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Vintage Pom Pom Sock

PompomsockIs it vintage because of the yarn or because it has Pom Poms? I finished a sock...I finished a sock! Isn't it cute!!!! I love the yarn--Yarntini self-striping in Vintage. Loooove it! I remember growing up my Mom sent me a few pairs of socks to Mexico, they all had Pom Poms! I loved them. The socks themselves were all white but the Pom Poms in each pair were a different color and they looked smashing with my Converse sneakers (which she also sent me from the States). That was about 22 years ago, but I still have a fascination for socks with Pom Poms.

The Yarntini Vintage yarn called to be made into Pom Pom socks. I envisioned a cute roll down cuff and a colorful pom-pom at the back plus all the goodness of the beautiful self-stripes. I am a little too old to wear Pom Poms but thankfully, I have little tykes around who go crazy for the Pom Poms too (must run in the family)!

These socks are destined for Teddy Bear, she already tried this one on and walked around the house a bit. I had to force her to give it back while I make the other. She gave me one day to finish the other....tough boss! So tonight, I have my work cut out for me, I will have to sit down and loom non-stop until the second Poms is done.

The sock was loom knitted on the new Wonder Sock loom. Want a FREE Wonder Sock Loom of your very own, check out the details at the DA blog!


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Jeannette Pirkle

Wow-I remember these pom pom socks well. We loved those growing up. Especially with converse shoes. We usually didn't have money enough for fancy sneakers in those days. I can envision my DIL wearing these. Cute.


Super cute socks :) That's a cheerful color combination. Wow, you better get busy if you have just a day long deadline ;D The Wonder Sock Loom looks awesome!

the other sprite

Very cute! I love Vesper... It definitely is a top 5 sock yarn for me.

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