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I am so thrilled! I just got a job!!!! I will be working as an assistant in a dentist office--note: doing office work, not assisting the dentist. I am so excited!

I haven't had a "real" job since I had Boyo, 7 years ago....I am a bit rusty but I should be able to get back to the swing of things within a couple of weeks.

How the job came about: a couple of weeks ago, I went to my dentist to pick up some toothpaste (they sell it for $1 while at the store they are close to $5) anyways, I went in for toothpaste and then my friend, who works there, told me they were looking for someone to work in the afternoons, from about 4pm-7pm. The job entailed calling people to comfirm their appointments and sending postcards reminding them of their appointment. Easy enough job. I had an interview on the spot with the Dentist (he happens to be a cyclist too and we were in the same MS team, Team Taylor this summer). A few days later, I had a "working interview" where I basically had to call people and confirm their appointments. Today, I was offered the job. Weee!

The job seems simple enough and I should be able to do it. The best part is that I can be home til 3:30pm when my son comes back from school then I can go to work. Hubby can be home to take care of them.


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Maria Tovar

Isela, that is SOOOOO GREAT!!!! Congratulations and you can take your looms to work.





You will rock the job. You rock at everything you do. : )

You gonna keep up with the yarny stuff, as well as your blog?



Congratulations <3 Good luck with the new job.


I recently got some part-time work myself. It's nice having "own money" again.


Congrats! It'll be good for you to get outta the house and make a little extra cash ;) and it sounds like you'll be in good company. I remember when I went back to work after being home with the kids for so long, though I loved it. It was nice just to be around different people and adult conversation. Have fun :)


Congrats! Whoo HOo!


that's so awesome!!


I am certain you will do well, seems to me like no matter what you do you excell at...published author...awesome designer...online magazine editor...teacher...the list goes on!


Hey, Cool! :D What perfect timing, too...your kidletts can still have one of you home with them, while the other of you is away. This is the way we raised ours until they were both old enough to go to all day school, then the 2nd of us could work during school hours. The family that sticks together when the kidletts are young, tends to develop much stronger bonds for life. :) Super Congrats on the new JOB!!!

Jeannette Pirkle

Congratulations:-) This doesn't mean we will never hear from you now does it? You will be able to help Maria in Mexico in her Dental office lol. I wish I had a helper when I worked as a Hygienist. That would have been so nice. I had a bad boss for 5 years and he ended my love for working in Dentistry. Then I just moved and raised my family. Now it is to late. I don't regret it at all, I just am not where I thought I would be at this time in my life (middle ages).Good luck with this new job. May it blossom in your life like everything else you do.


CONGRATULATIONS! What awesome news!

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