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Updated: check the new Loom Knitter's booklet out!

Saying Yarnia makes me think of the next Narnia movie...anyone know when it is coming out? I haven't even seen the previous yet. Last time, I was at the theater I was out getting popcorn for the monkeys when I came back hubby said they had played the preview. I missed it! What a bummer! But the post is not about Narnia but Yarnia related stuff. Have you taken the little quiz at Potter Craft. It is related to Clara's book, the Knitter's Book of Yarn. Great book! Great information on fibers and their properties plus a gazillion patterns in the back section. And even a fun quiz to find out what type of fiber you are. I am something cozy and warm...Angora. I am all for all its nice qualities, except the shedding...don't like it.

"Angora – Soft and warm
“Angora has a warmth that rivals cashmere and softness that rivals qiviut. Best of all, it comes from cute little bunnies that look for all the world like furry footstools with ears.” –The Knitter’s Book of Yarn

Angoras are eager to please and are highly sensitive. Flexibility and adaptability are your strengths and sometimes your weakness, as well. You are essentially a warm and feeling person, and little escapes your impressionable mind. You are generous with others and strive for harmony in your relationships."

On more Yarnia-related-stuff, I received a box from one of the publishers, I have all the projects back from that particular book and now I don't know what to do with the contents. Any  ideas? There is a blanket, 2 hats, scarf, socks (thick socks), handbag...and some more random things in there. Any ideas? (I have been thinking of just giving them away here but I still have to send out 2 little somethings to 2 contest winners...I just keep forgeting).

Thealchemyst_2Non-knitty related but fun at its best: I just finished reading the Alchemyst by Michael Scott. What a read! It was sensational! A page turner, heart-thumping book. I enjoyed every single page of the book. Usually there are some slow paragraphs in books (and I am okay with that) this one, kept me awake an at the edge of my couch! Mythology, history, fantasy all in one little bundle. Great, great read! I give it 2 thumbs up. Can't wait til the next one in the series comes out . Great job Michael Scott!

Update! Stop the presses, stop the presses! My friend's booklet on loom knitting has just been released! Congratulations Kathy! Coming soon to DA store!



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I can't wait to see the new Narnia...the actual release date is May 16th...I think we'll all go for my hubby's birthday. The books have always been his favorite reads.

The book you mention sounds great...think I'll check it out for my next read. I always have to have my nose in a book...when I'm not looming, that is. lol! Have you ever read Jonathon Strange and Mr. Norrell? Loved that one, and it seems to be along the same lines.


While we are talking about Narnia - if you haven't had a chance, I really recommend reading all seven of the Narnia books. My local library had a hardbound edition that had all 7 volumes in it. It was a beautiful book. I put it in my amazon wish list. The Narnia books are among my favorites. Have a great night!



You fluffy little bunny you! I love your mug!

Kathy N

I dearly love Chronicles of Narnia. I believe next is Prince Caspian, released this spring or early summer.

Thanks for the plug on the booklet. Your book is a hard act to follow. I hope it measures up! ;-)


I believe the next Narnia movie comes out in the spring. Mid-May, maybe?

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