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Fun at the School

Boyo's school's PTA had their yearly fundraiser which meant lots of fun stuff for the kids and plenty of chatty time for the Moms. The children and I took Friday afternoon off and we went to the school and partied. The children bounced, slid down the slides, jumped, climbed, and got plenty of treats along with Pizza and soda.


A little video of Boyo climbing up the wall. If we could have one of these in our backyard, our Boyo would be in heaven. He loves the challenge!


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Wow! I loved the video. Boyo was AWESOME!



Wow! He climbed all the way up. Way to go! It looks like it was a fun day :)


Wow! Look at him go! Did he get the $100 bill at the top, lol? Our local fair always has cash at the top of their climbing wall for anyone who can make it that far...I don't think very many people actually do. :P

In our front yard in Bend, Or, we had a 16 foot rock formation that the girls absolutely loved to climb...we always said we had our very own jungle gym built right in!


Look out Mt. Everest : ) Here comes Boyo! Now why doesn't my kids' school have this much fun? : (

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