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Halloween Wreath--the cheap way!

For the past few weeks, I have been on the hunt for an inexpensive Halloween wreath but after hitting TJMaxx for a few weeks, I didn't have any luck and I wasn't willing to fork out what they were asking for a "leafy wreath". That's when I found Just A Girl blog and this post on her Extreme Makeover. I couldn't help myself but try it out.

First I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up a wreath for $1.50.


Then, I spray painted it black. Added a little bit of poly fill to mimick spider webs (I didn't have anything else on hand and I wanted to make it the cheapest way I could. I told hubby that maybe I should just go around the house scrapping all the "real" spider webs off the ceiling corners, but he laughed at that idea!).

Then the kids helped me put a few little spiders on the painted, spidered webbed wreath. The spiders are made out of foam and had a sticky back so they were fairly easy to stick on.

To hang it up from the door knocker, I added some black ribbon.

Final product:


Approximate cost: $2.50!!

And I love it! If I find the correct spidery web stuff, it will look even better, but for now, I am happy. :)


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How cute it is that? I think I might have to go get the stuff now. I have a fall thing on my door but we are decorating for Halloween today!


You are such a crafty gal! Very cool.


Robin McCoy

This is totally cute, Isela! Thanks for sharing it. But it reminds me that I have a Witch door decoration thingy in my pantry room that needs to be put on the door! LOL! Thanks for reminding me. :)


Oh my gosh, how cute is that!!?? Yours turned out great. I love the cute bow at the top with the "spooky" theme! Nicely done!


Way to go! Looks like it belongs in Better Homes and Gardens :) Have a great day!


too cute.


It looks great! $2.50? Can't beat that!

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