news all around. (And congrats on a driver's license that you don't have to be ashamed of. I had one that I swear made me look like I was on drugs!)

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