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Looking for More Loom Knit Patterns

Home_3No need to look too long, here are two more. These were in the Summer issue of LKC and now they are in the Archive issue but you can get them here, free, or by visiting Decor Accents and going through the FREE Pattern section there.

First up, we have the Schooner Socks. They were done on an Extra Fine Gauge sock loom but you can adapt the pattern to any loom that has a 4-stitch peg count. It can even be done on the Round Blue KK loom, or even the new Wonder Sock Loom!Home_2

Next, we have the easy-peasy Stripey Goodness hat.  A little hat that is easy to make, yet it has a flat top  for a little bit of challenge. The hat was done on a Fine Gauge loom but you can adapt it and loom it on any other gauge loom as long as you use the yarn specified for that loom.



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Rachel Rylee

I just bought a fine gauge {adult) loom from DA looms and I didn' get a sock pattern with it . It has 40 pegs and I have knit up to the heel but I don't know how many stitches for the short row heel. By the way I love knitting with this loom. Hope you can help me. Rachel


hi i was wondering how could I loom knit letters into a pattern

Emily Beeson

Is there a way to get the stripes to line up in the back of a hat? I'm just learning.


Thanks for the sock pattern. I must have missed that one the first time around.

I was driving across Utah last Saturday, and I waved at you from the highway. Did you see me? ;)

I will passing by again in a few days. I will wave again.


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