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We are going to start a new family tradition. Saturdays seem to be a little empty, we run around doing chores, getting the food shopping done and at the end of the day, we sit down and watch a little TV. Not anymore. Every Saturday, we are going to bake bread and make cinnamon rolls. Grandma Phelps gave us her trusty bread recipe and we have used it many times and I want to pass it along to my children. My hubby knew how to make bread when we got married, but I didn't. He taught me. I remember my FIL suggesting I learn, I always figured that it was for my hubby's sake, but now, I realize that he suggested so I could bake bread for my children. I love my FIL. He is always full of wisdom.


The recipe makes 5 loaves of bread, which I just happen to manage to make 4 big loaves and 8 tiny ones and 3 small batches of cinnamon rolls. How do I manage that? No idea, but it just happens. The process is long, but the product is so rewarding. My children get to help me, little Benny helped me this time and she made all 8 mini-loaves. Then the two little ones helped me make the Cinnamon rolls.


Goof up of the day: we forgot the Cinnamon. Last time we made them we used white sugar instead of brown, this time I was so focus on the brown sugar that I forgot to put the Cinnamon. I want to blame it on this sucky cold that I have, but I am afraid that I just completely spaced it. Despite my Cinnamon-less Cinnamon rolls, the family enjoyed them...kids and frosting. I think they will eat anything that was covered with frosting!! I should try it next time on spinach.

Building memories together is one of my goals...a little time together gives us yummy warm bread that can last us the entire week, as well as many memories together.

If anyone is interested in the recipe, drop me a note and I'll take step-by-step pics next week when we make our bread. The recipe is super easy and if I can make it, it's a sign that it is fool proof ;).


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your bread looks heavenly, am teaching myself bread baking and would truly adore it if you would share your recipe- the family loves homemade bread. have just started my own sourdough starter so that should be and adventure too. :) thanks rj


Hi, I´m from Brasil, and i don´t speak ingles very well...ut your bread seens so lovely, and i´d like get de recipe...if you can, please, send it to me...tanks very much.

Dawn Van Ness

Oh Isela, your bread looks sooooo yummy. I bake bread using wheat that I grind myself (who would have known). It's really great knowing that you can produce something that the family really appreciates. Now that the temperature is getting a little cooler (in Florida), I'm ready to start up again. Could you please send me a copy of your recipe? I am always looking for proven ones to see if I'm making it correctly.

Hope you have a great time with the children and your baking.


I can smell the bread baking now! I would love this recipe--my grandmother used to do the same thing every Saturday morning, and if we were visiting, she would let us kids make mini cinnamon rolls, which is one of the few memories I have of her since she died in a car accident when I was 6. I also remember being there for Christmas and getting the Penny Brite doll that I wanted so badly, ha! Thanks for sharing this and bringing back memories!


Hi Isela, I would love to have the bread and cinnamon roll receips. they both look delish! i've just come to like baking, everything has to be pretty precise and i am not always one to follow directions. i prefer to cook where i can kinda wing it. Tonya


I would love the bread recipe also


Oh, yes please on the recipe! It looks yummolicious!



I mix my own jar of cinnamon sugar and have that at the ready for cinnamon roll making and to put on buttered toast. Maybe having a jar of your own will get you over the head cold blues? I mix it 5-to-1 and shake it to mix. I watch the ads and when Walgreen's runs it 2/$1, I stock up.


I love to make bread in the colder months. It not only makes the house smell good but it also helps to keep the kitchen warm!!


Homemade anything is the best! I have made bread before, I swear I will make it just to smell it, but I have had a few diasters and I would love to have the recipe you are using and maybe I will have better luck.

Thank you


I wouldn't count on the Frosted Spinach becoming a new favorite :) I once made Chocolate Zucchini Cake for the kids and thought to myself "This is great! They will get yummy cake with healthy zucchini inside." Not so! Oldest son notice the green flecks in his slice of cake and then none of them would eat it! Sillies :) Note to self: PEEL the zucchini!

So it looks like you are ready to move up to Danish Pastry. When shall I come by? ;D


I used to make homemade pizza - dough and all on Friday nights. It's a wonderful tradition. Have fun with it. :D


Isela, you are creating an absolutely wonderful memory for your kidlets. I made bread daily when our oldest was 2 (neighbor would trade a loaf for a pound of butter). Our kidlets were always in the kitchen with me and they are all great cooks for their families. Our eldest grandson started in the kitchen when he was able to sit on the counter. I'd love to have your mil's recipe. Thank you.


oh what a great memory you are making for yourself and the kids. and hopefully, for future generations. would love to know more about the bread.

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