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Hip to Bead Book and my Beading, plus prizes giveaway

Hip_to_bead The baby shower went terrific! I had about 95% attendance and the Mommy was very, very happy. Personally, I had a great time. The most fun activity: the binky necklace game. It was a riot listening to all the many "cutes" and seeing the necklaces go from person to person.

I gifted my friend with a baby blanket--sorry, I didn't get a picture, when baby comes I'll take a picture of it :). It is a nice dark teal blue.

Now for prizes for my dedicated blog readers. Thank you for giving meBluenecklace  a shout-out. Sometimes I think I am all lonely...I think most bloggers like to see comments...what do you think? Anyways, thanks for dropping me a hello and for cheering me on for the baby shower. It is the first party ever that I throw and I am thankful for your support!

Anyways, for prizes, I gave all the comments to Monday's post a number and threw them in the random number generator. The prizes will go out as follows:

1. Starbucks $10 giftcard: Alwen

2. Set of stitch markers: my friend and neighbor Tina (totally random, lol, lucky Tina--maybe she will come visit me and I can give them to her in person)

3. Set of stitch markers: Danielle, whom gave me the idea of the babies in the ice

Orangenecklace_2Top Picture: Katie Hacker's: Hip to Bead book. She sent me an autographed copy of her latest and so-inspirational beading book. Now, I only wish January was here so I can have some downtime and start beading. She sent me a few little things to get me started in my journey: bead stringing wire, a polyester chain (soooo way cool), Japanese Glass beads (sooo beautiful, I will put them in a bracelet) and crimping beads (must get a crimper tool). Thank you Katie...enabler! hehehe.

Other pictures: necklaces I have created with my beading skillz. Granted a necklace takes me about 2 hours to make but they are so worthy of the time put into them. There are two of them: one with blue swarovski beads and one with orange beads. The other beads are ceramic (green) and the black with white spots are glass.



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Nadine B

OMG!!!!!! I got my ESG wonderloom on Friday. I love it!!! within 5 minutes I had a project going on it, and it has turned out beautifully. Oh, it is exactly what I wanted. Please tell your husband he does amazing work and will be ordering more after Christmas (holding out for a GAL). Thank you soooo much.


I am with you here on the comments sweetie. Always. You are not alone. I am in LOVE with these bracelets and stitch markers. I have never seen anything like them. I mean, these are REALLY beautiful!

Yay, the baby shower went well!

Kathy N

I knew you'd eventually see the addiction in the shiny little baubles! ;-)


Pretty pretty bracelets! So glad your baby shower extravaganza was a success!

Nadine B.

I understand the down time thing. I decided (since I can loom stuff pretty fast, oh and I'm broke) that I would make most of my Christmas presents this year. Hooo boy is that a long list. On top of two babies for which the showers are at the beginning of December. Oh and a craft do I get myself into these things. I just want time to make myself a pair of slippers. So many projects, so little time.

I am glad the baby shower went well. It is an awesome sense of accomplishment when something you plan goes well.


Wow, thanks, Isela!

I had a scary day where I thought my ISP was gone & I couldn't get any email -- oh, the withdrawal symptoms!

So you just made my day!


Just a note to say hi. I saw your site on the flicker exchange of blogs. That would be quite nice. Writing your blog down.

Your little girl in her tutu is darling!


Lovely beading!


Oooh, nice beading! (And nice photos, too! Good use of depth of field, and all that, haha.)


Very pretty necklaces! I belong to a knit/crochet/craft group at my job, and a lot of the ladies make beaded jewelry, but I don't know if I would have the patience for it, LOL! I'm glad to hear the baby shower went well!


Glad the baby shower was a success.

Congrats to the lucky winners of the bloggy prizes!

I love beading. I have more beads/supplies than I will ever use, but I still keep buying more (this is true of every craft in which I indulge). Your necklaces are very pretty.


Katie F

I love the big green bead in the middle of the orange necklace. The funky odd ball beads are the best!

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