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Meet my GAL, part 2

Friday afternoon brought hubby home and hubby came bearing gifts. The new prototype of the GAL is here. It is divine. It is adjustable all the around, can be used to make tiny tubes and larger tubes as well as adjust in gauge. In one word, it is WOW!Gal3

The designing part is almost completed and we are ready for the next step: the testing and that is where you come in. We received 87 entries to the first post of the GAL plus I got 8 extra entries via email for a total of 95 entries. Each entry was given a number and with the help of the random number generator, the following numbers came up: 3, 2, 36, 14 and 60. So whose names go with these numbers?

#3 belongs to Stacey
#2 belongs to Lenora
#36 belongs to Bethany
#14 belongs to Stephanie
#60 belongs to Pat Simkin

In addition, 3 other names were picked. Check your inbox...you may be one of them.

The GAL has a similar construction to the WonderLoom, it works with the same principle that uses a middle piece that slides down/up to create smaller/larger tubes. A closer look at the loom will show that it is made up of 2 rails of pegs against each other. The prototype pictured has the tiny cream colored nylon pegs used on the FG and EFG looms; the loom that will be sold will have the front row (the pegs that get knitted) in cream color and the back ones (the ones that just hold the yarn) will be black. The loom (without counting the gauge changes) is like 2 looms in one. If you take the outside rails out and assembled them together you will have a knitting board and the other pieces make the Wonderloom.

The slide below will show different pictures of the GAL.


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Hello, I hope your New Year is wonderful! I know mine will be because my Christmas present is to be your GAL loom when it is up for sale! Can't wait!
Happy New Year! Enjoy!


ooooh I really like the look of this! What do you do with the double row of pegs? Is it so you can do the flat stitch easier, or what? Me likey!!!!!!
Ciao! Sara

Judy Theys

When you plan on selling the GAL I would be very interested in buy one. It looks like a very nice loom and can be used for a lot of different things. Let us know when it is on the market.


A great looking loom! I bet it works wonders! That's an amazing invention....


That sure is one cool loom. And I haven't seen anything like it! You guys are awesome! I can't wait to hear what the testers have to say and see what they make!


Wow this is amazing! In answer to your question earlier... I don't know how to loom:( But it sure looks intersting! Congratulation to you and your DH on what seems like and awesome tool! Good luck on the sales... I am sure it will be a hit:)

Kathy N

This loom looks wonderful! I can't wait to read the tester's results.


I am thrilled to be a part of the testing. After reading my email I rushed over to see the GAL and the first words out of my mouth were WOW, it's beautiful.


Oh, Sam should definitely get the lathe :-)


Congratulations to those who get to test. So jealous. I just ordered a Wonderloom. Wondering if I should have waited since this has one "built in". Maybe the GAL will come out around Christmas, and it will solve the dilemma of figuring out what I want this year. :o) I can never have too many looms.


You are married to one smart dude! So cool that he makes these for you.


I feel very honored to be a part of this exciting breakthrough in looms!
Thank you, Thank you!!!
Keep up the awesome work...you ROCK!


OOOOHHHH that GAL is so lovely! How clever you and hubby are. You just keep amazing us with your awesome inventions.

I am so jealous of the GAL testing winners. I so wanted to be one of them. sniff, sniff.

So when is SHE going to be for sale? I must have one.


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