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That was a long post with a lot of stories. Sorry.


Oh Dangit! And you love your little car so much. Does your car have a name? We have named some of our cars, like we do the bikes. I had a car in High School that was named The in Piece of $#@*, because that's what it was. It was a 1979 Dodge Aspen, but I loved it. I took off the corner of the plastic covering of my side mirror a few weeks ago. My van has so many scratches though. I think it was two summers ago that we were camping in Idaho and Josh went to back the van up so that somebody could get some 4-Wheelers out. Ryan and I were off with the little kids on a hike or we would have stopped him. He was too close to a tree and so some branches broke some of the tail lights and scratched the stuffing out of the side. It matches all the other things wrong with it; the missing hub cap, the side bumper thingy that is peeling off, the little dents and marks all over it. The inside isn't much better; paint stained carpet, broken chairs, ripped seams. I dream of a nice, decked out new van...amazingly the size of the Allreds, which I never dreamed I'd want back when I was 18. But with a family this big that would be one sweet ride. I picture leather, DVD's, back heat and air, a sweet sound system, running boards, and a moon roof. I joke with the kids that I'd paint it yellow with a black and white checkered stripe and CASPERSON FAMILY CAB written on the doors. But I'd really probably go with black or gold with tinted windows. That's the dream. The reality is that I'll be driving my purple beast into the ground. It's over 150K miles, and I'll probably have to drive it for 100K more. Whenever I get a case of the "greedies" or the "ingrates" I remind myself of my beloved Thailand Hill Tribe friends and how they are so happy with NOTHING!!!! And I think of my pioneer ancestors who would have killed for a scratched up, garbage filled, stained, fast food smelling van to cross the plains. :)


Kids sure can be distracting, that is for sure. I usually have six of them chattering away or just plan yelling at eachother and wonder everytime how bus drivers can handle all that racket! At least it isn't anything serious! Don't beat yourself up about it. I once walked up to my car and noticed a cement pillar that was too short to see when I got in my car. I saw it when I got it and knew it was there. I promptly forgot and backed right into it. It was cement so I did some pretty hefty damage to my rear bumper! For that I deserved beating myself up about it!


Okay...I have to comment about Liz Anderson's post! Hahahaha! If you just skim her first sentence it looks like this: "Almost 30 years ago I flattened a couple short, hidden in my blind spot..." I laughed out loud at that one, LOL! ;) You're so funny, Liz! That would definitely take Isela's mind off her mirror, lol!


Ooooopsie! Oh well, take comfort in the fact that you are not alone...there are plenty of garage/door/bashers/side/mirror/whackers out there in the world...ME INCLUDED!!! lol. Not so funny at the time, though. :P Mine was so bad, I had to replace the entire door! So buck up, 'lil're amongst friends. ;)

Lisa Clarke

I did that once. And I wasn't even a distracted mother yet when it happened to me. I had no excuse! Good news is that if it's just the mirror, it's a pretty easy fix.

Kathy N

Dang, sorry that happened to you. Years ago I hit my freezer which was in the garage. Just a little ding but enough to dent the freezer door and make me feel like an idiot.


Don't worry about it! Brian just broke our mirror last month! It happens.. especially where garages are involved!


It sounds like nothing is hurt but your pride.

When I first started driving I crashed my brother's car into my dad's car in our front yard. Many years later I had an argument with a telephone pole (one that I parked next to for over a year), and the pole won. Both times was when I was not paying enough attention.

It happens. Don't let it discourage you. I think every driver has one or two of those moments.



PS :) I'm glad no one was hurt <3


Oh no! I'm so sorry :( Sounds like it was pretty minor though. My first car mishap totaled my favorite car ever - a little VW rabbit. And my poor brother cracked his head on the window - broke the glass right out. Oh, and I got the biggest bruise I have ever had in my life. It was on my leg. I think I banged it on the gear shifter. I still miss that car. Someday I'm going to make hubby buy me another one ;)


Wow, that brings back memories. When I was pregnant with my oldest back in '74 I backed our car into the carport...alright it wasn't exactly in the carport but more like half in...I took down two of the support poles...I was afraid to move the car so I got out and called my then husband in tears...I delivered that baby just a few days later.


First boo-boo? No sweat. Car ownership means many little ooopses.

Almost 30 years ago I flattened a couple short, hiden in my blind spot trash cans. OK, and a mailbox got the short end, too. I'm a married women with children half grown, but do you think my brothers let me live it down? Never! That's the recipe for many family stories! Now you have one.

Will Sam let you live this down?

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