Happy 2009!

Resolutions...scratch that....goals...maybe

I have a few goals and they should be quite easy to accomplish as long as I keep the credit cards away from my purse and my finger away from the Amazon.com website...and stop going to the sports store and seeing new gear that I "have to have". Well, that is after I have purchased some jerseys in my new size.

I do have some big goals in the training department, as posted on my Chubbette blog. They are simple and they should be attainable if I get my butt off the couch and out on the road and lay off the tamales and tacos. I have such a hard time eating clean. I exercise about 15hrs a week and my body doesn't show it because I put crap in the tank. Why can't I like salad and grilled chicken all the time...stupid salad is for rabbits! Anyways, back to the big goals:

  • MARATHON--no, not a knitting marathon but a real running one. 26.2 miles of running. My goal to run my very first in less than 4 1/2 hrs.
  • 3 centuries--I want to bike 3 centuries with my friends this year and enjoy every minute of it.
  • LOTOJA Relay--Want to take a little tour before I go for the full 206 miles in 2010. I have a few friends interested in joining the team so this should definitely be possible...as long as I train going up hill for at least 50 miles.
  • Run--700 miles. I want to run at least 700 miles in 2009. I ran 650 in 2008 and I wasn't training for a marathon, this year, I should run a bit more since I am training for one.

Other goals:

  • Go on 3 family vacations: Moab, Yellowstone (never been there), and somewhere where I can see a nice blue beach, I am thinking Mexico :)
  • Go on a few getaway weekends with just hubby--cuz we need to keep the flame alive and we are entering our 8th year of marriage.
  • Work less or quit working altogether and spend more time with my kiddos.
  • Find a worthwhile job for hubby so he can too spend more time with kiddos.
  • Find information on how to become a Spinning Instructor and see what I need to get certified (besides losing the chubs!).
  • Knitting: knit with needles more!!! I have a few hundred patterns that I need to do, especially now that I am no longer a size XXL. Loom knitting...no goals, just go with the flow.  
  • Take more pictures of my kiddos and scrapbook them right away!


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Those sound like great, ambitious goals. My goal is to someday taste those tamales. You can stop making them for you, and just make them for me. Ha. Ha.


Fun :) You'll love Yellowstone! Make sure to pass through West Yellowstone and troll all the fun little shops ;)

Impressive goals! May you meet them all and have a wonderful year <3


Impressive goals. You must be a glutton for punishment. ;)

The family vacations sound great. Take a Mexican Riviera cruise (Princess Cruise Lines is the best IMO), and you will see lots of blue beach. =)



Girl, you are CRAZY! But knowing you, you'll get it all done, including the LOTOJA and the marathon. You are an inspiration.

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