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November 2008

Signs of a Stressed Sprite

1. She eats all the dark chocolate morsels she can find.

2. She "thinks" that an hour spent on the bike trainer is much better than sitting down and knitting.

3. She lays down on the ground, face down in defeat and instead of taking a nap she decides to see how many push-ups she can do.

4. A cold that persists on hanging around.

5. Stopping at TJ-Maxx for any excuse whatsover....yes, she could probably find the needed carrots for the kids' school feast there if she just looks in every single nook.


6. When she goes out to run 3 miles and all throughout she feels guilty because she could have knitted 1/4 of an inch on that wretched sock!!!

PS: how do you like the new navigation bar? I am trying to get all my free patterns in one place for your I just need to dig around to find them.  Hope you find the new navigation bar easier than the sidebar.

SuperMail Monday!


My new *mini 9* and my new Ravelry T-shirt arrived here on Monday! I am super psyched. The MINI works beautifully and it will be perfect for the job I have to do--basically just my pattern writing. The Ravelry T-shirt is also so awesome--I wore it today and I even had a few compliments, all of them along the lines--you must knit or you must love knitting. I am glad that I got the t-shirt to support Ravelry and to let others know of my love for the fibery arts. Plus, Bob is just so cute amidst all that yarn...even if I wasn't a knitter I would still wear it.

Pictures: courtesy of my little Photographer: Boyo.


Three FO's!


This weekend was jammed packed with activities. First let me tell you the most important, we went down to SLC and we visited my Brother-in-law, his wife was pregnant and due this month, As they opened the door, I asked when the baby was coming, but it had come already and we didn't even know! It was so great to hold my new little nephew. He is a beautiful, healthy, 7lbs boy. Welcome to the world little B! Sorry, no pics, but as soon as I get one, I'll share ;). He is darling!

BryantStitch's Surfer's Shack

Boyo brought home a paper from school for the Reflections 2008, WOW theme and he wanted to participate in the Arts category. With a time crunch of two days, he had to get creative. He picked up some scrap wood from Sam's shop (they are the middles of some of the sock looms) and he created a masterpiece: Stitch's Surfer's Shack! Check it out! He loves to create with his hands (takes after his Dad) and he loves to paint so this project is 100% Boyo Creativity.

Nyah A Christmas Tree

Little Nyah had a project of her own to do, create a Christmas Tree for her Choir class. Glitter and paint made the project super fun, a few star stickers and we have another masterpiece! She will be using this creation during a performance in December...we are so excited!


Myself, I couldn't stand not having a non-cable project going and since recently I acquired a skein of gorgeous, to die-for, Malabrigo Worsted, I had to try out the Habitat pattern. The hat is gorgeous! I love it. I am in love with the yarn...must acquire more of it. I think Malabrigo Worsted will become my new staple yarn. It is not itchy, it provides great definition for cables and since it is wool it is warm. I love it! More pics of the hat later and more details too. Gotta run to dance class.


Published on One Skein Wonders Luxury Yarn Book!

Oneskein I am so happy to toot my own horn this day to let you know that one of my needle knit patterns was published on the new One-Skein Wonders Luxury Yarn book.

It is just a tiny little hat but I am just thrilled that they picked it to be a part of this beautiful collection of One-Skein Wonders. The picture of the hat is on page 31 and the pattern is spread on pages 174-175.

The book has patterns for scarves, shawls, hats, fingerless mitts, and other accessories, all just using 1 skein of luxurious yarn--you know, the kind that you are most likely to get just one to try out :). I love the book and not because my pattern is in there but because I see myself using it to create quick holiday presents.


Nyah Leggins Pattern

Leggins2_edited1Thanks for your interest in little Nyah's leggins. The pattern is ready and eager for you to use. It is needle knit, however, the pattern is easily adaptable to a knitting loom. You just need to use a loom with the number of specified pegs. The new Provo Craft Clips could come in handy to create the peg number needed. Also the Decor Accents WonderLooms or the AJALs could be used wonderfully.

Get your copy: Nyah Leggins PDF

Ravelry: Nyah Leggins


ps: Chubbette has been updated

Little Leggins

Leggins A little something for the little one to keep warm while dancing. It took less than 1 skein of yarn and they knitted up really quick. I knitted them in about 3 classes worth--each one about 45 minutes. I think it tooke me longer coming up with the pattern than knitting them. If I had wrote it down and followed it step by step it would have been faster but I "trusted" my memory...not a good thing, each week (she has dance class every  Monday), I had forgotten where I left of, so I had to count a lot of the rows.

It will be great if I had a little bit of the same yarn to make her a shrug but I do not think I have enough, I will have to see. The yarn I used is the discontinued Optimum by South West Trading Company. It is a super soft wool, very nice for children. I love it and I wish they hadn't discontinued it.

This little item was my ticket into the Fall 2008 Cable KAL (ravelry link). As always, working with cables is always a super fun treat! If anyone is interested in a pattern, I'll sit down and write it down, just let me know in the comments section. Have a fun week!