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NyahtutuSince apparently I can't loom nor write, I have decided to dedicate the rest of my life to sewing...haha! That was just a joke, I can't sew either, so I think I will just become a cook. Wait...I can't cook either. Well, I guess I'll just be a bum!

I spent two days knitting away at a certain pattern that I have a looming deadline for (pun intended)...I knitted and knitted. I finished the back...beautiful work in pink. I started the front, I knitted and knitted. Today, I sat and admired the pretty stitches and the pretty in pink when I realized something terrible. The tragedy of it is incomprehensible! My back and front were exactly alike...beautiful...if I were knitting a pullover sweater, not a cardigan! Ah, the tragedy. I just want to die and wake up next year. Timewise this could not have happened at a worse time. Oh, well, time goes on and knitting can be unraveled and reknit again.

One thing I can definitely do though is create a little happiness for my little one with the help of 4 yards of tulle, a yard of 1/2" elastic, and some overhand knots. Modeling: little NyNy, Wonderboy refused to model the tutu--boyzzz!

The PlayTime Tutu came about in a moment of wimsy. Since I got my license, I try to take little trips to practice my driving, on one of my trips, I ended up at Joann's and I came home with 4 yards of tulle and elastic. I followed the instructions provided by ambrosialove over on Flickr and in less than an hour, I had the little tutu finished.

Bows_edited1I followed the instructions exactly as given. I bought 2 yards of shiny pink tulle and 2 yards of shiny purple tulle. 1 yard of 1/2" elastic (it took less than the yard for NyNy's waist). The Tutu is nice and full and it fits my shorty 2 (almost 3) year old. She loves to wear it over her clothes and since it was a very inexpensive item to make, she wears it everywhere...even Wallyworld! So next time you are Wallyworld, look for us...we will be easy to spot with this tutu.

Oh, yeah and I also made the little hairbows....I am so crafty...just can't follow knitting directions. is going to take awhile for my loomy knitting confidence to come back. I foresee a few other non-loomy projects in my near future...must take a breather.

Playtime Tutu

(click on picture to see bigger and individual shots)


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Thanks for posting this. I made one for my Grand Daughter last night and I didn't think we were going to get it off of her. She is 2 and loves all things fluffy and ruffly. I will post pictures on my blog as soon as my DIL sends them to me. Hers was in light pink and dark pink (sparkly tulle from Wally World) I want to make her another one in purples now!


True sweetness! This tutu is fit for the little princess!And look at those cute little pink hairbows you made:)It's a wonderful stage when they still want to play dress up. I remember this so well with my little one.


So cute! Great pictures!


Aww, what a cute little girl! The tutu is pretty cute too :)


So precious! I didn't have a daughter to dress up, but I did have many nieces. I made some really girly all pink and feminine things for my nieces, and my boys didn't want to try on those cute things either. Go figure.

A few years ago I hand knit a sweater for one of my nephews. I was so proud of it. It was for a 1 year old. I finished all the pieces, and then started seaming it up. Uh Oh. Something is really wrong here. DOH! I did the bindoffs to accomodate the neck opening on the oustide edges, instead of the inside edges. You could not get even the tiniest of heads through that opening. Other than that the sweater was perfect. : )


Liz Anderson

OK, deep breath -- you mean it isn't just me?! Let's blame the Time Change. Yah, the Time Change!


She is so cute! That looks like a fun tutu.


Oh, I love the photos! She is such a beautiful little girl!


Oh, that is just precious! I love anything pink, and especially frilly, ruffly little girl things! My daughter is almost 10 though, and decided when she was 5 that anything "ruffly" was for babies, so I can't buy that kind of stuff anymore, sigh... My almost 5 year old son likes pink (even though my daughter tells him pink is only for girls!), but I certainly can't dress him in anything pink and ruffly, LOL! I'm getting a new niece in January (my sister in law is pregnant) so at least I'll have that one to load up with pink ruffly stuff! The BabyGap chain is having a photo contest (giving out modeling contracts) for children up to age 12 (I think that's the age), and that photo of your daughter in the tutu would be perfect to enter! I don't know if the contest is still taking entries though, but you can check it out at


You did a wonderful job. She looks adorable.


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