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Happiness in an envelope

Malabrigoand3pencilsA little friend sent me a little sunshine my way. Unbeknown to her she was inspired to send me a special little something just because, little did she know that her package will arrive to me when I needed a little cheering up. Pink rays of sunshine came my way in the form of pretty pink pencils and wonderfully soft Malabrigo Lace Weight.

I have never had the chance to experience this yarn first hand, my oh my, I have been missing out on something grand! I have read over and over on many blogs about Malabrigo but I stayed away thinking that everyone was just overly excited about this yarn. Boy, I was wrong! This yarn deserves raving about! It is soft and luscious....soft enough to make a blanket out of it and sleep nakid under it! Don't worry, I won't share nakid pictures...we'll keep the blog rated PG-13.Malabrigo2

Back to the Malabrigo yarn, it is luscious! Stacey already questioned me what I would do with it and guess what her and Cookie provided me with the answer, I am joining Nora and knitting my first shawl: Forest Canopy. I have knitted lace before but I have stayed away from shawls. This yarn though and Nora's lace-along are the perfect pair to get me started in shawl making. Thank you Stacey! Check out the other pictures I took of my beautiful care package. 

PencilsI know a few of you are going to be jelous (coughJeanniecough) of my new cute pencils. Even my Wonderboy wanted to take them to school....something about a girl name Jenna and his teacher...I stopped him right on his tracks before he stuffed them in his backpack. I can't blame him though...they are super cute!



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Dianne P Carroll

We love you Isela.


I've found you again through Stacie. I just wrote to her asking the following questions, but maybe I should have come to you ;-)
"I'm seriously thinking of buying one of the sock looms in the extra fine gauge. They have it in oval and round. Any thoughts re which one to get? They have you determine size at the ball of the foot, which is more narrow than the ankle or calf. Advice?"
My hands just hurt too much knitting socks with weensie needles.

I just gave in and ordered four skeins of the Malabrigo lace. Someone in my Ravelry group brought in her Hanami and it was light as a cloud. I was sold.

Robin McCoy

Wow, Isela the pencils and yarn are just sooooooo cute! I love pink! I bet it was a really good 'pick me up'. It was super sweet of your friend to send that to you. I guess I have missed a lot this past week (been wrapped up in the LoomClass) so I will address your previous post as well. Try not to worry. My mom and my grandma both had mammograms that showed shady spots, but they aren't the 'feared'. And it could be just as you said, a muscle reshaping. I am sure that it isn't something bad, but if it is you have caught it very early and the outcome is much better. :) (((HUGS))) Things seem tough for you lately. If I had some extra chocolate and green tea, I would ship it off to you. Sorry that I don't. But as you said, "Chin up!"
Ok, I don't need to make this a novela. Hope you have had a wonderful weekend.
(P.s. Love the quality of your pics of all that luscious pinkiness! Great photography skills!)


I totally covet those adorable pencils! Super cuteness! And the yarn looks fabulous too.

PS. That is totally cute about your little guy wanting to take gifts to his teacher and Jenna :) They must be pretty special ladies.


PINK!!!! I lovey pinkness. I am so coughjealouscough. Uh Oh, I just drooled on my keyboard.

I am glad you received a little cheer at just the right time. I can't wait to see the shawl.



Between you and Nora, my reputation is going to be RUINED!! :D Your pictures are amazing. Doesn't everyone need a little pink pick me up? (don't tell Cookie I said that)


Oh your photos of the yarn and the pencils remind me of spring cherry blossoms!


Awww, how sweet! All that PINK has me drooling, LOL! The pencils are too cute - my daughter would love those!

P.S. I love the new look of your blog - very cheerful!


Awww, how sweet! All that PINK has me drooling, LOL! The pencils are too cute - my daughter would love those!


Oh, lovely yarn! You'll have the yummiest Forest Canopy in the kal - and pencils to match!

That Stacey is a sneaky one, isn't she??

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