Vintage Pom Pom Sock
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They are done! I really had to hussle to finish the second sock in one day. Truth be told, I didn't start the second sock til after dinner yesterday. It was around 7pm went I picked it up and started it. 11pm rolled around and I finally was grafting the toe. Unfortunately, Miss Diva was already asleep so she didn't get to see them, so I guess in her eyes, I didn't fulfill my promise of finishing them for her in one day since her day finished before mine.

They are super cute and the colorful pom-poms make them irresistible. I have enough yarn left over for a couple of more pairs...but I am thinking maybe I should make her some matching mitts. I don't know what else I will do with the remaining yarn, but whatever it becomes it will be colourful and irresistible.

Pattern will be forthcoming soon! Pattern is for the looms but I will translate it for the needles. I did a test swatch and the Wonder Sock Loom tension gauge on needles was achieved with size 1 dpns by Crystal Palace.


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Love those colors! She is lucky to be on the receiving end of your talents.


OMG - those are too cute. I'm going to have to get me a fine guage loom or what every to make some of those.


Ooooh, they are sooo 80s! LOL!


Those sockies turned out so CUTE! I love the colors and the stripes...don't they look so darling on little girlie feet? ;)


They turned out super adorable! Almost as adorable as your cute little gal. Have a great day!


hey girlfriend! loooove the new loom and the darling footies and my-oh-my has beautiful Nyah grown!
It's been a long time, I know. I've been busy... Started my masters, a daunting task, but it will be worth it in the end!
Miss you. Watched a video tutorial, heard your voice, and had to stop by and say hi!


Hmm, I think the proof is in the smile on your little Princess' face. They are adorable! I grew up wearing pom-pom socks too, and we thought we were so cool wearing them. We thought we were hot tennis players! You had socks on (mom's requirement), but the little pom-pom kept them from sliding down the heel into your shoe while your whole leg was on display. Awww, youth! Knit some for yourself :)

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