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I need a calendar to start writing down all the things I have to get done. Life used to be really simple, I could remember every single thing without the aid of a schedule book. Back in college, my friends used to come to me to help them out organize their schedules, now, I can't remember one single thing. I am lucky if I have time to have lunch! For a week, I have been working on catching up with the laundry. It seems that it gets dirty faster than I wash it. I wash 1 load and for some reason 2 appear! My little boy likes to change his clothes three to four times a day and so does my little girl. I am just grateful that I don't have to go to the river to wash the clothes, if I did, I would just have to build a hut next to the riverside! I do have some nice memories of washing laundry by the riverside with my Momma, so it may not be so bad for the kiddos to experience that little bit of life.

Anyways, amidst the laundry, dishes, and the rest of the chores. I have been busily working on Loom Knitters Circle magazine. Last season, we did something different that impacted the way I had the entire files arranged, we went from having all the old issues online to having them in PDF only. To the public is an easy change, behind the scenes, I had to do a lot of shuffling and changing that ended up messing one thing up and I had to fix it. Anyways, I had to fix the problem and I spent the major portion of the weekend setting up the site from scratch again. No worries though, I have a "virgin" version saved in case of any future changes or ooopsies on my part. The issue is coming along nice and it is almost all done. Keep your eyes open!

Since I don't have any projects of my own to show you. I am going to show you some projects by other wonderful loomers that have worked on the Cabled Mitts (pattern will be posted at soon).


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