At the movies, Part II
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At the movies, Part III

Summertime_top I wasn't planning on posting these videos, but I have had so many questions asking me for a video that I finally broke down and here they are. The techniques are not difficult, but if you are a visual learner, the mini-shows will help you.

At the movies brings you variations of creating the Knit Stitch. You know the knit stitch: the smooth V like stitch. In loom knitting, you can create it various ways:

1. Put the working yarn above the loop on peg, insert tool and pull a loop from the working yarn through. Place this new loop on the peg while at the same time taking off the previous loop that was on the peg.

2. Place working yarn above the loop on peg. With knitting tool, pull the loop that is below off the peg.

3. With working yarn, hug the peg (as forming the letter U around the peg) and then with the knitting tool, pull the bottom loop off the peg.

The Knit Stitch is one of the foundation stitches in knitting and loom knitting with its partner the PurlKnitstitch  Stitch, you can create a gazillion combinations of stitch patterns. Even if you do not know the Purl Stitch, you can create gorgeous items with just the knit stitch. The top above has the Knit Stitch as its main stitch pattern...cute. Here is a close-up of the Knit Stitch (click the picture to enlarge).

If you are wondering: the top above was loom knit :).

Ready for the show? Here are the 3 versions of creating the Knit Stitch. Practice them and try each one of them. When a pattern calls for the Knit Stitch and you can't get gauge with one, try the other as the other may yield the gauge desired.

The Knit Stitch (my preferred method)

The Flat Stitch version
The U Method (Hugging the peg)


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Nadine B.

Hi. I had returned an email about the blog book tour and I never heard back and a few days ago, I sent in my questions and hadn't heard back. Some people were mentioning having trouble sending to your email and I wanted to check to see if you had gotten my emails. Thanks.




That top is beautiful. Are you going to have the pattern available? Hint, Hint.



Love your videos.

I was going to suggest that you show a swatch of each type, but Stacey beat me to it.

I prefer the Knit stitch, but it takes a little longer to achieve. I don't like the Flat stitch because I always end up with TOO TIGHT stitches. I have never tried the U stitch. It seems pretty speedy, and looks like it solves the too tight problem. Does the U method give you the same quality of stitch as the Knit stitch?



thanks for the movies... and I just love that top. Purple is my favorite color and it's beautiful.


Another bunch of awesome movies. Have you thought about doing a local access cable tv show? :D Seriously. You have shown three different ways to do the knit stitch. Besides the obvious difference in the tightness of stitches between the flat and u method, is there any visual difference in the finished fabric between the three?

Just helping and practicing my interview questions. :D

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