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Riding in MS Best Dam Bike Ride

Ms_3 I am riding for another great cause this summer. I have signed up to ride 75 miles on the Multiple Sclerosis annual bike ride here in Logan. This event is one of the biggest cycling events in Cache Valley, every year thousands of riders come from all over the state to the local fairgrounds and they put up tents to sleep overnight, some of them ride 45 miles one day and rest the second, while others go for the two days and ride full centuries each day.

As a rider, I love the feel of being on the bike, the wind caressing my face and the sweat trickling down my back but as a rider I also know the pain that the butt and hands endure mingled with the hot foot. However, no matter the pain many a rider signs up only thinking of the well-being that they are doing. I associate it with giving birth. It is a painful experience but the oxitocyn flowing through the body makes us feel so good and generous that we forget the pain all together and consequently we get pregnant again and go through it again. I think the same thing happens when riding for a cause. The oxitoxyn level goes up and we feel so great that we forget the pain that our butts went through and the hot foot that lasted for the last 10 miles.

As you can see, I have forgotten completely of the pains I endured during last year's Little Red 78 miler and I have signed up for another great cause and I signed up hubby too. This year, we are riding the MS Best Dam Bike Ride. I am excited and it helps me keep my mind away from troubling thoughts (the key is focusing my energy on something else) and it gives hubby a reason to use his bike.

I need your help though, I can't do it alone. To be apart of the MS cycling event, I have to pay a registration fee (already paid it) and I have to raise at least $250. Two great perks on donating for this great cause: 1. Your donation is tax deductible 2. You are helping to find a cure for a terrible disease.

Extra Incentive to Donate to the MS Cause

To entice you to help me, here is a little extra incentive. All those who donate a minimum of $10 and leave me a message telling me that they have donated will be entered to win this fantastic prize. If you donate $30 you get three (3) entries, if you donate $50 you get five (5) entries.

To win....ready....this is something that I have wanted for a very long time and I bought it but I am willing to part with it for this great cause (Denise...you know how painful parting with this is as you were there when I ordered it).

Petal1 Kim Hardgreaves Petal Kit (Large Size)

Kit includes:


Yarn: 4 ply cotton 7 skeins in color Steel Blue


To enter into this drawing you have until: May 1st, 2008 to donate or go to my Hubby's personal page to Donate to his ride (donating to either one gets you in the drawing).

When you go to my personal page at the MS site and you click on the donate button, in the message area type up "enter me in the drawing". Thanks for your help!

PS: Spread the word through your blog and link back to this post or to my personal MS page and get 1 extra entry in the drawing.  Hurry, hurry, together we can make a difference.


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You'll get those sponsors in no time! :)
To help, I blogged about you here:
That sweater is so pretty!
Have a peaceful, relaxing, filled with all good things day.


What a pretty sweater! I can see why you love that kit. I hope you do well with your fundraiser and bike ride. Have a great night!


Oh man, I wish I was a better needle knitter! That pattern is so lovely! If I did win it I'd have to give it right back :D


As I was reading I uttered OH MAN! Right out loud!! WOW.. you sure about this??
You LOVE that kit!
WOO she is serious people!!

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