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Yearly Pumpkin Walk

Every year, North Logan puts a nice activity for the families: a pumpkin walk. People, most of them children, from the neighborhoods get together and set up fun displays using pumpkins. I love taking the kids to it and every year I drag them out just so that we can see the creativity of the children in our valley. This year, the theme was heroes and we enjoyed seeing all the creations. They had some dedicated to firefighters, doctors, Indiana Jones, Kun Fu Panda, and even one for our latest hero, Michael Phelps. The kids got a kick of seeing our last name at the Walk. Here are some fun pictures of the day....their favorite character is by far little Yoda :).  

Pumpkin Walk

The biggest laugh of the day was when we got to this last showpiece. Have a terrific weekend! Over the weekend, I'll make the bread recipe and post the pictures and recipe.

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There is a Pumpkin Walk out this way on Monday if you didn't have enough fun yet ;D

Jeannette Pirkle

I wish I lived by you. This looks like so much fun. I love your Olympics Phelps swimming event with the spectator pumpkins cheering him on.Everyone really goes all out on this event. It looks like much more fun than even Christmas. No wonder you work on candy corn bags and all. Those last two entries are so funny.


What a fun neighborhood activity!


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