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Happy 30th to me!

For the past few months, I have been dreading this month. It is the big 3-0. A few of my close friends/neighbors turn 30 this year too and thus it is a constant topic among all of us. 

At one point, I was telling them that turning 30 wasn't that much exciting as I felt that I was half way dead. I mean, if I am lucky to live to the age of 60, it means that I am half way done with my life. And then, I started thinking of all the things that I still want to accomplish in life and my heart sank to the floor thinking of how little I have done. How my fear of trying things have kept me back from being adventurous. Although I may seem as an outgoing gal, I am more on the shy side and I tend to go for the "safe" side of things.

But I realized that I was looking at the glass as being half-empty. Then it hit me-- all the things that I have accomplished so far. Just the past two years has been full of new adventures, such as learning to knit with needles, learning to ride a bike, and now learning to drive! Most adults my age have been driving for at least 14 years and here I am just barely learning...shy to push the gas, overly anxious and being brake-happy, and overly cautious of going over the speed limit.

So today instead of celebrating how old I am geting, I am going to celebrate the accomplishments of my life so far and of future things to come!

Happy 30th to me!


Later today, I am going to take a test that will probably ruin the rest of my day: yep, you guessed it, I am taking my driving test on my birthday. It was the only opening they had available. Wish me luck. If anything, I just hope I don't crash.


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Isela, you little cutie!!! I'm just catching up on all the goings-on over here -- new car, driving test, turning 30!!! Holy cow. Happy birthday and happy new freedom! 30? I remember when I was 30....or do I? My life really started at 31 -- seriously!!!!


I loved 30!!! Happy Birthday!!!


Happy belated birthday, mama!! And congrats on the new driver's licence! Woooooo!!!


Belated happy birthday Girlfriend! Sorry I missed celebrating with you on Wednesday. I'll just have to do some celebrating tonight! hehehe! I need to keep reading. Did you pass? Oh, I can't wait to find out!


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Isela! The big 30 --hey you are still young girl! And look at all that you have accomplished!

As for the test--best of luck as always... And remember if something doesn't go quite right ask if you could do that over... but hey you will probably ace this so no worries!


Happy Birthday!! Good luck with your test! :)


Happy Birthday! Turning the big 30 was major for me too, but after turning the big 32 earlier this year - I still think I'm 30. It's really not so bad. ;)


Happy Birthday Isela! Hope it's a happy one and full of smiles and joy.


Happy birthday and good luck on your test!

My birthday is tomorrow. I'll be 35.



Happy Birthday Isela! Hey, 30 is not that old. Life just gets better - I promise. It is all about the attitude. Just enjoy each day, month, year... You have lots of good stuff ahead of you.

Birthday Huggz!

Sin City Spuds

Yeah Isela! Happy, Happy Birthday! Your new drivers licence will be the perfect 30th birthday gift. I have total faith in you. Good luck! I still have a couple of years before that momentous birthday, but I always feel like I'm probably letting too many opportunities pass me by and that I'll wind up an old lady who didn't ever do all the things she wanted to. You're such an inspiration in that way - you're always tackling a new challenge with such enthusiasm! I love reading about your latest goals and achievements. You should be proud of yourself for accomplishing so much instead of just dreaming about it. Way to go!


Happy Birthday Isela! When I turned 30, I was still working graveyard shifts and felt like I already was 60, or even 80! You look so young : ) I thought I was a lot older than you. My sis is your age. She calls me "old lady" even though there are only three years between us. So silly... Anyway, I hope your birthday is full of fun, that you get yummy cake and ice cream, and that someone spoils you tons!

Good luck on the driving test! When I took mine, during the parallel parking part the instructor finally told me that I should just stop trying because I was losing points, then I got even more nervous and by the end of the exam I had backed into someone's mailbox with the family van Needless to say, I had to repeat the exam. Sheesh! Hope your test goes perfectly and you pass with flying colors! : )

Have a great day!

Sarah Bytheway

Happy Birthday Isela! I want you to know that you have been inspirational to me when it comes to facing one's fears. Good luck on the driving test today, I know you will do great!


Happy Birthday - See 30 isnt' that bad.

Hope you have a great day and year.


Happy Birthday!!! I turn 30 at the end of this month and I've been dreading it too.. I hated my 20's though, so anything should be better I figure.


Happy Birthday, Isela!

& Good luck on the test!


Now now youaren't exactly pushing up daisies.. silly girl.. Try pushing 40! hehehe

Stay calm and cool and you will do fine on your test.. remember I took a regular driving test AND a then later on a school bus driving test.. talk about hard!!! Try paralell parking a little bus!!! woosh.. if I can do that, you and your little zoomer should be fine!!!
Then I can come on out and visit you and you can zoom me around town!!

And again.. Happy Birthday!!!

Kathy N

Happy Birthday! Yes, celebrate the great things you've accomplished!!

I remember that 30th birthday was difficult for me too. But I can tell you that life actually gets better after 30! Good news, eh? ;-)

Best of luck on the driving test!


Happy Birthday, Isela - and best of luck on your test!!

Cindy in Oregon


You have been an inspiration for many folks and you have accomplished SO much! Most of all, you are a great role model for and loving mom to your kids, the greatest job on earth.

Good luck on your driver's test!

Oh, and if 60 is the end of the road, then ACK! I'll be turning 52 soon and I'm nowhere near ready to throw in the towel! :)


Happy Birthday! You have accomplished SO much. You are an amazing person.


I was trying to wish you a Happy Birthday before you posted anything, so you would know I remembered, cuz I did, at 2am last night, I was going to turn on the computer and write up a Happy Birthday thing, but I was just so tired. Now you are old like so many of the rest of us (32 ahem, so old!) Just think though that 30 isn't such a bad year, in Jewish society it was the year you were really considered an adult, at least in a Rabbi sense lol.

I know the feeling though. 60 is a pretty high number to reach in my family (although their choice of lifestyle usually caused it, it probably will be higher) and thinking you are 'halfway dead' is probably a common thing. Ugh. But then again, we never know, He holds our breath in His hands. We could be 75% dead, or 25%. You could live to 120, and be around to make sure your children stay out of trouble... muahaha -- serves them right.

Happy Birthday Sweet Isela and good luck on that driving test =) You can do it.


Happy Birthday doll!! I loved turning 30, not sure why. I hope you have a great year and you'll do GREAT! on your test, don't you worry!!


Happy Birthday, Isela! I understand how you feel about turning 30, and about worrying that your life might be half over. I'm almost 34, and my dad died a few years ago at 65. I think about it how I'm more than halfway to that age. I used to feel like my dad died "young", but then I look at how my husband lost two family members at very young ages - his youngest brother was killed when he was 24 (he was a year older than me) and one of his nieces died last month in a car accident at age 23, leaving behind a husband and two little kids. It makes me feel better that I did have as much time as I did with my dad, because he had health problems for many years, and could have gone sooner. No one knows when their time is going to come, all you can do is pray that God keeps giving you another day. Now, about feeling like you haven't accomplished much in your life - pshaw! You moved here from a foreign country, learned to read and write a whole new language, got a college degree, started a successful business, had a book (make that two!) published, have a great website, and here you are knitting, bike riding, learning to drive, swimming! I think you are so inspirational! I didn't learn how to ride a bike until I was 17, and I'm still trying to get up the courage to learn how to drive!

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