KnitOut 2008 Coming up
Where have I been?


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Woo hoo! Please let me know when he lists those adorable little Keepsake Looms! I gotta have one of those! LOL


I posted a comment on the date of the loom picture, but I wanted to be sure to let you know I really wanted one of those little looms if you decide to do more of them. They are just adorable, I'm so sorry I couldn't make it to MOA. Thanks

Kansas A.

The mittens looks great Isela!


I love those little looms, super cute! I've been coveting them since you posted the pics! :)

Jeannette Pirkle

Yeah, I want one first!!!(mini loom)I still want a gal and will be ordering something for my birthday in April. Maybe I can get one then.(panting and impatiently waiting like a dog wanting a biscuit) :o)
The mittens are wonderful. I am almost ready, will have both socks done by tomorrow. I will be just in time to start the mittens.
Ravelry ID: jpirkle


I love the mittens! You are going to shine at KnitOut.

I am glad hubby is considering adding the cute little loom to the DA lineup. If he does will there be pre-orders?



I just left a message on Raverly about test knitting, do you still need someone?


Those turned out fantabulous! :)


Andrea H

I like that yarn color, what is it? So far I haven't been very successful with loomed mittens, maybe this is the one.

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