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When Mom is Away

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When Mom comes back, she finds....a kid with a hurt neck. The Cause: jumping on the new trampoline at the neighbors. Every touch makes him hurt and shed tears. Is it broken? Is it more than just a pulled muscle? Don't know. Again, bang my head against the wall--I should have gone into Medicine not Business Administration with a focus in Marketing, waste of a degree!

Picture_004The entire night the poor kid cries and cries. Next morning take him to the doctor to rule out a broken something. Good news: it is only a pulled muscle, nothing that a little valium can't make feel better...or at least forget!!! My kid is only 6 and he is on drugs! I haven't even taken valium and I am 30 something!!! Poor little one.

Lesson of the day: trampolines are dangerous, but they already forgot about the incident and they are planning their next trip to the neighbors...probably when I am at work again!

That's all for now, maybe tomorrow I'll post about my little imp's adventure with the scissors...ay!!!


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Hi, I´m from Brasil, and i don´t speak ingles very well...ut your bread seens so lovely, and i´d like get de recipe...if you can, please, send it to me...tanks very much.


Boys will be boys. You can be in the same room with them, and they can still climb a bar stool to get the house and pool key, hold one in each hand, and put one in each of the holes of a wall plug. They would then see sparks fly, get knocked back on their butt, and have the skin burned off their tiny little hands. All of this can be done in the blink of an eye. Trust me on this.

You are a good momma.

In addition to the drugs, your Hugs and Kisses will help him feel better. Boy little guy. : (

Scissors, hmmm....... any hair, or furniture involved?



and when they are teeny boppers you'll wish you went into child psychology...when they are young adults, you'll wish you were a career counselor...when they are devistated by their first romance, a relationship expert...the list goes on because parenting truly is a lifetime commitment.

hope your little guy is on the mend soon!

Maria Tovar

Hope he feels better and do not feel guilty cause you are not home. Sometimes it happens right in front of your eyes. It is something you cannot prevent when you have children. Valium is good to relax him, just don't let him drive the car jejeje.
My love to you all.


Aw, poor little guy. (gives loves better)

Wow, even with 2 bad discs in my back and 2 in my neck the doctors have only only ever given me Ibuprofin 800s and Lortab. The Ibuprofins do nothing so I don't even take them anymore. And the Lortabs make me feel a bit out of touch so I rarely take them. Need to be a good caregiver and all ;D

Scissors and imps are bad a combination :) When I was in Kindergarten, I cut a big handful of my hair with my aunt's pruning shears. My Mom was NOT happy, lol. She gave me a fix it haircut and a lengthy lecture. Fortunately, I had trimmed just to chin length so I wound up with a cute pageboy cut. One of my friends had to have her daughter wear headbands for a loooong time because she had trimmed her hair right on top - right to the scalp!

Hope your little guy feels better soon! Have a great day!

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