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A week has gone by and no posts..tsk, tsk, tsk. It is so unlike me not to share the goings of my life. So what's keeping me from sharing and gossiping. One word: sickness! My little one is sick. We left her at my SIL's while we went to the KnitOut, my SIL has two lovely puppies. Little Benny had previously displayed allergies to dogs in general. I figure 2 days wouldn't be so bad on her. We came back and her little eyes were droopy and her nose running a mile a minute. We got her home and I figured that she would start getting better. Wrong! 5 days later her runny nose has turned to a congested cough and now she is even fevering. Due to our previous experience of Febrile Seizures, I am keeping a close eye on her which means that both hubby and I have had very little sleep. It is a terrible feeling knowing that it may happen again. I am not ready for a repeat and thus I am doing everything possible to keep her fever down. Whatever bug is going around, it is a tough one to shake off.

Be back on Monday with photos (blurry ones, lol) of the KnitOut and my report on how it all went for us. In the meantime, may the sickness bug stay away from you and your family.


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Momma Zakaria

I am so sorry to hear that your little one is sick again! I remember when you had the seizure scare. It helped me to know about something to watch out for with my children. I hope she gets better soon!


Gosh I hope your baby girl feels better real soon!


Aww, poor thing. Hope she feels better!


Oh, Isela, I am so sorry to hear your little one is ill also. I have two more sick again. One has pneumonia and it was pretty serious there for a bit. I can totally relate to the lack of sleep because of ill children, we've had it infitrating our house for over a month! I think I need to fumigate! I hope your daughter feels better soon!

Kathy N

There's a flu bug making the rounds here too. I hope she's feeling better soon.


Oh poor thing! I hope she feels better soon and you get some sleep.

susan b anderson

Hi Isela,
I thought your demo went great. I loved watching you work that loom. It is fascinating what you can make with that.
I am glad you had fun!

Knitty wildrose

Sorry to hear your little one is sick. You're right about this new cold that is going around being tough to get rid of. I caught mine in the middle of January and I still have coughing fits at night mostly and a congested head. I was miserable and so was my daughter who I caught it from. I will pray that your little one gets better quickly and without any complications.


I hope that you wee one starts feeling better soon! That nasty cold business is EVERYWHERE! We're doing our best to avoid it down here.


Much love to Baby girl! The tutu will make it all better!


I hope your little one feels better soon. It is no fun being sick.

I have that nasty "bug" that is going around. It started with an ear infection, and progressed from there. I have been on antibiotics since Monday, and still feel really ick.

How was your KnitOut experience?



Awww, I hope she feels better! My son is allgeric to both dogs and cats, but the cat allergy is fortunately mild, because we have a cat. One of my nieces is so allergic to cats that she'll end up hospitalized if she's anywhere near a cat. My daughter is OK around short haired cats, but gets sniffly and red eyed around long haired ones. Both she and my son have asthma too, and their pediatrician said many kids with asthma have allergies too, and vice versa. It's all interrelated.


Oh, I'm so sorry for your little one! I hope and pray she'll be better very soon! :) And...that no one else catches it. :P

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