Zoomer Issues
A Bag of Treats


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Get a second opinion!!! And if they say they have to fix something to figure out the problem take it somewhere else! And hey, isn't this little zoomer new? Is this stuff under warranty? And did you take it to your dealer if they have service? So many questions.. see I want you to get a pretty vacuum!


Oh, I'm sorry. Car trouble is so frustrating.


Car problems are no fun. I hope you get your zoom zoom zoomer back soon. : (

My vacuum broke recently, and instead of buying an expensive Dyson, I ended up buying a $50 Hoover from Walmart. LOVE IT! Super powerful bagless, but in a compact size. It is perfect on the stairs, and you don't even get dirty when emptying the container.



Aw, hugs :( I need a new vacuum too. Maybe our ships will come in soon ;D

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