Koigu Lovely...Chevron Scarf
Happy 31st to me!!!

Quilt Giveaway by Pigtails and Snails

QuiltYou see this beauty of a quilt? It is going to be given away to a lucky contest winner. Go and enter to win. You have until 7pm, Oct. 17th. It is lovely! If I knew how to sew and I had an ounce of sewing talent, I would get this pattern in a heart beat, but alas, I am a complete dufus when it comes to sewing.

Go, go and enter the contest and win this beautiful quilt. It so reminds me of a summer's day--it will definitely brighten someone's home in this upcoming winter.

(Picture property of Elizabeth Cranmer)


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Did you enter? I hope you win it for your birthday ;D Have a great day!

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