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So it has been about 4 months since I got my braces and I couldn't be happier with the improvement. The pain has all been worth it! I have learned to learn that things that are hard to eat: apples, chips, sandwiches. I have to cut everything up to bite size pieces and then eat them. The flossing is more difficult and I have told hubby that I will never, ever complain about flossing once my braces are gone. So...you wanna see? Click the pic to enlarge.


The biggest improvement has been made on my lower teeth. There was a tooth that was all the way behind the others and no space for it. A couple of months with a spacer created the space needed, then some magic rubber bands and the tooth was pulled forward and the gap is closing. I am so thrilled and I am looking forward to the end result in 12 months or so. This month, I get some rubber bands to line up my top teeth with my bottom...it should be fun.

BTW: I had a haircut last month and the photo shows the new do. I cut about 7 inches off...I know the thing grows like weeds!


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Janet in New Mexico

You are a very lovely young lady and your hair cut looks great.


I'm really amazed at braces these days, you can hardly tell you have them on and you show remarkable change since September. You are just lovely.


You look amazing. :D


you look beautiful! Awesome job!

Kathy N

It looks great! ;)

Aren't braces amazing? Daughter had the same issue with bottom teeth overlapping. Between some wicket looking metal device to enlarge the top (can't remember the dental term) and braces, her teeth straightened in 6 months.


Very nice! Oldest kiddo needs to spend 3 years in braces and then a retainer "for as long as possible". I told him this is good timing though because he will have nice teeth by the time he is old enough to date ;)

You look fabulous, pretty lady!


Oh Isela, you look beautiful!

LOVE the new hairdo!



It's amazing what they can do these days. I have a crowded mouth like my dad and one tooth crowded out almost all the way to the front.


Love your new hair do! It is super cute!


you look fantastic. Look like you matured in 4 months!!!!


Isela, you are SOOOO beautiful!!! Rachel is jealous of how flawless your skin is, and I am jealous of how fast your hair grows. For mine and Milly's sake.


Wow, you look so good!!!!


Man - braces and a new 'do. Are you goin' all Hollywood on us?!

Just kidding -- you look great! Nice hair.


Look at you hot mama!! :))


You positively glow! Yes, indeed it was worth every bit of it!


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