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Soysilk's Love Scarflette

LovescarfletteKnitting in this blog for a change. It may seem that I do not knit or loom but I do, here is proof. I worked on the Love Scarflette last year for Soysilk. It uses Vickie Howell's Love yarn, a silk and bamboo blend. The yarn is one of the softest I have ever worked with which makes it perfect for something that is going to be worn around the neck.

The scarflette has two side cables at each edge and then a middle center cable that forms hearts. Although the pattern makes a shorty scarf, you can always get more yarn and work a few more repeats for a longer scarf.

The pattern is available through Soysilk's shopatron store where you can get the yarn too!

Oh...the pattern is needle knit, not loom knitted.


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I thought about your daughter when I saw this online - http://www.bordersdreamrewards.com/.


Isela, your scarf is just beautiful!

Robin McCoy

Isela, I think that is one of the most gorgeous scarves ever! :D I think I will have to find the pattern and yarn and give it a try sometime in the future. Thanks for posting it. :)

Vickie Howell

That's beautiful, Isela! Thank you so much for using my yarn. :) xo, Vic


That's beautiful! I love anything pink! : )


Well that is absolutely charming!! Send one to Cookie - maybe she'll start liking pink again!

(the other) sprite

I love the Love. Absolutely gorgeous!


I think you have the most wonderful blog ever!!! I've missed ya!



The scarf if lovely! How can I resist something that is PINK, has hearts, and is cabled?! My favorite knit things all rolled up into one beautiful project. : )


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