Because I am still sick and need some distraction
Friday Fill Ins


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Whoo hoo!!

Kelly (Fairieknits)

Love the new issue, I'm having it printed by my works copy center as we speak! I can't wait to try the new sock pattern! LOVE IT!

I totally encourage you to get the polar monitor that you want. I have one (different model) and it is one of the best workout tools ever! It is great to be able to track heart rate, calories burned and a whole host of other things. It totally help me step up my workouts and right now I'm only 15 pounds away from my goal weight loss (50 so far!).

I can tell you that you wion't regret getting one, it is a great reason to bust some stash!


Fabulous as usual!!

Note - The Why Double Knit article will not display for me.

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