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The farthest I have ever Gone!

I changed my long run days to Tuesdays as I will be going riding/cycling on Saturdays and I know that my legs cannot handle a long run and a long cycling on the same day (I am a wimp!).


Distance: 12 miles

Time: 124minutes

Fluids: 30oz (Refilled at the Milville Park)

Weather: Sunny but not too hot--around 60 degrees. Wore SPF80 on my face and is the word.

Ran alone with my iPod to keep me company. I love this town! It is perfect for outdoor activities. The mountains, the quiet neighborhoods...just divine for the run.

I felt really great all during the run, I was going a good pace, my legs didn't cramp. My shins didn't hurt and when they did all I had to do was change the way I was stepping and the bothersome ache went away.

Change to implement: If I am going to wear a tank must put vaseline under my arms! I got chaffed due to my chubbette arms! Dude, no fun!

On the Road Again...

Thetwoofusframed When the sun shines and the kids are out on a sleep-over, what do we do? We take out the bicycles! Saturday morning met us with a beautiful sunny day, a little chilly but not so chilly to deter us from climbing on our bikes and going out for a little ride. A group of eight roadies got together in our cul de sac ready for a morning of adventure. Checking tires, pumping some air into the tubes, checking shoes and filling up water bottles is part of the routine. It is a moment that I really enjoy as we are all together and the excitement of the upcoming ride just passes like electricity from one to another until it converges and it explodes as we roll out for the day's ride.  Iselaandmomber_2

25 miles out and about, despite the nice bright sun, the day was still a bit chilly, especially for our hands and ears. Hubby and I had our "winter" cycling gloves on but we were still freezing! At one point, it got so bad that Momber and I drafted off each other so that we could keep each other warm by finding the "sweet spot" which is usually a little warmer. It worked like a charm! A few minutes behind there drafting off and getting warmer was enough to keep us happy. Heck, we were on our bikes we were definitely happy. All eight of us were stoked just to be out there cycling away...even if we were little icicles!

Our little ride took us out on a route out to Mendon, which happens to be also the very first route that I went on last year on my very first ride Roadiesever. The specific route has a little hill entering the Mendon town and I remember last year I had such a hard time climbing it. I remember clearly, how Jo and Dom made it to the top with hardly any effort and I kept swerving from side to side trying to make it up...huffing and puffing, I finally made it up. However, this year it was a lot different, first of all, the hill is not really a hill, it is more like a little bump on the road, and if you just pedal and stop swerving from side to side it is actually pretty easy to go up it. A year sure makes a huge difference!  Also where before I was about 10-15 minutes behind everyone, this time, I was right behind...and by golly at times I wasn't the last one! I haveIselacycling_2 improved...I am so happy!

Hubby pointed out that I actually keep a really good cadence, my problem stems from not knowing how to  shift and also the fact that my seat was too low, he raised it already and hopefully this will make a difference on the next ride. At times, we were right next to each other and I kept pedaling and pedaling but not moving while he only pedal a couple of times and moved quite farther than I did--not fair!! I must learn how to shift! It is a bit difficult for me due to the triple composition of my bike (Specialized Ruby Comp) and the fact that I have zero knowledge of how a bike works. But, I'll learn as I go much too learn, so little time!

In the afternoon, when the kids came home from their sleep-over at uncles, we planted the garden and then I went out for a little 6 mile run and had yummy Chinese food for dinner..that's what I call a perfect Saturday at the Phelps' corner.

Last of the Cotton Destash

It is time to face the facts, I have way too much yarn and I am not knitting it fast enough. Not to mention, every Spring I have this crazy idea that I want to clean my stash room and have a clean page (sorta).

All yarn has been kept in a smoke-free, pet-free environment.


  • Paypal only.
  • Price includes shipping within the US via Priority Mail.
  • Drop me a note if interested, with subject line: Yarn Destash

Cotton Yarns First: All Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton

Description from Blue Sky Alpacas website:

Weight: 100 grams
Approx: 150 yds / 137 meters
Needle Size: 7–9 US / 4.5–5.5 mm
Gauge: 4–5 sts per inch
*A suggested gauge only. Works beautifully with large or small needles.


Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton

Color 616: Sky

Quantity: 12 hanks

Price: $99..includes shipping within the US

Working Hard or Hardly Working?


That's what Grandpa Phelps would say. My boys are putting their heart into our little garden spot. What was once a mound of dirt, it is now becoming the little corner that will provide fresh vegetables for our family during the Summer months. As the economy gets worse and worse and prices just keep going up, we are putting an extra emphasis on our little garden patch.

When we moved into the house, we didn't have a spot for a garden, the entire back yard was landscaped which was nice, except for the fact that hubby grew up having a garden and I have gotten it my head that we need to be a little self-sufficient. Consequently, we started planning a way to get a garden. In one of the backyard corners, we had a huge downhill that was a pain to mow, then new neighbors moved to a house behind ours and they started to dig a hole to extend their basement patio, divine! The dirt they were getting rid off was what we needed, so we moved it over to our downhill corner and thus our garden patch was born.

When we moved the dirt last year, we didn't have a chance to plant a garden as it was a bit late in the year, but this year we have started a little early and whenever the weather permits, hubby goes out there and works on spreading the dirt and getting the dirt ready for planting. We have Grandpa's tiller and we are almost ready to to if the weather cooperates this Saturday we will be planting peas.


Besides getting a little bit of produce from our garden patch, I have seen that the best part of it all is the relationship that hubby and Wonderboy are building. Wonderboy eagerly waits for dad to come home so that they can work together on the garden. With a little shovel and "normal" side shovel, side by side they work. If bricks need to be moved to build the retaining wall, Wonderboy puts his muscle, heart, and soul into the job and brings daddy a brick. Hubby always talks about the lessons he learned while helping his Dad work on the garden, my dream is that one day my son has the same type of memories about his time with Dad.

The retaining wall that they boys are building is sure cute! We are going to plant the peas and beans around the outer edge so we do not have to bend down to pick them, pretty neat (hubby thought of that). My farmer boy is sure happy working on his we just need a cow in the backyard and a few chickens and we can definitely be self-sufficient...alright, not really!

More pictures of our garden patch...little Benny is happily dancing around moving her tush for the pictures. I'll have more pictures of the finished project by next week...the wall is almost complete, 40 more bricks and we should be set.

Building a garden

Out of the blue into sunny skies

I am soooo psyched, I had to share. The day started out really crummy...dull, grey, and just wet and nasty, then everything changed, about one hour ago, the sun came out to greet us all. There is very little wind, toasty sun caressing us with its lovely you know what this means? I am taking my bike out for its first ride of the season! I am so thrilled! I wish I could go right now but I need hubby home to watch the monkeys.....soooooo tickled pink I am! Is it 6:30pm yet?

Woohooo! I am back from my ride! It was a beautiful short little ride. It felt so great! There was this little hill and I just went up it and gave it all I was fantastic! For a moment there I felt like Queen of the world!

I am in such better shape than last year, I am by no means super fast nor fast but I am a little faster than last year and I wasn't winded (like last year). It felt really, really great to be doing so much better than last year. My spinning class definitely has paid off. At one point, on the flat I was pedaling and I was going 21mph....never before have I been able to do that on a flat...maximum 15 but never 21! Of course, the trick is keeping it up for long periods of time.

Must do's before next ride:

1. Get a little mirror for my helmet. I have a hard time looking back so a mirror will help. I will look dorky but it is better dorky than road kill!

2. Put my biking shoes together (meaning, Sam puts the clips on my shoes). My sneakers kept slipping off and it was cumbersome getting back on track after slippage.

It was a superb, awesome, fantastico, fabuloso ride!

Wednesday: Inspirational Quote

“Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

My wheels turning: It reminds me of the turtle and the hare story. Many times, I think of being on the right track and yet I am not really progressing. I can adapt this quote to my religious life, my personal life, and my exercise.What do you gather from the quote? Find a quote that inspires you this day and post it on your blog. I am going to make Wednesday, Inspirational Quote day on my blog. Keeping the positve energy going around.

Quote: Brought to you by

Loom Destash: All Proceeds go to the MS foundation



12" long, Fine Gauge Knitting Board (Double sided rake) can be used as a dishcloth rake. Each side has 44 pegs.


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60 Inch, Infinity Rake Extra Small Gauge Spoken

(Makes a flat panel that is about 60 inches in width, depending on yarn and stitch used)


  • Nylon pegs
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I have 1, ready to ship.

Condition: New

Price: $45 includes shipping within the US

Terms: make a donation to the MS foundation to Sam's page in the amount above

Email me if interested in the item.

A Giggle for the Day

Conversations at the Phelps Table

Hubby and I sat down yesterday to plan what we want in our little garden spot. Little Benny was still having her dinner and Wonderboy was downstairs.

Me: So what do we want?

Hubby: Let's plant the potatoes and corn by the shop and let's plant everything else here.

Me: So, we'll have onions, zucchini, peas, green beans, carrots here

Little Benny: Bright eyed and super excited jumps out of her chair really excited and says, I have a great idea!! Let's plant chocolate chips!

Both of us just giggled and explained that chocolate chips do not grow on plants, to which she replied, my pumpkin seed grew, why not chocolate chips!! Gotta love that little one!

What's your personality?

As seen over at the cool kid blog...had to take the test and see what the "experts" think about me. I dunno...Sorka, what do you think? you think it is accurate? I guess my kids think I am bossy and some of my so-called friends think I am bossy and say the wrong things.  As far as careers go, Hubby said that he could see me as a psychologist...a little nutty and a little weird. But the whole thing of being a "Giver" I dunno.

You Are An ENFJ
The Giver

You strive to maintain harmony in relationships, and usually succeed.
Articulate and enthusiastic, you are good at making personal connections.
Sometimes you idealize relationships too much - and end up being let down.
You find the most energy and comfort in social situations ... where you shine.

In love, you are very protective and supporting.
However, you do need to "feel special" - and it's quite easy for you to get jealous.

At work, you are a natural leader. You can help people discover their greatest potential.
You would make a good writer, human resources director, or psychologist.

How you see yourself: Trusting, idealistic, and expressive

When other people don't get you, they see you as: Bossy, inappropriate, and loud

Workout day

{Post recycled from Chubbette}

What a fun day! I woke up early due to going to bed early for a change...I was in bed at 10pm! I rarely, if ever go to bed early, unless I am sick in which case I most likely end up falling asleep on the couch and hubby carries me up to bed. Yup, he still does that after 7 years of marriage and inspite of my 20+ pounds that I have put on since we got hitched.

Anyways, I woke up early and felt refreshed. I have wanted to have oatmeal before heading to the gym and the extra 5 minutes allowed me to do just that! As the water boiled, I was able to read some emails and catch up on some news. As the oatmeal "cooked" I put on my bathing suit and kissed hubby good morning and nugged him to get up and work on the looms. Little N was sleeping next to him...that little girl still comes to our bed every night! She just loves to cuddle next to us.

My oatmeal was extra nutritious this morning, after reading an article on Runners World, I decided to give my oatmeal an "umph" by adding some yogurt and strawberries. I enjoyed the yogurt in it, but the strawberries were a bit tart and I didn't enjoy them as much--I will stick to strawberries for my smoothie only.

Workout stats:

Swim: 50 minutes in freestyle/crawl w/ flip turns

Spin: 50 minutes. Climbing day with intervals.

Ab workout: 10 minutes--my abs are still sore from Wednesday's workout

I didn't stay for the toning class today as tomorrow I have a long run and I need an "easy" day before my 10 miler tomorrow.

Note about swimming: Today, I tried a pair  of hand paddles that one of the other swimmer's brought with her. The one lap I did with them was superb! Although it felt that I was swimming with 10 pound weights on each hand, I cruised on the lap after. I can see a huge benefit on having a pair of hand paddles--trim the fat around my arms for sure.

Speaking of fat, as you know, I haven't been able to lose weight despite all my exercise, but I have lost inches all around which definitely shows the great progress I have made. Well, today I jumped on the scale just for kicks and guess what...for the first time in the past 4 years, I am under 130!!! I weighed in at 129. I have finally lost some weight but I feel confident that the weight has been all fat as I have kept my calorie intake high (as much as I eat, I am sure it is high!). I refuse to go on a diet...heck, the whole reason why I exercise is just so that I can eat as many tacos as I want!

Hope your workouts are going okay too.

PS: Don't forget, the Boston Marathon is this weekend...exciting! Wonderboy's soccer coach is running it...his time on the Top of Utah Marathon was 3:04! We told him to be sure to catch up to Lance ;)

Soccer Days are Back!

Wonderboyandc2 Besides the arrival of warm weather, Spring also brings to us a new soccer season. As a family, we love watching soccer, especially when Wonderboy is part of the game. Most of his teammates are the same age as him, 6 years. Although they are the same age, size varies considerably, Wonderboy is one of the smallest in his team (again) but we cannot expect much with his "giant" lineage (LOL). Some of the kids in the other team towered him by as much as 4 to 5 inches but his little legs made up for his vertical limits. That boy can run!

I am so amazed at how fast he is and his endurance. The kid can go for 45 minutes without long as there is a ball that he has to chase from one side to the other. Even the coach noticed his little legs moving as fast as a locomotive! One of the other Mom's reminded me that he was even "recruited" last year by the T-Ball coach. I had completely forgotten about it!

He gives his 100% during each of the games and he doesn't stop until the whistle blows. During his first game on Wednesday he scored 4 goals, but they only counted 3, and he almost got it in at least another half-a-dozen times. I am such a proud Momma Hen! He is a great little player and a great sport too! We have another game on is going to be fun! More pictures to come...we are going to be the blue team.

Picture above: Wonderboy teammates, one of them (the one with the ball by his foot) is one of his best friends--together they rule the soccer field! Wonderboy is the runner and chases the ball then he passes to C who scores lots of goals.

More pictures: flicker collage, to see the pictures bigger, click on the collage.

In other news: Chubbette has been updated almost daily with my training for the half-marathon and for the up-coming cycling season. The half-marathon is in 4 weeks! Yikes! I am running a 10 miler this Saturday...sounds scary.


Ooops, is our anniversary!


Hubby and I almost missed our anniversary! We didn't forget, we just had the days wrong. We thought our anniversary was on Tuesday (today) but in reality it was yesterday. We realized our mistake Sunday night so we were both a little bit unprepared. For our anniversary, I got to go to work with my hubby--I love being at the shop with him, seeing him work "he is in the zone" when he is there. I work on the computer and he comes every now and then and gives me a little kiss.

7 years together...they have been really grand! Last night we dropped the kiddos off with our neighbor while we went to grab something to eat. We are so laid back and comfortable to go wherever that we ended up going to a gyro joint--frequented mainly by college students (we are a college town). We are there and I just had to laugh, most couples go to a fancy place, dress up all cute and there we are in our grubby jeans having gyros and yet as happy as ever.

We talked a bit about the past 7 years and how they have been so good to us and how we look forward to the years to come. Chatted about how the children have enriched our lives and made it so much better...worthwhile. I love being their Mom and I love the fact that I have a supportive husband who wants to be an active part of their lives. As a child, my hubby was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up. His constant answer was simple: a Dad. He is a wonderful Dad and I am here to say a darn great husband.

Happy Anniversary sweetheart. Thanks for making the past seven years sizzle!

Picture: it is a few years old, little Benny hadn't been born yet...there is little Wonderboy, he is soooo cute!

Multiple Sclerosis Bike Ride: More prizes added

I am so excited for the support I have received for this bike ride. You guys are keeping my numbers up Ms_4 and  I feel confident that I will be able to raise the funds necessary to enter the ride. As you know for every $10 you donate, you are entered to win the wonderful Kim Hardgreaves Petal Kit in size large. But, but, in addition, I have received some extra donations from other wonderful and supportive friends.

Morgan from Knitfrontandback over on Etsy has kindly donated some extra prizes to the pool!


1 gorgeous kit of hand dyed sock yarn (2 skeins). You get to choose the color and Morgan will dye it especially for you.


1 gorgeous kit of 2, 4 ounce bumps of roving. Again, you get the choose the color and Morgan will dye it especially for you.

One last prize, added to the pool.


1 Yarn Ball Winder

For every $10 you donate, you are entered to win any of these fun items. Your donation goes directly to the MS foundation. Your donation is tax deductible. Your donation will help find a cure for MS.

Thank you for supporting me or my hubby in this event. We are both riding, I am cycling 75 miles and hubby probably end up doing 75 miles too...hmmm, that leaves the kiddos alone...better find a babysitter!

Support us and you are entered to win some of these fabulous prizes. Hurry, you have until May 1st to enter to win!  After you submit your donation, enter in the comments section of your donation "enter me in the swag prize contest"!

Thank you bunches for your support!!!

PS: The ride is Saturday, June 28th....I can receive donations up to that date!!! Please support us.

Biopsy Results are In


My dear friends...if you heard a great sigh of relief all the way where you are, it was me. Playing the different scenarios in my over active head was killing me little by little.

Lou, my dear friend and doctor called me the minute the test results hit her desk...about 10 minutes ago.

Although my results are negative, the type of tissue I have there (I will have to ask Louise for the correct term) increases the risk of me having breast cancer in the future. Although I am only in my 30s, Lou recommended yearly mammograms (and probably ultrasounds) to keep track of the lump. Of course, the best way is for me to keep track of it by doing monthly self exams and recording any changes.

Friends, your support, prayers, emails, and words of comfort have kept me afloat these past few days. Thank you...thank you.

Wimsy Scarf Done


Looming this little scarf kept my mind occupied for half the weekend. Feeling the softeness of the yarn running through my fingers was a delight and then seeing Little Benny running around the backyard wearing my wimsy was the bestest. The scarf is shaped with increases and decreases at the beginning of each row. The best part I think is the yarn...soft and child neck friendly aka not itchy.

The other half of the weekend, I spent decorating Chubbette, my workout log blog. I played around a bit with the banner and added a few extra touches to reflect the theme of the blog. Check it out and let me know what you think. Here is the button for that blog if you want to swipe it.


Hope you all have a happy Monday.

Biopsy Done

Thank you all for your great and wonderful wishes. The biopsy went well this morning. It definitely wasn't what I expected and I am grateful Sam was able to come with me.

The aide first talks you through what is going to happen, which involves cleaning the breast in question, numbing it by inserting the anesthetic stuff with a needle, then guided with the ultrasound machine the doctor inserts a bigger "needle" to extract a sample. It sounds pretty easy and not much of a problem....doesn't it?

The washing went well. The local anesthetic wasn't so bad...a little prick, then a burning sensation. I counted all the way to 25 while he was inserting the anesthetic all the while imagining me swimming and doing flip turns. Think happy thoughts...go to your special place. Then the unexpected...the biopsy needle...hunking big needle! An opening needs to be made with a little knife so it can go in. (Think happy thoughts. Crap, I have gone through child birth I can handle this.) I feel the trickling of either the cleaning stuff or blood and I start and cold all through my body. Then the huge a$$ needle comes in. I felt like a freaking turkey being stuffed with the gravy baster. Sample one...get the gravy baster in, move it around and around and, sample one taken...hurts. Doctor hits a blood vessel and blood just bursts out. Applies pressure...lots of pressure to stop the bleeding. So I am already sore from the poking and then add some pressure to my poor b00b and I am almost in tears.

Sample two...insert the biopsy needle again, move it around and around and around, count to three there it Do you really need another one? The first one is not so good so a third sample would be good. Insert the "baster" this time at a different angle, this angle though didn't get much anesthetic so pain shoots through. Aaack! I tell the Doc so he decides that two samples are more than enough.

They show them to me and they look like little worms...white little worms.

Dressing was almost an impossible task for me. I can't handle blood at all. As the aide sent me to the bathroom to dress, I opened the door and there is a mirror, I look in the mirror and there I am with the front of my gown soaked with blood. I feel getting hot and cold from head to toe. I look around and everything just starts spinning. I feel weaker than I did the day I biked 78 miles. My legs start giving way and I flop down on the little bench in the bathroom. I breathe in and out...count to 10....imagine being back at home with the kids and I gain enough energy to get up open the door and call for Sam. Poor guy dresses me while I shake and babble about how I feel. I am such a wooz!!! Wooz!

Results will come next week the mean time, I can sit down and hold my b00b and try to make it feel better. It feels like a truck tire went over it.

Again, thank you my dear friends for being there with me and for me. I appreciate your love and thoughts. Just a little while longer and we will know the results...the waiting is the worst part of it all.

Mammogram, now biopsy

Well....there are good news and bad news.

Good news: mammograms do not all...and I am a busty lady and the squishing didn't hurt one little bit. The staff is caring and thoughtful.

The bad news: they found something, as I suspected. The ultrasound revealed a 1 inch diameter nodule and the radiologist scheduled me for a biopsy.

I am going in an hour for the biopsy.

It is a scary thought. My most sensitive area will be poked. At this point, I don't care much about the poking...I just hope that whatever they find will be nothing.

In other news...I started a blog to document my workouts. Come on over to Chubbette to read all about it :). (Yes....I am trying to keep my mind away from my b00bs and its troubles).

Soysilk's Love Scarflette

LovescarfletteKnitting in this blog for a change. It may seem that I do not knit or loom but I do, here is proof. I worked on the Love Scarflette last year for Soysilk. It uses Vickie Howell's Love yarn, a silk and bamboo blend. The yarn is one of the softest I have ever worked with which makes it perfect for something that is going to be worn around the neck.

The scarflette has two side cables at each edge and then a middle center cable that forms hearts. Although the pattern makes a shorty scarf, you can always get more yarn and work a few more repeats for a longer scarf.

The pattern is available through Soysilk's shopatron store where you can get the yarn too!

Oh...the pattern is needle knit, not loom knitted.