Happy 30th to me!
Happy 30th indeed!

Meet my GAL

I have a Gal and I love her dearly. She is almost perfect in every sense. She still has a few quirks that we need to fix on her but overall she performs her duties quite as expected. One loom to do it all....almost. The project still in process. Many ideas are going left and right and the grinding has been arduous. Hubby's background in the field can shoot ideas faster than a machine and he is able to tell right away if an idea will work or not. Many of my ideas are not as good as I have no idea how to build them....but I can most definitely use them and tell him exactly what I want the item to do.


So far, we have played with one setting on the GAL, results: same loom, one setting change and jumped up a whole stitch per inch. It went from making a baby size hat with worsted weight yarn to making an adult size hat with bulky weight yarn.

Babysizehat Hat

The GAL is still in prototype stages. Research and development caps are on right now and we have a few things that we would like to change to it. We want something fully, fully adjustable in the round, we are talking 1 loom to make items from baby booties up to hat, or even an afghan: something along the lines of the Wonderloom but adjustable in gauge too, not only size.

Many ideas have come about how to make it adjustable in size: adding pieces and bolting it together but that is extra hardware and hardware=extra weight, not to mention not very aesthetical. Products are very much like food, if they don't look pleasing to the eye, they are not going to work the magic as we first consume a product with our eyes. Hubby is trying to convince him he needs a lathe to make it seamless....anything to get a new toy for the shop. He still convincing me....


So far, points that are good about the prototype:  can produce a few different gauges by changing setting and thickness of yarn. Produces items that are circular by working around the loom and single sided by working back and forth.

Where you come in: if you are a loom knitter and you would like to test this particular prototype or the next prototype, DA is looking for five willing loomers to take it for a little test ride and report their findings/thoughts.

It is my GAL and I already love it...but she needs a little help in becoming the perfect loom...would you help? Please leave a comment and DA will choose 5 random people with the help of the Random Number generator.

How is it used:

It is used just like the Pocket Knitter (view the video I made on using the pocket knitter) follow the same video for knitting a flat panel. If knitting in the round, simply continue around the loom until item reaches the desired length.

What is the difference between this one and the other rounds out there? The other rounds produce only 1 gauge, or 2 if you work 1 item with the Knit Stitch and the other with the Twisted Knit Stitch (Twisted Knit Stitch produces a larger stitch). The GAL you can change settings and produce a different gauge (more/less stitches per inch) using the same stitch. In the case of the above prototype, I was able to use the same loom and get one whole extra stitch per inch by changing just one setting thus producing a larger hat. Also, since it is used just like the Pocket Knitter, creating the Knit Stitch is a bit easier and faster than when using a regular loom.

Thinking caps are on...more on my GAL to come.


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Dora Renee' Wilkerson

I am thinking of some cool socks that could be done on this! Hmm, I like socks!

I can't wait to see what everyone makes on them.

Dora Renee' Wilkerson


First, Happy Birthday Isela! It came up while I was preparing for a dance competition so I missed it. :-(

Second, wow! what a neat new product. Its good to see all of the innovation going on in the field right now.

Third, I'd like a chance to try it too! I've got lots of Xmas knitting to try it out on :-)


Heather M.

First of all, thanks so much for your incredibly helpful website. You make it all so clear and easy.

This GAL looks amazing. I'd love to test it out.

Judy B.

The GAL looks like a great loom. Please "throw my name into the hat" to test the loom. Thanks. Judy

Kathryn Baptista

I'd love to test out the new loom. I love my other DA loom. Besides, it's quite cute.


this looks so kewl- i would love to try it out-i can't wait to learn more about it. thanx, sarah


Please pick me, I would love to test your new GAL.

Reatha Van Eck

Oh please pick me. I love my looms so far and I love testing out new things and coming up this stuff to do with them.

Donna C.

Hey, count me in! I love new gadgets and tools. Your new one looks really cool! By the way, love your site - your books - your Yahoo group. It's all great.


I would love to help you out and test drive your new GAL. I would love to take her for a spin through loomland to see how she preforms. Judy


I would love to help you out and give your GAL a trip around loom land. Let me know if I can be of help. Judy


Oh, wow! Talk about parallel lives! I turned 30 this year, I have a 3- and a 5-year-old (though both boys), I HEART loom knitting, and I think we should both have a GAL! :)

Michelle Johnson

What a great idea! Would love to test it out! Thank you.

olathe knitter

Pick me please,I've been trying to decide what loom to purchase-looking for a loom that will be versital both by guage and type. Thanks,
Olathe knitter

Kim Huse


I know that you will have a lot of people to choose from on who you will send the test GAL's out to; I would also like to be placed into the considreation pool for the testing.

I'm 43, have been a crafter all my life, and am a crafter who has made her own tools if needed, or modified a tool or such to fit my needs more readily.

I also have extensive training and insight into accomodating and adapting tools for others who have physical limitations that would otherwise interfere with or diminish their enjoyment of their crafting experience.

If you wish to hear from someone who is always sending companies feedback on their products as to how they can be improved, who has helped others to enjoy handcratfs in some way, and who can test a product and write you up a nice summary of what I would do to make it better, then I am the person for that job.

If you choose someone else, that is your perogative; however, I would like to be able to give back something to the wonderful woman who has contributed so much to all of us in the knit looming community, and who has, unknown to her, inspired me and my muse to make the beautiful things I do.

Be Blessed! -- Kim Huse

carmella patterson

since my husband's heart transplant things are in NEED and $$ is tricky to say the least. yarn is my sanity!! and loving looming alot. would love to be friends with YOUR GAL!!! carmella


I love the versatility behind this! I would also love to test it.


Wow! I'd love to give it a try.


looks like a interesting loom .. would love to give it a try .. reminds me somewhat of the new Kiss loom but square but on the same order , its cute though.


Love it!!! I would love to play


Oh Isela... I just order my first looms from you.. I'd love to help you test this one!! I can't wait to get them and this would help ease the wait!!!

Pick me!!! Pick me!!!


I would love to try this loom. I would also like to know if it would be possible to make socks on it. Thanks. It looks great so far.


OOOHHHHH! A new loom! I wanna try it. Please please please pick me. : )



Isela! Do you ever stop coming up with amzing ideas?!?! Wow! Please put my name in the hat, I'd love to test a prototype. Thanks!


Your Gal looks fantastic. I so would enjoy testing it, but I know I will have to wait for it to become a "for sale" item. I so admire you. Thanks for all you do to inspire us toward our chosen craft.


glenda l boddy

Oh how I would love to "test drive" your GAL. I don't have a lot of experience, about 2 years, but I do have a inquisitive mind. I have been needle knitting for years and have fallen in love to loom knitting. I am retired, and would have plenty of time to work with it.

Betsy Clark

Ooohhhh...please give me a chance! I am already salivating (I promise not to do it on your GAL, really!) This would solve some big frustrations with gauge. Imagine being able to have it all in one loom! ****sigh****

This is indeed exciting!

Pat Simkin

I am sure you have your 5 tester but I would like to buy one od these looms Please let me know when they are for sale. Thanks


OOOHH Isela, Please pick me, I ahave been waiting to test something else for you; it has been SSSOOOO LONG since I have heard from you.
Kept in stitches, Elizabeth in WV

Janice bell

I would love to road test your new gal. Sounds interesting and totally fun.



I would love to play with GAL! Please allow her to come to my house for a play date..LOL. Thanks!

Jackie Altenderfer

Oooh...pick me...our anniversary was Oct. 19th too! I really enjoy everything you've been teaching us on the looms...I have your book and am working on an afghan for your other contest. I'm sure you have more then your 5 people, but thought I'd put my name in just in case. Look forward to seeing how things go with your "GAL". ;O) I've also included some of my pictures that I've finally loaded online.

Lynda Kolbinskie

Let a leftie try this one out! If I can master it, anyone can, LOL! Also, my DH is an Engineer, and he would like to give his input, as I drive him crazy with my looms.He says I wouldn'
t need as many if I bought the right one to start with! HAHA

Sherro Vasbinder

What an awesome offer...testing a new loom...am I dreaming??? Please pick me!


I would be happy to test for you.

Marlys Leder

I love the design of your GAL! I would be honored to test it for you. You have been truly blessed with creativity! Your site is a feast for the eyes.
Marlys <><

Dianne Carroll

Happy Birthday again and though I would love to test your baby I see that you have many to choose from. Just wanted to tell you how I loved your piece about the driving test. It reminded me of my own so I chuckled thru the whole thing. Before we started I told the DPS officer, "I hope you know I'm nervous" and he replied "I hope you know I'm nervous too".


This is gonna sound like I am sucking up, but I have been looking for the opportunity (so that I wouldn't seem over-eager or stalker-ish) to let you know that I look up to you so much. I just started looming in the past 2 months and became totally hooked. So when I got on-line to search things your name was ALL OVER THE PLACE! Everyone was talking about you and referring to you. I stumbled across some of your videos when I was searching for different stitches for the loom and didn't realize it was you until later. I even joined the Knifty Knitter Yahoo group b/c you suggested it. My husband kept giving me looks whenever I would speak of you b/c he was hearing a lot about you in an awfully short period of time. LOL! Didn't help that I totally flipped when I found out that you had a book out (and then that your hubby makes looms for us to use!!!) I have been begging for your book for about 2 weeks and I am this.close to getting it!
Ok, I think the groveling/worshipping is over with. I just wanted you to know, that even though you don't know me, you have helped me immensely in this obsession of looming I have stumbled upon. Thanks!

Oh, and I wouldn't mind trying out my hand on your loom. I haven't used anything but Knifty Knitters so far and was wondering what other loom to branch out to after that. I knew that I was hoping it would be one that you, personally, recommended b/c I trust your judgement. I just really hope that I can test drive one of your looms. :D

Debbie P

I would love to try out you new loom and let you know how good it is. It would be great if he could make it adjustable. Good luck with it and let me know when it will be for sale.
Debbie P

Shannon Graeber ( Nanna Shann

I'm new to the list I have never used a pocket loom so this would be nice to try a new item from the beginning. Thankyou Shannon Graeber Western Washington


I would love a chance to test GAL. I love all your looms.


Happy Birthday to you Isela!
It's my hubby's birthday month too!
I would love to test a GAL LOOM! I have some experience testing looms!



Ohmygosh, you guys keep outdoing yourselves! I'd love to give this new loom a whirl! I'll cross my fingers and hope that the random number generator picks me!


Volunteering for Test Duty!


Wow, that sounds like such a good idea.


I love the shape. I can see me using the GAL while sitting in the pick up lane at school waiting for my daughter.


I would love to test the GAL! It sounds great!


wow! I cant wait till these become available! looks like my mini wonderloom may have some competetion for fav loom in its future!!!

Karen Mokas

Hi, I would like to test drive your new loom....Karen


What a dream come true for all of us looming gals. I Would love to have a chance to play with this loom. I get frustrated always needing a different gauge to loom a project. Way to go Sam!!! Trudy


This is very cool! You know how lucky you are to have Sam!!!


This is a totally delicious idea! I'd love to test this baby and see how she shines!

J Pipkin

Me too!!! This sounds just fabulous.


I would love to test your loom, all I have right now are the KK collection. I could even save you from shipping, because I live fairly close and could even come and pick it up myself. I really would love to meet you. Thought that back when I started looming 3 years ago.


Pick Me Pick me...lol.....I am a definate newbie to the loom and I have been wanting the pocket knitter but if this little loom works like that than that would be what I would want. Lets see if a newbie can use this new little loom like the professionals can.


Oh I would love to be chosen, I have some ideas swirling in my head and would love to try them out on the new loom. Thanks for your consideration!


I would love to test this new little loom..I am a newbie to the looms so it would be great to see if a newbie can figure out how to use it and what i could make from it.

June Legault

I live in Canada and we don't get much up here! LOL I would love to test your GAL for you!


Very interesting. It took me a moment to see the back pegs. I have the pocket knitter and have made a stripped afghan. Looks like this would give a larger flat piece and be easy to run up.

How do the corners hook together? Is it permanent?

I am sure you have your 5, but I would put my name down also. Am a newbie with looms, but you need a broad base for testing.

Tell Sam, "Just get the lathe" !!



I would love to see this in action. Neat idea. Tell Sam I will be watching for this one.

Pat & Paws

I would be SO JAZZED to test your new loom!! Between my crummy vision and ten thumbs, I'm the perfect guinea pig! I'm already planning where to put it when I buy one.:) And I agree with Sam--he really does need a lathe. Otherwise, how is he going to keep up with all the demand you'll have??:)

Kathy N

Ooooo! Great concept! Please put my name in the hat (hehe)! I'd love to give this GAL a workout.

Melissa Ruth

I'm new to looming-I would LOVE to try something like this! It looks like it would really be VERY cool! I just spent $40 on all the KK looms Joann's sells here in town...this would have been so much better!

karen mentzer

I would love to be a tester on something new. I am by far not one of the better knitters but i would be willing to give it a shot.


ooh! ooh! ooh!

One loom, multiple gauges - it's a loomy dream come true!

I'd love to give this a tryout and help you and Sam produce yet another really useful loom! (Sorry. My son love Thomas the Tank Engine and I couldn't resist the opportunity to use that wonderful phrase!)

Kathy Fellows

I would love to try it. I've used the pocket knitter and would love to see something more versitile in gauges, etc.


OH! OH! OH! ME! ME! MEEEEEE!!!!!! Purty Purty Purty Please with cherries on top? I will loom day and night (puppy dog eyes) and write a thorough, informative review. (now I'm going to go cross my fingers and make some wishes :D )

Lela in Idaho

Now this is a loom I could get excited about! Oh, the versatility! One loom that can do ANY project. Now that's a dream. Like most, I can't afford to have one of every loom. I'm anxious to see if this new loom will be easy to use, and how functional it will be. This is exciting! Way to go Isela and hubby!


FIrst, Happy Birthday and congrats on getting your licenses.

SEcond, I love that loom. what ya'll are trying to create is what I would love.

I would gladly test it out for you if you want. :)


Wow, that seems totally awesome. I would love to try it out.

Marian Mallder

I would love to test this GAL. PLEASE PLEASE CHOOSE ME!!!! Marian in Iowa

Jackie Phillips

I think this is a wonderful idea. I was trying to make an adult hat last night with Jiffy yarn on my KK and it was just too loose a knit. Here in SoCal it is too warm for 2 strands of that type yarn. I was thinking, man, it would sure be nice to be able to adjust the gauge on this loom. I have the 30" AJAL so will be trying that tonight, but was wishing it was a little shorter since it is the only small guage I have. Anyway, all this to say that even if I am not a tester I will probably be a buyer of a GAL!

Deborah Sage

It is simply wonderful!!!! I think that it is amazing that you and Sam can come with such wonderful ideas. Can't wait to see more from it.


I would love to help you out. This looks like its going to be another work of art for Sam and you. Keep those creative juices flowing.

Lou Ann Beard

Would love to give this a test ride. It would sure make all my looming for xmas gifts great to have to use only one loom. Being disabled and on a limeted budget being albe to test drive one of the GALs would sure make my day.

Becky Johnston

Wow!!! What a great loom!! I would love to give it a try! I have a large family and live in cramped space... all my looms are hiding where ever they can find a spot! Being able to use just ONE would be so GREAT!!


What an absolutely wonderful invention! I'm fairly new to looming but that would be alot of fun to learn more on!
Happy Birthday and congrat's on the license!

Marsha in Upstate SC

What a wonderful little loom! I would love to be included in your group of testers. And even if I'm not chosen, I am still interested in what can be made with your new GAL.

Nadine B

Oooooooo...pick me!!! I am a bit of beginner, but am working my way up. I think I could provide a good gauge of how well a beginner could use it.

Nel Brandwijk

I would love to help you with your new loom

greetings from holland,


I would love giving it a try. Being able to get different gauges with one loom sounds very interesting. Happy Birthday and Great work!


Wow, that's intriguing. So many interesting new (and revived old) things have come out in the loom knitting world in the last few years. What a great time to be alive!

Shannon K

I would LOVE to test out you GAL!!! It seems like a great product! I haven't used looms a whole lot but would love to try! And Happy Birthday you seemed to have a pretty great one you are very lucky to have a great family and friends

Liz Anderson

I vote for Sam getting a lathe in the workshop! The potential watershed of projects and ideas with something like that in his hands---phenominal! Go Sam!!


:::: raises hand and jumps up and down :::: OOOH! Pick me!! Pick me!! I'd love to give it a whirl!

Happy birthday and congrats! I knew you could do it! My first time out, I failed because PA required 3-point turns and it took me 4. At least mine was on a testing lot and not real drive time. PA used to have a state trooper administer the test. I mean really... a cop in the car with a 16 year old.

I can't wait to hear tales of your zooming :D


ooooh pick me. I would love to test drive your GAL.

Connie Haney

I'd love the chance to test this GAL!

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