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Braces Update

Felt Good

I got one of the best compliments today. I was leaving the spin class and a gal approached me and said to me "I hear that you are a triathlete, I want to try it out." Her comment made me feel so great!

We proceeded to talk about running and our goals for this year. She did a marathon last year and apparently we did two halves together but we didn't know it. We are going to get together and train for my first marathon. She finished hers last year in about 5 hours and this year she is hoping for a faster pace.

Anyways, I have now a training marathon partner!


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Wow, you're inspiring, Isela.


Thats so cool!


I just laugh when I remember back in '07 being told that some girl in the cul-de-sac wanted to come on my bike ride and that she had never been on a bike before. I was a little panicked at how you might slow me down. Silly me! I can barely see you now for all the dust you kick up as you go, go, go. I also remember your first talk in sacrament and how you mentioned your arm jigglies. You certainly don't have anything jiggling on you anymore. Perhaps you could give me a mini-transfusion of that Mexican blood and I can be fast like you and Speedy Gonzales.

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