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At 16, I refused to have them! Reason: I can't be seen with them while I go out on dates!

At 18, I absolutely didn't want them: Reason: the dating game was too much fun and it may cramp my style.

At 23, I was thinking that I should have gotten them back when I was 16.

At 26, Dentist told me that if had them my flossing would go a lot smoother. But, I refuse them once again.

At 29, Dentist told me that my teeth were getting more and more crowded as I was getting older.

Now: Fine! I'll do it!


Can't see anything? Click on this one and look closer!


I got braces! I am a 30 year old with braces. I got them on Monday morning. Since Monday morning, I have been starving. I can't chew! They told me I would be sore only for a couple of weeks--I am crossing my fingers that it is so because I can't see myself starving for the next 18 months.

If I had only listened when I was 16!! If I had, I would have had this over with. 


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You can barely see them. You'll be glad you did it once they come off. Oh and don't feel self conscience about being 30 with braces. My mom got braces at 55.


The pain will pass!! It really will I promise! well that is till they tighten them again! eeks!
It will be worth it! Some day when I am feeling brave I will show you all how I looked before braces!! YIKES!


Oh my goodness! How can anyone spot braces when they see such a beautiful face?


I was gonna write and say, Congrats... but well I made the picture bigger like you said I could. You look beautiful, eyes are gorgeous, but honestly, the braces do look like they hurt terribly!... I'm sorry it's probably gonna be a tough little bit to get used to them, but I know end the end you'll hopefully like it!


You still are absolutely GORGEOUS!


You are as gorgeous as ever!

I didn't have braces, but I did have oral surgery where the gums at every single tooth was sliced open, and then sewed up a little tighter around my teeth. If not for yogurt and chicken noodle soup (really plain Campbells variety) I would have starved.



What a beautiful photo of you! I've been thinking of getting them too... which kind did you go with? Those are really hard to see!


But now they make the braces so you can hardly see them!

Hang in there, I'm told it gets better with time. Don't forget to drink and keep from getting dehydrated.


Look how beautiful you are! I hope you can eat soon. I haven't heard from you, are we going to see you on the 16th?


Awesome! never too late..

Maria Tovar

Time goes by so fast, that when you are done you will miss your braces. If now you look so pretty, imagine how you will look after you are done. Are you going to have some teeth extracted? Ask your Dentist about the third molars, maybe you need to have them pull out as soon as possible as third molars (wisdom teeth) are responsible for Orthodontics to fail.



I had a retainer so I can somewhat sympathize. Every time I took it out to eat, my teeth would just throb. :< Not fun! But it will all be over before you know it. What a beautiful smile you have! Sam's a lucky guy ;D Hugs better and have a fun weekend!

Katrina C

Hey girl. Been there. Done that. Twice! All I can say is lots of Ibuprofen. KFC mashed potatoes, and baby food will be your friend. It wont just hurt for a few weeks if you're anything like me. Everytime they changed the wire I couldn't eat anything that needed chewing for 4 days. But it's worth it.


Isela~ I had braces at 12, and then got them again when I was 30. I feel your pain! Ask the orthodontist for a bite wafer, it's a plastic thing you bite on and it helps with the pain. My 12 year old got her second round of braces today, so she knows exactly how you feel! If your ortho doesn't have bite wafers, let me know, and I'll send you some. The pedodontist I work for shares an office with an ortho office. Good luck! Take lots of Advil!


You look beautiful with them. It'll ease up soon. I've thought about getting them, but keep putting it off.


Isela, all I can say is "You're Gorgeous!" :D

You can hardly see the braces at all, and the time will go by in a snap. My sister decided to take the plunge at about your age, and she is very happy that she did...her mouth is much less troublesome than before the braces. Now I have to figure out how I can get some, lol! Maybe it would help me stop grinding at night...

I hope you have your blender runnin' to stop the hunger...summer is the perfect time for smoothies! :)

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