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Happy Thanksgiving!


This list probably shouldn't make it here as I try to keep this a "happy place" but life sometimes sucks and well I am human and life is not really happy all the time! My work schedule is killing me...I need a vacation.

I have decided 2 months is not enough to write a book.
I am going crazy
I need a break
I have a cold
I have a migraine
I need to go and run 5 miles to make me feel better
I can't wait for Dec.24th
I have to agree with the Yarn Harlot: the process of writing a book is like S.E.X, the beginning and middle of it is not that fun, only the end.
I am so ready to give up on everything.
I must work on the A panel for the Baby Blanket.


One good thing that makes me smile today: my Nicki Fluevog boots that I found in my size (yep, Denise, I got them (I know, I could have bought food for an entire week with the price of the boots but at this point anything to bring me a little light)!). They run very small around the calf area and finally I was able to get some in a larger size and the calf area is big enough to put my chubby calf in. I saw these boots about a year ago (or two years ago) by following a link at Cynthia's blog. The moment I saw them I fell in love with them. My fluevog's...I love them....did I mention that I have a shoe-fetish? I like to collect shoes as well as yarn :). Well, at least I have a nice pair of boots to work in...back to the daily grind.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel...could it be the sun or a train coming right at me?


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Hang in there Isela! Definitely go for a fun run, then take a long bubble bath. If it were me, I'd skip the run and head straight for the bath. ;)
We're all pulling for you-we'll even wait a little longer for that book, if it means you survive the ordeal!
Take care.


AHHH!!!! You deserve them!!!!! I have been sick and miserable all day... but now I am smiling ear to ear!
And yes.. 2 months is not enough!


Sounds like you've got valid reasons to feel overwhelmed! Go have a run, the break will help you be ready to handle it all when you get back. Blessings on you and yours!

Sarah Bytheway

Hang in there Chickadee, I know you can do it! Hope you get feeling better, just keep caressing those boots. I'm drooling over those BTW, they are beautiful!


Good luck with everything Isela! Those boots are to die for. Take care!

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