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Since school started, I have been slacking a little bit on certain aspects thus the lack of blogging. Okay, let's have a recap. My youngest, known now as "The Teddy Bear" is now in Pre-K. She loves it! She came home today so excited because they finally gave her a folder where she carries the work she did at school to bring home. Her big brother has a folder that the school uses to send his homework so she was excited to have homework. Please, let's hope she is always this excited about homework! She has made so many little friends and one is very special to her because she tells her everytime "Hola" and she gets to say "Hola" back. She is pleased to finally have a friend to speak Spanish with. My little Teddy Bear is growing up. Oh, one last thing, you see that backpack up there? She chose it all by herself, from all the tutty frutty ones, from the frilly ones, from the normal ones, she went and chose one with a guitar and a little skull. She is a pill! Gotta love her!

Boyo is loving first grade! His favorite part is still lunch and recess. Some things never will change! The other day while driving home from a store he was telling me how he was looking forward to growing up. These are his plans:  On his 16th birthday, he will go to Moab and Mountain Bike. When he turns 18, he will do Lotoja with me. When he turns 19, he will go and serve a mission. When he comes back from his mission, he will go to college and get a job that allows him to do more of...(can you guess) mountain bike and road bike! Ay! I think both hubby and I have been influencing him a bit too much. Did I mention that his Christmas list has only one thing: a mountain bike with front and back suspension! I can foresee a heart attack in my near future.

Family wise: My dear Momma had back surgery. One of her discs was taken out. She was in pain for many months and then at one point three weeks ago she couldn't move. She ended up at the ER two days in a row, at the end the doctors decided that it was best for her to have surgery before she lost all sensation to her legs. The surgery went wonderfully and although they told her that she wouldn't be able to move much for two months, she got up and started moving. She is able now to walk all over the place, slowly and with the help of a cane but she is doing it. At one point, we were even considering going over there for a period of time and taking care of her or bringing her here to Utah with us. I think it was the entire idea of her moving to Utah that made her get better faster (LOL). She doesn't hate Utah but it is not her beloved NY.

Knitting wise, I am looming like crazy. I have a few ideas jotted down and I am trying them all out. I have been visiting too many yarn stores and acquiring yarn for the specific projects. Usually, I just buy yarn to buy yarn but not anymore. Now, I just purchase it and use it right away. Nice change, less clutter, and more productive. I should show you a picture of my "knitting couch" but it is way toooooo messy with all my junk. Trust me, you don't want to see it. You will however see some of the projects this coming week when the Fall Issuee of Loom Knitters Circle Magazine gets released.

Braces update: I had my first adjustment appointment this week. It hurt. Now, I have a nice big spring between two teeth to make space for the tooth that doesn't fit (sorry no pic, it is much too unappealing!). My lip gets caught on it and it makes it bleed every now and! I still can't eat nachos or hard tacos. I haven't had an apple for over a month. Nor chips. Nor a steak (this is really hard to give up!) If I didn't eat like a pig the things that I can eat, I bet I would have shed a few pounds but I haven't and I am okay with that. I much rather eat than starve. I have vowed that the first thing I will do when I get my braces off is to eat a nice juicy steak with chips on the side and nachos for dessert!!


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Hi Isela, My son got his braces put on back in July. He didn't like them at first but he is getting use to them. because he still have baby teeth at the top (not enough room for the adult teeth to come in yet) he has to wear a retainer peice uptop and the braces on the bottom. it was either that or head gear(can you say dorky) and there was no way i was doing that to the boy. He had to go back a week ago to get them adjusted too and he said it hurt for a day or two. his biggest problem ot being able to eat all the foods he ate in the past too. But he does eat nachos. He just eats them very slowly. LOL.


I can't believe your little princess is already in pre-k! She is such a little beauty.

At least she picked pink for that sassy skully backpack! : )



Loved this post :) Your children are adorable. Back to school has put a crunch on us too. I thought I would have more free time but not so. I'm gone dropping off and picking up kids for nearly 2 hours each day. And then homework is an all night affair... Sigh. When is summer? LOL

I can totally commiserate with your Mom. My L5 has been ruptured for 8 years and my L4 has been bulging for just as long. It hurts a lot. There are good days and really bad ones but it always hurts at least a bit. Hugs for your Mom and I hope she has a speedy recovery.

Hugs to you on the braces pain. :( Hmmm, we need to invent a Nacho Soup for you - or google it. I'll bet there is a recipe out there ;D

Have a great day!

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