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Happy Birthday Boyo!

My first born turns 7 today! We are all sick with the flu so his birthday celebration will have to wait a day or two but I couldn't go without telling you all about him and how wonderful he is. He is my big little boy. I love you my Boyo. Happy Birthday!!!

My Boyo is one of the most thoughtful little men out in the world. When I am sad, he writes me little notes. He brings me little presents for no reason (they are usually his toys wrapped up ;) ). He tells me he loves me all the time. When I am busy with work, he makes me lunch, PB&J is his specialty. He is a go getter and loves sports--a great combo in my eyes. He is a hard worker too--working on the garden with Grandpa and Dad is one of his favorite activities. He is my little love. I love you Boyo. Happy Birthday! Thank you for choosing me as your Mom. I love you.



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Brenda GA

Belated birthday wishes to the cutest little fella around! I'm so sorry he was sick on his birthday. Also, I've been following your blog for almost 3 years and your children are just growing up before my eyes. They sure grow up in a hurry, don't they?

Happy Birthday, Boyo!


What a cutie!!! happy birthday Boyo!!!

Salvina Ciarleglio

Congratulations on your child's birthday! He is a handsome boy! Hope you are feeling better. I am a fan of yours and am looking forward to recieve my very first DA LOOM soon all the way up here in Canada.
Feel better from your Canadian friend
Salvina Ciarleglio

Jeannette Pirkle

It is late but Happy Birthday little Boyo. I can not believe he is 7 already. Get well wishes also sent your way.


Dear Isela,

Your son is a very handsome young man. Have you considered him for modelling catalogue clothes or even acting? I wish him all the best on his birthday and here's to another 100 years for him to enjoy. Happiness, family, friends and much wealthy as well. Hope he was spoiled plenty today!




Wow. I remember not so long ago he was little teeny. Time sure speeds up once you have a little one!


Happy Birthday Sweet Boyo! Have a fantastic celebration. =)



Happy Birthday handsome! Get feeling better okay? Then I hope you have a wonderful birthday party :)

Kathy N

Happy Birthday to Boyo! Sending virtual chicken soup to all of you. ;)

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