Candy Corn Inspired Bag (pattern)
Happy 30th to me!

Podcasts anyone?

I am one of the last ones to get in this wave but slowly I am catching the Podcast fever. It is something that I can listen on my MP3 player while I knit and my kids run around the house squealing and screaming. And now, I have a chance to start listening to a brand new podcast...all from the beginning! Vickie Howell is starting her own knittyliscious Podcast. It will start November 1st, so get your MP3 ready and let's Craft, Rock & Listen ;).



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I've been listening to the Knitpick podcast (though have downloaded many more) while walking the kids to school along with books etc from the library, hastings, and audible. Makes the walk much more pleasant.

Had a dream last night that you were 'with child' and due in early summer. Hmm weird. =D It was you, but then again it wasn't you, it was sort of Mim too. lol... Miss seeing you. A bunch of bloggers have been going to YT on Thursdays (Shoeless, Tola, Prairie Mama etc) Wish you could come.

Vickie Howell

Thanks for the support, Isela! xo, Vickie

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