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Riding in MS Best Dam Bike Ride

Ms_3 I am riding for another great cause this summer. I have signed up to ride 75 miles on the Multiple Sclerosis annual bike ride here in Logan. This event is one of the biggest cycling events in Cache Valley, every year thousands of riders come from all over the state to the local fairgrounds and they put up tents to sleep overnight, some of them ride 45 miles one day and rest the second, while others go for the two days and ride full centuries each day.

As a rider, I love the feel of being on the bike, the wind caressing my face and the sweat trickling down my back but as a rider I also know the pain that the butt and hands endure mingled with the hot foot. However, no matter the pain many a rider signs up only thinking of the well-being that they are doing. I associate it with giving birth. It is a painful experience but the oxitocyn flowing through the body makes us feel so good and generous that we forget the pain all together and consequently we get pregnant again and go through it again. I think the same thing happens when riding for a cause. The oxitoxyn level goes up and we feel so great that we forget the pain that our butts went through and the hot foot that lasted for the last 10 miles.

As you can see, I have forgotten completely of the pains I endured during last year's Little Red 78 miler and I have signed up for another great cause and I signed up hubby too. This year, we are riding the MS Best Dam Bike Ride. I am excited and it helps me keep my mind away from troubling thoughts (the key is focusing my energy on something else) and it gives hubby a reason to use his bike.

I need your help though, I can't do it alone. To be apart of the MS cycling event, I have to pay a registration fee (already paid it) and I have to raise at least $250. Two great perks on donating for this great cause: 1. Your donation is tax deductible 2. You are helping to find a cure for a terrible disease.

Extra Incentive to Donate to the MS Cause

To entice you to help me, here is a little extra incentive. All those who donate a minimum of $10 and leave me a message telling me that they have donated will be entered to win this fantastic prize. If you donate $30 you get three (3) entries, if you donate $50 you get five (5) entries.

To win....ready....this is something that I have wanted for a very long time and I bought it but I am willing to part with it for this great cause ( know how painful parting with this is as you were there when I ordered it).

Petal1 Kim Hardgreaves Petal Kit (Large Size)

Kit includes:


Yarn: 4 ply cotton 7 skeins in color Steel Blue


To enter into this drawing you have until: May 1st, 2008 to donate or go to my Hubby's personal page to Donate to his ride (donating to either one gets you in the drawing).

When you go to my personal page at the MS site and you click on the donate button, in the message area type up "enter me in the drawing". Thanks for your help!

PS: Spread the word through your blog and link back to this post or to my personal MS page and get 1 extra entry in the drawing.  Hurry, hurry, together we can make a difference.

Happiness in an envelope

Malabrigoand3pencilsA little friend sent me a little sunshine my way. Unbeknown to her she was inspired to send me a special little something just because, little did she know that her package will arrive to me when I needed a little cheering up. Pink rays of sunshine came my way in the form of pretty pink pencils and wonderfully soft Malabrigo Lace Weight.

I have never had the chance to experience this yarn first hand, my oh my, I have been missing out on something grand! I have read over and over on many blogs about Malabrigo but I stayed away thinking that everyone was just overly excited about this yarn. Boy, I was wrong! This yarn deserves raving about! It is soft and luscious....soft enough to make a blanket out of it and sleep nakid under it! Don't worry, I won't share nakid pictures...we'll keep the blog rated PG-13.Malabrigo2

Back to the Malabrigo yarn, it is luscious! Stacey already questioned me what I would do with it and guess what her and Cookie provided me with the answer, I am joining Nora and knitting my first shawl: Forest Canopy. I have knitted lace before but I have stayed away from shawls. This yarn though and Nora's lace-along are the perfect pair to get me started in shawl making. Thank you Stacey! Check out the other pictures I took of my beautiful care package. 

PencilsI know a few of you are going to be jelous (coughJeanniecough) of my new cute pencils. Even my Wonderboy wanted to take them to school....something about a girl name Jenna and his teacher...I stopped him right on his tracks before he stuffed them in his backpack. I can't blame him though...they are super cute!


La La La Wednesday

I am taking a page from the Dervish grrl and following suit with La La La Wednesday.Hope

I never saw a wild thing
sorry for itself.
A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough
without ever having felt sorry for itself.

Self Pity by D.H. Lawrence

It has been a tough few days and I am feeling a bit blue, more like down right sad. I keep saying to myself: chin up and remember the poem.

A few weeks ago, I did a little self-exam and I found something that I didn't have before. It is small, almost unnoticeable. I have been doing these exams for many years and I know how they feel and what they have and what they do not. This new lumpy as I have come to call it is new. I went to my doctor, who happens to be one of my closest friends, she did an exam and she gave me great hope. However, to be 100% sure, I am scheduled for my first diagnostic mammogram in a week. I have always been a worry-wart and I just can't stop thinking of the "big ifs". One thing at least, if it is what I fear, we have caught it early. Maybe it is just muscle that is "reshaping" due to my exercising. I have in one word: fear. If I think about it too much I end up crying and squeezing my kids and hubby. Chin up kiddo! It may be nothing...

Eggstravaganza Day

Monkeys On Saturday, we were able to attend a little party that our friend Jo put together for her son's birthday. The  party was an Easter Eggstravanganza for the kiddos in the neighborhood. About 14  families in total and about 30+ kiddos (that's a lot of kiddos!). Usually, Easter weekend we have a little bit of warm weather and flowers are shyly coming through to welcome the kiddos, this year though temperatures were a little chilly and there were no flowers nor green grass. A little sad looking but it didn't stop the fun the kids were having. We were supposed to bring a picnic lunch with us but I was too lazy and instead opted for McDonald's quick take out; the kids didn't mind it at all!

BoyoAfter lunch time, there was a little trail walk arranged for the little tykes--anything to take the wiggles out! While some of the parents walked with the kiddos, others stayed behind to hide the eggs. My children loved the walk--anything that lets them out and run around like crazy makes them happy! Wonderboy just took off both on the way there and on the way back! He is such a great little runner. Little Benny stayed by me the entire time. She likes to hold my hand and walk alongside me and talk my ear off! She is full of stories about her friends and the many "boyfriends" she has. Speaking of boyfriends--this girl is boy crazy! She has a crush on all of Wonderboy's friends. Everytime they come over, she tells them, "you are my boyfriend but I have many boyfriends, I have eight!". The little boys just run away from her shaking their head. Crazy girly!Collecting2_2

Anyways, after our little 1/2 a mile walk we came back and let  the kiddos find their eggs. They had such fun! I had first tricked the kids and told them that the purpose of the outing was to find a rabbit so we could get it and eat for dinner. They were eager to find a rabbit for dinner! Ha! I am so evil! Since they couldn't find a real rabbit they settled for chasing their friend who was wearing rabbit ears! It was hilarious. Little Benny kept running behind him and when she got close to him she tried to bite him. Loved it!

The entire day was a fun filled family date. The children picked up a dozen eggs each and they are still eating the candy. Little Benny believes that chocolate makes a good breakfast, we tend to difer but I am letting her have her way with her pickings. She is only little once.

A few more pictures from our fun-filled day. I have included some pictures of our friends.


Meetings that Touch Your Heart

Joel_3A couple of months ago, I met a wonderful friend through the internet. Joel Pennington, his interests were very similar to mine, he loved loom knitting, knitting with needles, but most of all he loved his family. Everytime we chatted, he talked about the items he was knitting for his wife or for his daughters. Last email we exchanged, we talked about a scarf pattern and how to cast on for it. He was making the scarf for his wife and had plans to also knit the shawl on the Learn to Knit Cables on Looms book for her. His family was always one of the main topics in his conversations.

On Monday, March 17th, he was taking his little girls to school when a car came crashing into theirs. His wife, Rebekah emailed me last night and told me the tragic news. He was able to stay long enough to see his little girls safe out of the car and then at the hospital he went into cardiac arrest.

Joel, I will miss you. I feel very blessed to have met you and to have been touched by your kindness. I am sending love and prayers to your family.

Please take a minute and read the letter that Rebekah sent me.

Hello to everyone.  Sorry if this is a repeat for any of you.  Many of you I don't know, but found all these addresses in Joel's email address book. 

For some of you this may be the first of hearing our tragic news, others this is an update, but please bear with me. 

Joel was in an awful car accident on Monday March 17th while driving the girls to school.  Diane got herself out of the van which had been hit by an oncoming car and then rolled several times.  She told Joel she was going for help, when she then found the nearest person and demanded they call 911 and me at my home which she read off to them.  They asked if she was ok and she said yes, but she's going back to get her sister.  She went and help Brooke out of the van.  Joel was still conscious and concerned for them to get out and that they were ok.  Joel was trapped in the van, and the fire and medic departments extricated him to be rushed to the hospital where I work.  I arrived on scene as they were loading Diane and Brooke in an ambulance unsure if Joel was alive at all.  I went with the girls to seek treatment.  Only by nothing short of a miracle Diane and Brooke are alive.  Joel arrived at the ER a while later and I quickly rushed to see what his status was.  He was severely injured, but talking and asking about the girls and me.  I went right in and talked to him.  I knew they were going to have to put him out to evaluate his situation.  We learned that his pelvis was crushed, shoulder dislocated, arms/wrist breaks, pneumo thorax and more.... He was bleeding internally.  I talked with our general surgeon and he decided to operate.  I spoke with Joel again and we had a few minutes of words.  He was taken back to surgery to discover his spleen was torn in multiple locations and they removed it.  They stopped as much of the bleeding as they could and prepped him to be air lifted to Billings MT for further treatment.  As he arrived in Billings he went into cardiac arrest.  They were able to revive him, but he had gone without oxygen for a concerning amount of time.  He was not stable enough to endure further surgery at that time.  They did everything they could, but he went into cardiac arrest again at about 11 pm and was not able to be resuscitated.  I was right there all the while held out hope, but sadly God was ready to call him home. 

This has been a very trying week and our lives will be much different now.  I'm so thankful that God held our two precious in each hand.  Unfortunately he couldn't let go of Joel.  I knew right off from the state trooper that the other car was in Joel's lane by a good five feet, but didn't know why.  Today we found out that the 44 year old woman driving the other car was text messaging while driving.  She died on impact, her two children and one of their friends were in that car.  Her kids were hospitalized, the friend was treated and released.  I'm thankful that I had a few minutes to talk with Joel and consider that to be nothing less than a miracle, because after seeing the van at the tow lot today I am amazed he wasn't also killed instantly.  We had Joel cremated and we are having a memorial service on Tuesday March 25 at 10 am at the First United Methodist Church in Powell WY. 

The girls are doing remarkably well.  Brooke didn't walk for a couple days because she was pretty bruised and sore.  She is moving around much better now.  Diane has some visible bruises and her breastbone is sore at times. 

I want to tell everyone how thankful I am for the outpouring of support and prayers.  We have amazing family, friends and live in a community second to none in terms of outreach.  I apologize for not being able to talk to all of you personally yet, but I'm quite overwhelmed with grief, caring for the girls, investigation into the wreck, arrangements for Joel and the memorial. 

I also know that this news hasn't been able to get to everyone that I would like to tell and talk to, so should you like to pass it on that is fine. 

I ask for continued prayers for the girls, myself, the others injured in the accident and their families. 

Rebekah S. Pennington

Rebekah, Brooke and Dianne: I wish I could hug you right now and bring some measure of comfort. We will keep you in our prayers and we are sending love and comfort.


Half way there....


The first flowers of Spring are shyly coming through. These little ones are the first ones to arrive this season. Braving the blistery cold they are bringing a little color to my yard and with it a measure of hope that Spring is finally around the corner. Aren't they beautiful? They are the first ones in the entire cul de sac and all the little children (about 10 of them) were outside admiring them this morning. We were cleaning up a little bit around them and moving the dead leaves off from them and later on putting them back over to keep the cold away from the flowers. We even managed a mini-lesson on the role worms play here on earth when one of the little tykes was adamant on squishing it between its fingers!

Next to the flowers is my pretty Chevron Scarf, it is coming along slowly. I am almost to the end of 1 skein of the Koigu (using 2 skeins at the same time to knit 2 rows with each skein). I took the other skeins with me to the KnitOut and I don't remember where I placed them. I am going to have to dig through my luggage and my boxes of projects. I just hope I didn't lose them as I don't remember the colorways. It is looking attractive and I can't wait to have it finished and save it for next winter, it would bring a bit of color to the Winter drab.

The Roadies

1The cycling season is almost here, I am so excited and I can hardly wait for the snow to go away and the sun to start shining more often. The temperatures are still shy but we know that good weather is bound to come soon. 30-40 degree weather is still a bit chilly to take out the bikes and ride around but as soon as that thermometer reaches 60, we are heading out!

Who are we? Well, we are a bunch of gals from the neighborhood, remember Little Red, they are the same gals that rode it and this year we are ready and excited about this new season. Let me introduce you to them: Back row, left-to-right: LM-she is starting to ride with us this season and she just barely got a brand new Jamis Ventura bike in pink! Momber-she is a speedy demon (probably the fastest of us all)! She was riding last season til she was about 8 months pregnant! JW-she is another speedy demon (her and Momber usually are at the lead of the pack). She rode the century last year at Little Red. Nish-she is among the strongest riders in the group. She can go far, she can go fast! Jo-full of energy. She loves to climb and tries to takes us to this huge hill out in Newton every time she gets a chance (nutty!). Second row, left to right: K-a consistent rider. She always ahead riding alongside her hubby. CG-you know her from a previous post, we rode together the entire 78 miles last year at Little Red. Without her, I would have stopped at about 60 miles. She is the best cheerleader a person could have. Supportive and loving! L-she is my hero! She supported me through many of our rides last year, although she could have ridden fast with everyone else, she stayed in the back with me, keeping me company and chatting. I love her to pieces! Me-not much to say about me, lol, slow poke! Front and center: our lovely DD-She is amazing! She is fast as heck and with her new wheels she breezes through the rides. We are a bunch of friends together for a purpose: to share in our friendship and to support each other through active sports. Although cycling has brought us together, we tend to do many other activities together: movies, dinner, holiday dinners, etc., we have become a close group of friends.

Cycling is our main focus and we try to go out and ride together as much as possible. We clock in hundreds of miles and we have fun doing it.This year around though we are changing things a bit. We will still ride for the joy of it but we are putting a little twist into it, we are going to ride for more than just us. We will be riding to raise money for different causes, we are going to ask/beg to be sponsored for our miles in some of the major events. For Little Red we are planning a fund raiser to benefit a family in our neighborhood whose child is suffering from cancer. The little girl is three years old and is currently down in Salt Lake City at a special hospital. As you can imagine, the family is devastated and they are handling it the best way they can and try to keep a positive attitude about the situation. We have been touched by their situation and we would like to help them somehow. In brainstorming we have come up with the idea of Riding for Others fund. There are 10 of us and we would like to raise $250 each, for a total of $2,500. I have been thinking of different ways that I could do this, many of my friends are going to ask their co-workers, employers, since I don't work (outside of the home) I am going to come up with some creative ways of raising the money.

Ideas going through my head: I have lots of yarn that I am not using or plan to use so maybe I'll put it up for sale with all the proceeds to go to the fund. Also, I have a ton of loom knitted stuff that I have done for the different books and I am not going to use it or plan to use it so I may put it for sale directly or maybe have it as a raffle where people buy an entry for $1 and the more entries you buy the more chances you have to win.

Also, if anyone just want to sponsor me (without getting anything out of it) for the miles that I will ride that would be awesome too. By the way, right now, I am planning on riding 80 miles....some of my friends are tempting me with the century but I don't know if my hands can handle it (last year, the ulnar nerve on my left hand got fried and I couldn't use the hand for about a month).

The concept of Riding for Others has all ten of us fired up. We are excited and we are eager to make a difference in someone's life with our riding. We can't do it alone though, like all great things, we need the help of those around us to succeed. I will brainstorm a bit more on how to go about the fund raiser and I will post here when I kick off the fund raiser, I only have a three months or so to raise a minimum of $250.

Cabled Mitts Pattern for Ride for Others Fund raiser: buy one, buy two, buy 10!


To get things started, I have put the Cabled Mitts pattern for sale. All the proceeds from this pattern will go to the Ride for Others Fund. Help a girl out and get a cute pattern too. You can buy more than one pattern too :) (if you want to help me more). PS: Here is a gallery of finished Cabled Mitts to give you some inspiration.

Read more about the Cabled Mitts Pattern for the looms. 


Add to Cart

Disney on Ice: A little girl's dream come true

Littlebennyandi As a child, I remember staying up nights dreaming of having a little Tinkerbell of my own. I would dream that she would be my special friend and grant me wishes. My constant wish was to have a family of my very own. Someone to love me and care for me. I also wished for silly things like having my skin a different color and baby blue eyes. In my child mind, I believed that if maybe I was a different color that my parents would have loved me and kept me. My own Tinkerbell would make all these wishes true and with them I would be happily ever after. As you already know, there are no real Tinkerbells and life sometimes hands you lemons and you have to make the best out of them, some of us dwell in their tartiness while others decide to make a yummy lemonade and yet others go farther and decide to make lemon pie. I would have to say that I made lemon pie out of my lemons. I don't have a Tinkerbell but I have the chance to be someone else's Tinkerbell, my childrens.

What can I say about them that you probably already don't know. They are great kiddos, energetic, bouncy, mouthy, sometimes they are pests, but they are my pests! I love them!! I am their Tinkerbell. They tell me their dreams, their wishes, their fears and I help them along. I don't have a magic wand but I have magic kisses that make their hurts go away. My power is little hugs and reasurances that I will be there for them when they need me the most.

This last week, we had a special day, Disney on Ice was on tour here in Utah and like (most) little girls on Littlebenny this planet, my little Benny wanted to go. She saw the first commercial about it about three months ago  and I saw her little brown eyes lit up every single time the commercial came on tv. She would dance and sing along with the princesses and when the commercial was over, she would sigh and say that her dream was to go to this event. In her innocent and lovely mind, she believes that the world is full of love and every girl out there is a princess. As adults we know the reality of this world (and how it is going to pot!) but I want her to believe that the world is love, that every little girl out there is someone's little princess. She is my little princess and maybe if I am there for her she won't need to dream of her very own Tinkerbell like I had to.

Cinderallacoach_edited1 The show was fantastic! The skater's talent was superb and both Hubby and I enjoyed being able to witness this talent. The children had a ball! Even little Wonderboy, his favorite part was the one where Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty fought the dragon. A super cool dragon that breathed fire--terribly awesome! Little Benny kept waiting for Cinderally to come to the stage and as you may imagine she was the very last one. Cinderalla's presentation was magical: she arrived in her magical pumpkin coach and dance away with the Prince. Little Benny's eyes were lit up all through out the event. She clapped, giggled and jumped along every scene. Every time they would say "your dreams come true" she would look at me and smile and say, my dream came true. It made me want to cry. She is so innocent and lovely. She felt so honored to have seen the princesses in person and I felt so great to have been able to give her that little magic. We are only little once, I hope that I am doing my best to provide them with a loving, caring, and fun childhood where they feel secured and loved.

A few pictures from the show: they were taken with the little point and shoot camera as Disney has a policy that cameras with detachable lenses cannot be used during the show. The policy kind of sucks but we got to follow rules...darn it!


I made it in!!!

Scoutswag_3 Squeee!!

I have tried in the past to get in and I couldn't. I was eagerly waiting to see if I could get in this time. I have heard only great things about Scout's swag! I have entered other clubs but they always left me "wanting", I am almost sure that with Scout my wanting will be fulfilled. I am so excited!! I am now off to take some cold medicine.  Thank you Scout for making my day!

First Signs of Spring

Spring Signs

It is almost here, I can feel it. I can't wait for it! I am so psyched! Unfortunately, I managed to get sick over the weekend, yuck! I think I know how it happened too. I went to a swimming party Saturday (indoors), everything went great. The kids swam: meaning, little Benny stayed by the side of the pool dipping her feet while Wonderboy tried to learn to swim with me.

The evening was uneventful, other than a 35 lbs child jump to me on the 5 foot deep water and considering that I am only 5 foot 2 inches, when the little girl jumped, she sent us both down the pool! There I was trying to get her to the side of the pool while trying very hard not to sink in. I know how to float very well but when she jumped, I barely had a chance to put my arms up to grab her. Anyways, that was nothing. At the end, we are getting the kids dressed, hubby goes out to the bathroom to get Wonderboy dressed and little Benny stays by the pool with me, while I got my t-shirt on and pants (didn't get a chance to get this one). I sit her down, I look to the pool and there are two little kids playing around. The first one jumps in the pool and the other follows. Well the first one knows how to swim, the second one doesn't. So I see him struggling, arms flapping, head sinking, his little eyes in terror, so I instantly jump in, t-shirt and all! Grab him by the chest and push him to the outside of the pool. His Grandpa (I think it was his Grandpa) runs to him and makes sure he is okay, thanks me and they go to the side (where I am sure the little kid got a small lesson about jumping in). Anyways, my dry clothes got soaked. I ended up going home with wet clothes. I didn't spend much time outside with them on but apparently the few minutes was enough to get me a bit under the weather. I guess, a cold is not a bad trade off.

The pictures above are from our weekend. Signs of Spring are popping everywhere. Even the birds have started to chirp around our homes. I am so excited! I love warm weather. I can do without the snow and the cold. What signs of Spring have you seen where you live? Post pics on your blog of First Signs of Spring around your neighborhood, let's make it a pre-Spring photo shoot!

Learn to Knit Cables on Looms Booklet tour

The booklet and I have made a few stops this week at different blogs. Hop on over to read the interviews. Learn_to_knit_cables_on_loom_2 Thank you ladies for your time and for hosting my little booklet and I. It has been great answering questions about my life, the booklet and the writing process. Thank you mucho, mucho!

Stops this week:

  • Chatting with GuppyGirl aka Jenny
  • Rockin' the Loom with Robin
  • Visiting with The Dust Bunnies will Wait with Kimberly

Look at these cuties made by Robin! She is definitely rockin' that loom!


[Photo credit: Property of Robin M]

More stops on the tour coming soon!

Later today: the release of the Spring Issue of LKC magazine!

Loom Knitting Meme

Wooot? A meme for loom knitters? Yep, we have one specifically for us now thanks to Karen! Take the MeMe and check to see what progress you have made on your loom knitting.

In case you are wondering what I am up to and why the silence...I am working on the next issue of LKC. Almost there...almost.

What I've made on my knitting looms and what I have done knitting/fiber related:

Afghan - Yes

I-cord - yes,

Garter stitch - yes

Knitting with metal wire - yes

Shawl - yes

Stockinette stitch - yes

Socks: top-down - yes

Socks: toe-up - yes

Knitting with camel yarn - no

Mittens: Cuff-up - yes

Mittens: Tip-down - yes

Hat - yes

Knitting with silk a fine strand with wool for socks - no

Moebius band knitting - no

Participating in a KAL - Yes

Sweater - Yes

Drop stitch patterns - Yes

Knitting with recycled/secondhand yarn - No

Slip stitch patterns - yes

Knitting with banana fiber yarn - No

Twisted stitch patterns - Yes

Knitting with bamboo yarn - Yes

Charity knitting - Yes

Knitting with soy yarn - Yes

Cardigan - Yes

Toy/doll clothing - Yes

Baby items - Yes

Knitting with your own handspun yarn - Yes

Slippers - Yes

Designing knitted garments - Yes

Cable stitch patterns - Yes

Lace patterns - Yes

Publishing a knitting book - Yes. Looming related ones only-2 books and 1 booklet

Scarf - Yes

Teaching a child to knit - Yes

Knitting to make money - Yes

Buttonholes - Yes

Knitting with alpaca - Yes

Fair Isle knitting - Does colourstranded count?

Dying with plant colors - No

Knitting items for a wedding - No

Household items (dishcloths, washcloths, tea cosies…) - Yes

Knitting socks (or other small tubular items) - Yes

Knitting with someone else’s handspun yarn - Yes

Holiday related knitting - Not loom knitted, only with needles

Teaching a male how to loom knit - No

Bobbles - Yes

Knitting for a living - No

Knitting with cotton - Yes

Knitting smocking - No

Dying yarn - Yes

Knitting art - No

Fulling/felting - Yes

Knitting with wool - Yes

Textured knitting - Yes

Kitchener stitch - Yes

Purses/bags - Yes-way too many!

Knitting with beads - Yes

Swatching - Yes and love it!

Long Tail CO - Yes

Knitting and purling backwards - No

Knitting with self patterning/self striping/variegated yarn - Yes

Stuffed toys - Yes

Baby items - Yes.

Knitting with cashmere (mmm, cashmere!) - Yes

Darning - No.

Jewelry - Yes

Knitting with synthetic yarn - unfortunately Yes

Writing a pattern - Yes

Gloves mittens are warmer! - No to gloves, yes to Mitts

Intarsia - Yes

Knitting with linen - Yes

Knitting for preemies - Yes

Short rows - Yes

Cuffs/fingerless mits/armwarmers - yes

Pillows - No

Knitting a pattern from an online knitting magazine -

Rug - no

Knitting on a loom - Yes

Knitting a gift - yes

Knitting for a pet? - no

Shrug/bolero/poncho - yes

Knitting with dog/cat hair accidentally or on purpose? - No

Hair accessories - No

Knitting in public - yes

Knitting with buffalo yarn - no

Knitting with pygora - no

Dyeing with food dye/drink mixes - Yes. Kool Aid

Dyeing with chemical dyes (acid, etc) - Yes

The Shower

Princesswithgoggles_2 Conversation with little Benny while in the shower.

Benny: Mom, I want to take a bath

Me: not right now. I am taking a shower.

Benny: Moooom, please.

Me: not right now. You need to wait for a few minutes, when I am done I'll give you a bath. Why don't you come in and I'll give you a shower.

Benny: No, I don't like to take showers. Water gets on my face. [She leaves the bathroom then comes back a few minutes later]. She starts talking and tells me that she is ready for a shower.

Me: I open the shower curtain and there she is ready for her shower....she is wearing goggles. LOL. She is so precious! During the entire showertime, she wore her goggles. It was the most hilarious thing ever!

A hefty week

I need a calendar to start writing down all the things I have to get done. Life used to be really simple, I could remember every single thing without the aid of a schedule book. Back in college, my friends used to come to me to help them out organize their schedules, now, I can't remember one single thing. I am lucky if I have time to have lunch! For a week, I have been working on catching up with the laundry. It seems that it gets dirty faster than I wash it. I wash 1 load and for some reason 2 appear! My little boy likes to change his clothes three to four times a day and so does my little girl. I am just grateful that I don't have to go to the river to wash the clothes, if I did, I would just have to build a hut next to the riverside! I do have some nice memories of washing laundry by the riverside with my Momma, so it may not be so bad for the kiddos to experience that little bit of life.

Anyways, amidst the laundry, dishes, and the rest of the chores. I have been busily working on Loom Knitters Circle magazine. Last season, we did something different that impacted the way I had the entire files arranged, we went from having all the old issues online to having them in PDF only. To the public is an easy change, behind the scenes, I had to do a lot of shuffling and changing that ended up messing one thing up and I had to fix it. Anyways, I had to fix the problem and I spent the major portion of the weekend setting up the site from scratch again. No worries though, I have a "virgin" version saved in case of any future changes or ooopsies on my part. The issue is coming along nice and it is almost all done. Keep your eyes open!

Since I don't have any projects of my own to show you. I am going to show you some projects by other wonderful loomers that have worked on the Cabled Mitts (pattern will be posted at soon).