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KnitOut 2008 Coming up

The Craft Yarn Council of America Knit Out is coming this weekend and I am going to be there! Yipppe!! I Keepsakeloom_4 am flying out on Friday and coming back on Sunday. We are leaving the kiddos with my SIL and I am taking hubby along with me for our very first weekend alone together. This is a huge deal for us. We have never left the kids behind for anything....would we survive without them?

But about the KnitOut, I am going to be doing a few loom knitting demos on both Saturday and Sunday. I am scheduled for these demos:


11am: Table E

3:30pm: Table E


11am: Table D

2pm: Table A

Come by my demo and pick up one of these cute little looms, made especially for this event. It is a little 10 peg, fine gauge single sided rake. I am going to be giving them away to those who come by my demo table. I prepared a handout too that will have a pattern to use with this loom: it is a simple headband pattern.

I am all ready...even went to pick up a little luggage to carry all my junk with me. And, I even had some business cards made. I am excited about sharing a little bit of my world with knitters out there. I hope my demos are well received. If you are around, please stop by...especially if my table is empty.

Stop the presses! I just found out that I will be interviewed by Candi Jensen from the Knit & Crochet Today show. So exciting! Before accepting the invite, I had to find out if the interview was going to be live--I was assured that it wouldn't so I am less frantic about it...still, I hope I don't make a fool of myself.

BizcardsIn other news, the loom along on Ravelry is going to start soon. After much drawing, frogging, and knitting, I came up with a neat and easy mitten design. Hop on over to the Loom A Long Ravelry group and you can take part of the LAL.

The mitt has a cable around the cuff and then it is stockinette stitch for the main portion of the mitt. The mitt is shaped at the fingers so no extra bulk!



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Kate Gladstone

Please, please, sell that keychain mini-loom ...
and let us "loom-atics" know where to buy it!
I would like to buy several ... for each of my purses (as zipper-pulls I can knit with!) and as give-aways to get other people started.


Oooh how I wish I could have been there. I woud love a mini loom keychain. How fun is that?! I have both the long looms and the round ones now. I can't wait til you have some videos of the long loom work on your blog.

Keep up the fantastic work!


Joyce R

Love the mini loom, would purchase it. Tried getting to the MOA, but alas the weather was bad.


These are great. I would love to have one to use and have on my key chain.

Jackie Altenderfer

Wow Isela & Sam...always such neat ideas! Love your keychain loom...I have an order in the process, if available I would be interested in adding it to it! (hint, hint, ;o) Hope you had a wonderful weekend...and some "date" time others said, wish we lived closer. Also, when you have time...please share some about your to hear (and any other loomers out there...if you got to go tell us about it too!). Have a great day!


Isela, it was great seeing you at the Knit Out this weekend. I enjoyed your demo and learned a few new things. Can't wait for your new book to come out. The Loom Knitting Primer has been a lot of help for me. Thank you for the tiny loom. On the way home, my daughter and I were trying to come up with other things that could be done on it. She's thinking Barbie sweaters.


Please, please, I would love one of those little looms. I was not able to make the MOA knitting extravaganza. I am coming to the cities in 2 weeks and just couldn't justify another trip. Please keep me in mind for one of those adorable looms. Thanks

Laurel, Maine fishwife

Fine looking mitten. Love the tiny loom. I would pay for one. How's about sending them out as a kit? Purchaser provides their own glue & sand paper.
"Cute's a bug" as we say here in Maine.

Holly Whipple

I love the little loom but unfortunately was not able to attend your knit out at the mall of america.
If you are going to be selling them I would be interested in buying at least 6, maybe more depending on price. What a great gift idea!
Hope you consider adding them to your line of looms available!

Kathy Elsie

These new little looms look amazing! Do you think you will ever do anything like this in Canada?



All i can say is wow! I would love at least half a dozen of the tiny looms when hubby gets to it! Hope you have time to look around at my blog i have some homemade loom pic! Huggs Marion

Sue Jones

I wish I could go and meet you and get that adorable keychain loom. Unfortunately, I have to work both days. Enjoy your time here in MN and make sure you bring warm clothes. It's cold out here. Let us know if Sam will make them available for sale.

Lisa Anderson

That is so great that you are being interviewed! You so deserve it as you are so great to help and teach us how to loom and new projects. Because of you and the groups I found I have increased my looming and have made more advanced projects. Not to mention loving DA looms and wanting them ALL! LOL~~ I would LOVE to get one of the keychain looms. Those are such a cute idea and adds to our obsession of looming. Have a great weekend alone with no kids and just you and Sam. I'm sure you will have lots of fun and know your children will be ok :-)


Jeanette Webber

I know you get a lot of comments on how you inspire others, but I just wanted to add my thanks. I'm still slowly learning and have yet to step out of my comfort zone of the e-wrap but watching your mini movies and especially the u-wrap has me believing that I can give it one more try. LOL Thank you again so much. I have both of your books and I love them. I'm trying to convince my hubby to let me get a sock loom or one of the wonderlooms because I can do the short rows for the heels pretty good now and want to graduate from slippers to socks. I know my daughter would just love some special socks to wear to show off to her friends at school.
Love to you and I have a wonderful time with your hubby

Becky Johnston

Isela, Have a great time this weekend!! Those little trips away from my kids always make me appreciate them when I get home. It is hard, but so worth it!! Your little loom is AWESOME!!! If they become available, I would love one!!

Karen Gielen

Hi Isela! Love the mini loom! I was hoping it was round, but will take the single sided one too :D I am hoping to get to the MOA this weekend. I am crossing my fingers my neck gets better by then. Right now I can't turn it to either side or look up or down ;-( so hopefully it will relax some by then. You will do fine without the kids! Take it easy and relax. You need time alone with hubby, it's good for you both! The kids will be fine. Of course they will miss you and you will miss them, but they will be fine.


I love the little loom, would love to have one!

Kathryn Baptista

The little looms are so cute! Please make them available for those of us who live far enough from MN that the $300 plane ride would make them unaffordable!


Ooooh, c'mon, Sam! Make some little looms! We'll be thrilled to show them off and draw more people to looming!!! Please?


Oh, so lucky! :) Enjoy being a superstar this've earned it 100%!

I WANT that little keychain! LOL! I'd take that instead of a certain book, since I already have one (regarding a few questions I asked you)...;)

I know you'll enjoy your weekend away from the kidletts...We just got to spend one night together alone for the first time in 4 years! Definitely worth the wait! :D



The keychain mini loom is a must for any obsessive compulsive loomer!!! And I'd pay money for it. Enjoy your weekend with all the other knitters at the MOA!!


these mini looms are great! wish i could come to the knit out - wow that would be fun. Enjoy your weekend without the kidletts!


What a terrific promotional idea! Leave it to you and Sam to come up with such a cool giveaway, and functional to boot. Have a great time away from home, don't worry about the interview (you will be great)and take the time to appreciate all the love we send you and all the love you so deserve from all of us loomy people that now you get to meet.


Have fun! And since this is your first time traveling alone... don't come back you a family way :P

YOU BIG SNEAK! Love your scarflette. Busy packing orders. Hmpf. Designing and making looms for a trip is more like it :D Look at you.. your name up there next to Vickie Howell and Annie Modesitt. Cheese Whiz! You're going to have your own show before you know it. I'm so excited for you, so I bet you're even more so!


Oh my goodness... I wish I was closer.... I love that little loom. it's too cute.

can't wait to hear all about your weekend. try and enjoy yourself


I would be interested in purchasing the keychain loom. It is just so cute.

Kailin Miller

Hi Isela,

I'd definitely be interested in purchasing the keepsake/keychain loom. In fact, I have an order in process at DALooms right now, and would love to add the keychain to that order.

Looking forward to hearing about your experience at the Knit-Out!

Ravelry ID: Stonesinger

Katie VanGundy

The key chain loom is nice, I know this would be of great interest to those that ask about my looming, a good way to start the younger generation on looming for sure! I would love one as well.

Jeannette Pirkle

Isela, I love your mini loom. I would be willing to pay!!! I'm also going over to Ravelry to sign up for the glove loom along right now. You are to awesome. I wish I could come to this knit out but finances and distance prohibit it this year.You will be so busy the weekend will fly by.Don't worry about the filming, you did an excellent job on your Knitty Gritty show and all your video's. You know all you do is great, you are our very own celebrity star ;o) I have pre-ordered the next book (due out in May?) and can't wait to see what is in it. I love the sweater by the way (good sneak peak).
Ravelry ID:jpirkle

Mar1anneC - Marianne

What a cute little loom! Great advertising, I bet. I am looking forward to the Loom a Long.


I've always loved referring to your site, and now just the possibility of having a chance to access this cute loom leaves me wanting more! Keep up the great work!


Oh how I wished I could come this weekend. I will be home working on my projects. I love the keychain with the small loom. Would love to get one.


Oooh! Cuteness! I want one! Maybe they could become a regular part of the inventory? (insert hopeful look) Or is Sam in danger of losing fingers on this project? You know, A few months back, I was trying to convince hubby to figure out how to make me a little necklace with a tiny round loom on it. Maybe Sam could figure out something like that... (insert big moonie eyes) Then we can happily wear one of our favorite hobbies! Hope you guys have a great time at the Knit Out!


I just love the keychain... I looked at the pictures from last year and it looks like there was a big turn out so im sure you will have an amazing time.. I hope you enjoy the weekend away as well (even tho you will still be working!!)


That keepsake is just toooo cute! Tell Sam I'd love one! What a great marketing concept. Not only would I be able to "loom on the go," but I'm sure lots of people would ask "What's that?" - thus giving me an opening to share this wonderful hobby of ours!

The depths of the imaginations that the two of you have never ceases to amaze me!

Laura O'Neal

Wow, lucky you to get a weekend away from the kids! I've never spent a night away from mine, either. It'll be fine! Have fun, and congratulations on your upcoming TV appearance!

Christine Durkin

Wow...I love the tiny loom....I am thinking of all the things I can create on-the-go with 10 tiny pegs. Excellent news about the interview also! I tape the show Knitty Gritty everyday hoping they will re-run your episode. I'm off to sign up for the Ravelry site to sign up for the mitten class. I love that cuff. I think I would like to make one of those as a decorative wristlet. Thanks so much for all of your efforts and love for the craft! Christine

Scooter (Barbara in Oregon)

How cool is that little loom?????? How lucky are those close enough to go???? You and hubby have a marvelous weekend....woooohooooo for you two!

Brenda GA

Those little looms in the words of Noggin TV are the "cutiest" little things I've ever seen. I would love to get one of those if you plan on making them available.

Also, congratulations on your Knit & Crochet Today interview. I know you'll make us proud.

Kim in India

I love the little key chain loom! Have a great time at the knit off.


Cheehoo!! (roughly the hawaiian equivalent of our Woo Hoo!) I am so excited for you. You are going to be in some really good knitting celebrity company. You deserve to be. You are as good as any of them.

You will do fine without the kiddies. Oh, you will miss them just a little, and think about them, but you will have an amazing time nonetheless. They will have a blast too, because they will feel like they are doing something special.

I am a little bummed, because I cannot go to this event to meet you live and in person, and get one of those cute little looms. They are so adorable.



I love the little loom & would show off my keys every chance I get. I even have a small hook to hold the yarn.

Kathy N

Cute keychain. Enjoy Knit Out!



Beautiful! My brain is spinning...what a fabulous way of advertising...I'd display my keys for all to see your wonderful loom keychain...does Sam like fudge...maybe we could bribe him...

Love it! Ruth

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